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survivor SA does it AGAIN

Jun 13, 2019 by splozojames50
imagejacques had me REELING not 2 episodes ago but i cant help but admit that the motley crew of seipei/tania/jacques/durao is an AMAZING hodgepodge alliance < 3 serving beth/svetlana/nehemiah duel 1 levels of hodgepodge alliances.

the way the show portrayed the FULL backstory of the felix boot even though it made the result predictable to paint a fully FLESHED OUT story. modern usvivor could NEVER and would have instead left the viewer in the dark and blinsided the viewer PURPOSELY.

tania quote of the episode: and 2/3... you know what that means... bye bye felix BYE BYE

we truly live in a world where tania has made it to episode 6...

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