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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

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  1. I need a fresh start, so your boy is now a frat..
  2. I prefer being stabbed in the front not the back.
  3. Can’t anyone ever play to take out the actual..
  4. Dear royalty, plz explain your obsession with me
  5. Can someone explain why colter felt the need to..
  6. I’m on the verge of getting evicted from stars..
  7. Frookies is filling really slowly…
  8. We need a few ppl for fastings
  9. Royalty that was your last strike
  10. So Alex and dbone were 2 of the 3 ppl I though had..
  11. Come join Frookies ppl
  12. Adam+holloween+relaxo+ whoever else is involved=..
  13. Anyone wanna come fill fastings
  14. Some examples of his behavior
  15. Please help me report relaxo68
  16. Shenelloca is canceled
  17. Relaxo68 needs to get banned asap
  18. I’m so tired of being a side piece
  19. No matter how hard I try to work with stan he..
  20. No matter how hard I try to work with stan he..
  21. Beware the fake queens royalty and Rosalia
  22. Beware the fake queens royalty and Rosalia
  23. Why does williamgonzalez target me every fucking..
  24. I was in a Frookies with a bunch of liars
  25. I was in a Frookies with a bunch of liars
  26. Yach always acts like we never talk in game
  27. I finally got my first frooks win and it feels..
  28. Euchere has mocked autistic individuals and..
  29. Officially reporting euchere for his hateful..
  30. Euchere apparently like mocking autistic ppl and..
  31. I’m tired of getting robbed in frooks
  32. I don’t trust goomy anymore
  33. Have my back my ass bro
  34. Euchre might be the stupidest frooks player I’ve..
  35. Who tf lied to me in frooks right there
  36. Why you do obsessed hedda (or should I say fendi)
  37. Hedda is stupid af
  38. Fuck the chiefs and fuck Taylor swift they make me..
  39. I didn’t change abro. You trashed my friends and..
  40. For the record I don’t hate you abro but I’m..

Shenelloca is canceled

Apr 19, 2024 by stormerator
She kept around that same loser multi who was a piece of crap to me at f5 who by the way was inactive for around an hour at that point. Who tf does that


Who's multi is that?
Sent by Santu,Apr 19, 2024

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