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  1. I've been in USA for 3 weeks now
  2. my baby girl and I
  3. i just got back from the best trip ever
  4. My flight for USA
  5. Friendly reminder
  6. Why is my FL dying out
  7. I literally hate this guy
  8. I think i rolled my eyes
  9. I miss my pretty .es designs
  10. Lauren's new vlog
  11. 1st 3rd 5th and 7th person to comment
  12. Just making my weekly appearance
  13. Do I post
  14. give me some good tv show
  15. Going to the USA for the summer
  16. Forming a tribe
  17. Logged in to 100 mails
  18. Someone shut him up
  19. Is there a tengaged police
  20. Stop being obsessed with me..
  21. Who wants a gift
  22. One time for my LA sisteeeers
  23. tell me why
  24. Dick
  25. Do i become a tengaged storyteller??
  26. Do u like my avi
  27. Hey peeps
  29. Is he even black
  30. i'm going to spain on monday
  31. honestly
  32. Money: 4262.1 T$ Buy T$
  33. who is the most relevant person on tg atm
  34. if i was sv production
  35. why was i not born a natural blonde
  36. Stars support
  37. Going to spain in 3 weeks!!
  38. How much are shops these days?
  39. What a cool birthday I had
  40. If u anon gifted me

I've been in USA for 3 weeks now

Jul 17, 2019 by suzycroatia
Just thinking about going back to Croatia in 3 months is making me sad


You should stay!
Sent by JasonXtreme,Jul 17, 2019

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