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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

My opinion on TG after taking a step back

15thMar 6, 2024 by survivorworld33
That y'all get off on cussing ppl out and trying to expose ppl for shit they are obviously not...

Some of y'all got some serious undiagnosed mental health issues fr
(this isn't directed at anyone or anything specific, just an observation I've made since taking a step back a couple months ago)

People take this s*** so serious, like it actually matters... sadly to a lot of people on this site winning at any cost is more important, like winning the game will bring them Fame and Fortune it's kind of wild how quick people will turn on another just for a few extra pixels or a higher number ranking


A lot of people on this website are emotionally (and mentally) stunted although they’ll never admit it
Sent by Russell11,Mar 6, 2024

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