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Celebrity Big Brother 2 Guessing Game - RESULTS

Feb 14, 2019 by subfriend
Unlike last season which early winner pick guess helped me winning the game with huge difference, this season is different.
First, I couldn't defend my winning title.
Second, we might get different winner if the 2nd placer managed to send his/her guess before I "Closed" the game.
So , congratulations.....
Birks4444 on winning this game by getting a lot of scores almost every rounds although didn't submit the early winner pick guess.
Birks will get a design gift.
If he couldn't claimed it in a month, I will give it to the
first runner up.

Thank you for everyone who participated it. Hope you guys have fun and see you next season! Or should I make it for the regular BB season and BBCan? Comment your opinions.

Scores update!:



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