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My favorite people on here

5thMay 17, 2019 by smuguy2012
Are the ones who pretend not to care about games and make fun of others who do, yet they constantly blog and make long ass winded comments about the “games they don’t care about”


Sent by titoburitto,May 17, 2019
LMFAO get them
Sent by christossss,May 17, 2019
brittbritt sam_hamwich littlemix he's talking about yall
Sent by zakisaboss,May 17, 2019
BiTcH wHeRe
Sent by Sam_Hamwich,May 17, 2019
Drag me Matt!!
Sent by BrittBritt,May 17, 2019
ik you are that's why I just said it

Also being passive agressive and sarcastic doesnt change the underlying fact. Try a new strategy
Sent by zakisaboss,May 17, 2019
Anyone who spends fine to make a video about someone that has played a survivor twice against them definitely has too much tome on their hands and must not be doing much in life besides breathing. And they let someone play their challenges so it’s like they don’t even do that on their own. So idk what they even do
Sent by sjsoccer88,May 17, 2019
zakisaboss and sjsoccer88 AGREE!! :D
Sent by BrittBritt,May 17, 2019
They play the victim sjsoccer88
Sent by zakisaboss,May 17, 2019
On the contrary, you both really need to educate yourselves on victim mentality. When I went to domestic violence counseling, I learned about victim mentality. It actually is about the abuser, rather than the actual victim. Here...

The main identifying traits of those who choose to play the victim role include: They tend to manipulate or abuse others verbally or physically, but then blame the other person (i.e. the real victim) for provoking the abuse. They influence or control other people's sympathy to gain compassion or support.

There are some traits to people with victim mentality, too.

You are playing the victim when you often:

1. Justify your aggression against others by believing they deserve it.
2. Refuse to take responsibility for your own happiness or misery – it’s the world that’s a bad place, and no one can truly be trusted.
3. Find yourself in relationships where others mistreat you, so you can feel justified in your victim role.
4. Nag, complain, harass, and beseech others until they give in to your demands.

When you both have made comments or blogs about me, I usually talk to my friends about it or not say anything at all because I feel whatever I say won't be well received by you anyway, so what's the point. I have apologized to you both via skype pms, to be ignored by you. I would happily talk to either of you in a calm, rational way. I really am not bothered by your hatred at all anymore, and respect your right to say whatever you want/feel. I will not, however, stand by when comments about victimization are brought up because for me, it hits home personally. I hope you see this as a chance to educate yourselves on the matter. Please feel free to talk to me via pms or skype whenever, about anything!

Also, if you need more help, please let me know!
I am not going to tag zak, as he asked me not to tag him anymore, so I will respect that.
Sent by BrittBritt,May 17, 2019
This was actually not at all who this blog was about BrittBritt
Sent by smuguy2012,May 17, 2019
I know it wasn't smuguy2012 :)
Just responding to the commentary made about me 💖
Sent by BrittBritt,May 17, 2019
brittbritt if this was about you then I would have tagged you but I didn’t. Stopped being obsessed with me you fucking lunatic bitch
Sent by sjsoccer88,May 18, 2019
You need to speak to your friend then, because he brought you into it, not me. I was just stating a point, and you did tag me about playing the victim in one of the other 20 blogs/comments in the last 24 hours :)
Sent by BrittBritt,May 18, 2019
The comments r quality
Sent by GiGi10,May 18, 2019
Stopped being obsessed with me you fucking lunatic bitch gigi10
Sent by FighterMan,May 18, 2019
Stopped being obsessed with me you fucking lunatic bitch gigi10
Sent by tonyalbright,May 18, 2019

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