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Anyone here Jun 14, 2022
That lives in Denver area/Colorado? Just wondering since I’m spending my summer in Breckenridge 8)
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Money: 4155.2 T$ Buy T$ May 27, 2022
Pyn and reason why i should gift you and you may just be that lucky! The only requirement is that you don’t have a full avi. (You can also post someone else’s name)
Points: 104 9 comments
Chromatica!! Jan 4, 2022
Guess this is my last level upgrade since i cba to play any more games here ever again
Points: 159 7 comments
Someone get me 3k karma Dec 4, 2021
so I can buy Chromatica pls and ty :)
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Platinum!!! Nov 5, 2021
PYN for opinion
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thoughts Oct 20, 2021
I come to check this site every now and then and each time I get so surprised to see my fellow tengaged peers still so invested in this site

for some of them it literally accounts for 10 literal years being  tengaged active and I just can't  imagine the amount of toxicity I'd be feeling every day if that was still the case with me

also hi!! how's everyone 8)
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