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Have you ever caught up on a show

Jun 25, 2019 by splozojames50
imageand then got excited to finally watch it LIVE and then it immediately turned to utter shit? Looking back I feel this has happened to me a decent amount of times

Big Brother: Went and watched seasons 6/8/11 and was HOOKED. Needless to say 12 was the worst season at the time by FAR and it only got worse and worse as the episodes devolved into the juvenile scripted shit it is today. Yes I am also moderately excited for today's premiere alol

Survivor: Started in the middle of Heroes vs Villains and again was HOOKED. Went back and watched 1-17 (besides like 2 or 3 seasons i skipped) and was READY to continue now being almost completely versed in the big players and a part of the fandom. Then Nicaragua/Redemption Island/South Pacific happened which at the time was my least favorite string of reality seasons ever.

Walking Dead: Binged 1-3.5 and once again... was HOOKED. I made it through season 2 which everyone hated for some reason but i LOVED... the finale was epic and super satisfying and the slower moments actually made sense and built up to that great moment. The start of the jail storyline was great and the story was progressing fast and was intense the whole way. My friend spoiled me on the jail massacre and i was READY. Then 3.5 happened and i was DISGUSTED at how horribly the butchered it and how horrible the show qas from there on out. Besides the carol + blonde girls storyline that was good and some parts of the pointless hospital storyline the show NEVER recovered from the horrible new direction.

Game of Thrones: I binged seasons 1-7 somewhat soon after the ending of 7 so i waited close to year for 8. I was super into it and loved all the fierce females. Needless to say episodes 1-2 were boring nothings, 3 was intense and i liked it but looking back made no sense and answered 0 questions. At this point i took a gander at the spoilers. I read "bran becomes king" and was in absolute awe at how horrible it was. When the events of episode 4 were in line with this same spoiler's synopsis and i knew that cersei was going to be killed by falling rubble, daenarys would become mad within .2 seconds of a bell ringing, bronn would inherit highgarden, the knight king/3 eyed raven would never be addressed again, and FUCKING BRAN would be king i made the executive decision to just drop the show and i havent seen the last 3 eps to this day.

Child Genius (US): season 1 had SO many fierce females (both within the competitors and parents) along with great males (benyamin < 3) which made for some wholesome fun while also showing a bit of a dark side of some tiger parents (Sherry undying love < 333). Season 2 was then announced and I tuned in and the cast didnt have the same spark. The only lulzy females got booted unceremoniously and the only cracked out parents was that one paleo couple and they werent even that good either. my expectations were SO high after how amazing season 1 was and i stopped watching like 2 eps in.


dr. who is also a show u can throw into this pile
Sent by HighNoon,Jun 25, 2019
Sent by macken,Jun 25, 2019
tea tea tea
Sent by mathboy9,Jun 25, 2019
I started watching tar live with s24

truly tragic in retrospect
Sent by purplebb4,Jun 25, 2019
purplebb4 thats a pretty horrible season to start at yea, at least the good seasons started right after
Sent by splozojames50,Jun 25, 2019
t s25 slapped so hard
Sent by purplebb4,Jun 25, 2019

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