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Just saw the new

Nov 23, 2018 by splozojames50
Harry Potter movie and I think the universal dragging is a bit extra but I can definetly see where its coming from. The way 80% of the movie feels like exposition delivered in a “telling instead of showing” type way. Also this is my biased order of the phoenix and half blood prince hating self speaking but david yates SUCKS. he tries his best to make the wizarding world edgy and brooding to the point where theres large chunks where the fun gets sucked out.

I remember reading somewhere that the movie could have been epic if Lena was the main protagonist and plot simplified, which I agree with SO much having now watched the movie. Newt is aparently ~the one~ because he... doesnt pick a side? doesnt seek power? ... and because his beasts serve as easy convenient plot points. (i rolled my eyes at a fucking RAT stealing THE most important thing off of GRINDELWALDS body?? really???)

Also that final fight scene (among other things) made no sense? like at all?? we see aurors dying left and right and dying when trying to apparate away... but then camera cuts to the alliance with all the ppl with screentime and they are magically fighting the fire... and when they apparate away they dont die... and then use said apparation to go directly outside the building theyre escaping... then upon seeing nicholas flamel they they all remember the exact sealing spell they could have used all along... like???

all in all this movie/series has major issues but at the end of the day i love the harry potter world and im too invested from my middle/high school days to not love it tbh


I love Order of the Phoenix

Not a fan of Half Blood Prince
Sent by koolness234,Nov 23, 2018

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