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  1. me: i am NOT the whore of charm school
  2. only 2 females in the league cinematic?
  3. Becky G's IMPACT
  4. Just listened to Camila's album
  5. Another strong TAR ep
  6. Wow the challenge (just kidding...)
  7. wow @ the preview for Amazing Race
  8. wow @ the reverse racism
  9. yes tar snaking through again!
  10. i see all the cuntservative
  11. The Amazing Race 3
  12. that was one of the worst
  13. LMAO @ how ratchet
  14. ugh yes
  15. Just saw the challenge premiere
  16. last chance to play!
  17. Starting soon!
  18. Hosting on Roblox @ 8:50
  19. f(x)'s "Are you ready for it +..
  20. Invested 50 dollars into ripple
  21. wow i thought it was shameless
  22. OH MY GOD
  23. giggles
  24. Ranking CBS Big 3 live viewing experiences
  25. Now that Survivor US has ~officially~
  26. LMAO the hilary threads on ATRL
  27. come play the old version
  28. My mouse is dying on me
  29. name something
  30. smh @ the challenge
  31. Just caught up on the challenge
  32. I KNEW IT
  33. ugh yes
  34. Rewatching i love money and
  35. Get your amazon subscriptions ready
  36. me @ UnREAL releasing details
  37. its so weird
  38. "you can take the blonde to the ranch
  39. just got to platinum in overwatch
  40. another wednesday

LMAO the hilary threads on ATRL

Dec 22, 2017 by splozojames50
imageare so funny i cant every. single. one. always gets derailed about the running joke about her always going on vacation and it makes me die laughing every time

i remember once someone posted a picture of her on the phone and the VERY NEXT COMMENT was captioning it going "What? This isnt my traval agent" L M A O

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