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  1. ugh yes
  2. well now that pirates of the carribean
  3. LMAO @ pirates of the carribean
  4. im SOOOOO shook right now
  5. OH MY GOD
  6. The breakout reality tv season of the year
  7. Let me stop you right there
  8. we really do live in a world
  9. No title
  10. Wow
  11. omg theres 30 minutes of kingdom hearts
  12. For everyone not getting their FIX
  13. One of the more interesting versions
  14. Amazing Race Dreamlist
  15. amazon has officially peaked
  16. sigh
  17. why is this picture alone
  18. queen.
  19. imagine thinking
  20. WOW @ the challenge
  21. Queen Becky G strikes again
  22. And just like that Amazing Race
  23. Anyone Remember the show
  24. Just binged The Legend of Korra
  25. Caught up on survivor
  26. I have not watched one minute of
  27. The way the OG bbcan QUEEN
  28. UnREAL is heating up
  29. my biggest issue with zwoop
  30. For the first time since BB11
  31. WOW @ the Amazing Race finale
  32. im watching the tar finale
  33. im in AWE
  34. i never considered myself a coffee person
  35. Single favorite reality tv episode?
  36. Was anyone else in middle school
  37. less than a week
  38. just like that
  39. gottem
  40. Prayer circle

Ranking CBS Big 3 live viewing experiences

Dec 23, 2017 by splozojames50
in terms of how enjoyable they were to watch LIVE

Dead last by far: Big Brother

I watched BB11 online after tar16 and then watched bb6 after and LOVED both seasons. I tuned in LIVE during bb12 and hated it so much to the point where i thought it was one of the worst reality tv seasons ever. the fact that multiple big brother seasons since are worse really sums up my live bb viewing experience.

Not once have i felt satisfied by a season of big brother after watching it live. The closest its gotten was bb13 when the RIGHTEOUS danielle/kalia/porsche/shelly crew SOLIDIFIED but then of course it got ruined and left such a bitter taste in my mouth that my faith in big brother was forever shattered. its actually quite impressive how consistently bad every season is and i cannot think of any other show that thrives so strongly while purposely churning out horrible seasons.

overall viewing experience: started off horrible and has gotten worse to the point where the only exciting parts of the season are before it starts and you know literally 0 details because it gets shit THAT fast

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