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What do you want in shop? Mar 18, 2018
Edit: i meant what to put in there or what design do you want
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BBcan 6 my winner pick Mar 13, 2018
1. Paras- she kinda has a Neda BBCan 2 vibe. She want to play low for the first half of the game. And now when she knows people thinks she is dumb and easy to manipulate, she want to use that and play along. Watch out for this girl's fangs to come out.

2. Johnny-  as the first winner of the HOH this season, he is now managed to play low. If someone put him out sure he can wins some competition.

3. Merron- as a wildcard this season, he can get along well with everyone-easy going. I can see he will gain some power late in the game. If he and Veronica are the nominees, Veronica will out first as the houseguests believe she is more vocal.

4.Jesse- athletic and I can see he will be very loyal to his alliance. He can go far. If he know how to make moves and get a position in the finale, he might win.

5. Maddy- she could be a potential player. She has the strong vibe and some strategy.

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Please comment Breddegrad here: Mar 1, 2018
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Hamza Mar 1, 2018
is it the same guy played sequester?

coz i just visit Sequester website today and maybe saw him
then I saw like the same guy on Jokersupdate

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Ghost Island winner pick Mar 1, 2018
>> #survivor season 36 Ghost Island cast assessment and winner pick ( in no order)

1. Kellyn. Usually they will hide the winner in some small but sort of memorable scene during the Premiere. I couldn't find any other with non-game relate like Mike eat the scorpion in season 30. But she leads the puzzle challenge and win it for her tribe.

2. Brendon- surprise that I'm rooting for this athletic guy but he has a sharp and good observation. He knows the game around him.

3. Chris- another athletic guy that I choose but that's not the reason. This guy also has good observation and good INSTINCT.

4. Stephanie- good player. Using her connection and flirtation skill, she will go far or cut short.

5. Donathan - underdog and likeable guy. Hope he makes far.

Honorable mention:
James. I thought he can do well but oh well he flopped

This year I didn't looking for any spoilers... Yet. lol grats to me
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I think fans throw the win Feb 26, 2018
to Ross to win AFP like that's how he usually got the wins right? like how did they vote? like where is Marissa's fans like does she has a good fan base? like what do you think about the finale like hi there

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