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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Give us Fast Sole Survival

Apr 24, 2022 by sjsoccer88
- 5 minute day changes

- Only Deal or No Deal as tribal and individual immunity

- if you merge, you would get at least 10 karma and 20 T$. Then 5 more karma and T$ for every placement you get. 9th gets 15 karma and 25 T$. 8th 20 karma and 30 T$. 7th 25 karma and 35 T$...2nd gets 55 karma and 65 T$ then jumps for 1st which gets a whopping 75 karma and 100 T$

- Simple. Easy. Drama. Anyone group of people could win any given tribal immunity. And any person could win immunity. Imagine 10 people all playing dond last second and voted being all over the place.


I like
Sent by CallMeTheGOAT,Apr 24, 2022
Sent by Lifeiscool,Apr 24, 2022
No deal or no deal is dumb
Sent by Hisoka,Apr 24, 2022
not deal or no deal
Sent by BbDamian,Apr 24, 2022

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