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which "big 3" fanbase has it best right now?

May 30, 2019 by splozojames50
image-Survivor: The current state of USvivor is arguably horrible climax'ed in Chris coming back and winning (imo) not being a bottom 4 ending in the last 6 seasons and all the problems of modern survivor climaxing in next season's island of idols. Stans do have all-winners to look forward to as its almost hard to fuck up, largely due to the female cast pool being almost impossible to fuck up. After that the future for USvivor looks BLEAK but stans can get their fix with quality Australian/South African seasons that have been consistently better than anything the US version has put out in 3/5 years.

-Big Brother: Unlike Survivor stans where the decline in the US edition has become a problem somewhat recently, the series has been on producing trash seasons for almost a decade. With consistent ratings there is NO course correction in sight so stans have very little hope for improvement and the summer hype for a new season brings people in more than the actual prospect of a season that isnt absolute garbage (i fall fall for this trap EVERY summer admittedly). stans used to have TARCAN to turn to but the last 2 seasons have somehow been worse than us seasons. the only true BB fix this group gets is from the yearly celeb edition, as well as the one-off OTT season.

Amazing Race: The US edition, while only airing once per year now, has seen a MASSIVE improvement in quality as every season since 29 has been amazing with 31 on the same track. TARcan is also around although the quality of that series has slipped dramatically. TARAsia 5 was a quality season and did well in ratings and will probably return... eventually. TARAUS also just announced its coming BACK and will air later this year (the first two of which were AMAZING) 

in terms of if you watch only the us versions:
Amazing Race >>>>>> Survivor >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Big Brother

including international versions
Survivor (amazing race might pass it if taraus is great and post all winners is horrible) > Amazing Race >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Big Brother (rip i made this blog to trash survivor but big brother is still in the worst state by FAR)

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