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WOW @ the challenge

Apr 26, 2018 by splozojames50
image(this turned into a bit of a rant hehe)

the challenge hasnt made me EXCITED like that since... champs vs stars 1 alol. The mixing of the champs and stars is such a great addition it kinda feels like oldschool survivor premerge where the minority on a tribe know they are 100% fucked yet it WORKS with the possibility of the power play.

the small twists seem like nothing yet add a decent amount of complexity (that based on the previews might be taken advantage of) like a team that has the numbers can send someone to throw elimination and then use the save on them or the team that is outnumbered can throw the challenge ilm style and have the paymaster (mvp + power play) used to save them

not to mention the STARS are delivering. Kailah embarassing herself at every opportunity < 3 Brooke Selita and Lil Mama being the porsche danielle kalia of their team < 3 THE LOUISE EXPERIENCE < 3 The cheesy louise wes scenes work SO WELL in a storytelling sense like wow the storytelling team STEPPED UP even tho all they have to work with outside of main scenes are hotel restaurant shots LOL.

Louise is honestly approaching top tier reality tv contestant. The LIMES were not a fluke and she truly is a queen. Brooke however uttered my fave quote about kailah when she went "its scary to know you have to work with someone who wants your DEMISE" or something super dramatic like that. I feel like that line was major foreshadowing. Lil mama is also so glam and whenever JOZEA opens his mouth i find myself laughing hysterically "IF HE DOESNT GET DQD IM WALKING OFF RIGHT NOW" LOL.

tl;dr this season is super refreshing almost solely because of the stars, in particular louise with a fun dose of other stars carrying the show on their backs.

ALSO The pacing is working WONDERS. if this was a normal season they would have spread these first two eliminations out over the course of 5 episodes and RUINED EVERYTHING.



splozojames50 Wow didn't know you were watching and LMFAO YES at the new DKP alliance. Selita slut shaming Kam in the end <3 everyone is dragging her for it lololol.

In episode 1 "That's a big bitch" - Ashley looooooooooool

shocked you didn't mention Hennessey even tho she's bound to flop
Sent by Timster,Apr 26, 2018
timster omg i was laughing audibly at that LOL. like selita lil mama and brooke all have such distinct personalities i already feel attatched to them even tho lil mama is probably out next

the vet look is also not cute on ashley, like obviously she should work with them but her acting so “in” and constantly calling the same ppl who sent her into every elimination possible in champs vs pros “friends” feels so weird to me. shes potentially on the jenn/camila path (but not as bad bc shes not insufferable)
Sent by splozojames50,Apr 27, 2018
henessey to me is funny but a bit tryhard/camera aware. however she did provide the setup for louise fiercely calling her back to the table with only a sterm arm waving which i laughed out loud at. her at that dinner as well going “well if u want me in i might as well vote myself!” reminded me of so many scenarios in games where you have to deal with idiots that have no idea of what they want to do and the struggle to reel her in on louise’s face was such an amazing moment
Sent by splozojames50,Apr 27, 2018

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