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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Euchre might be the stupidest frooks player I’ve ever seen

20thFeb 20, 2024 by stormerator
Sugar was literally running the game and they had a perfectly good chance to take them out and yet the put me on the block when I would’ve been a number. Don’t give me that I didn’t thank you crap. Try messaging me before I get put on the block next time and maybe you’ll get a Warmer welcome.  Fuck you bro


I am not just going to assume you are a number for me when we didn’t speak all game. Not even a thank you all the votes I saved you in. That would have been enough to give me something to work with with you. But you were radio silent until I win a hoh. That scream fake to me. Sorry
Sent by Euchre,Feb 20, 2024
you ate
Sent by SugarLove,Feb 20, 2024
He did put her up but with you up lmaooo. That's not me being invested I'm just reading the game history
Sent by Asuka_,Feb 21, 2024

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