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Random thought May 22, 2019
But in a way...the declining rate of people using this website might be a good thing for survivor. Recently there have been between 10-12 current survivor tribes so about 5-6 different games. I’ve seen as high as 14 and low as 8 in the span.

Eventually there will be only 2 current tribes. When that happens, it’ll be treated as a sole survivor each merge. I think it would be good to keep track of the first time that happens and keep our own internal sole survivor statistics. Because think about it. That person would immediately go back into another sole survival and top merges would be these who won most back to back. Idk I was just thinking

This might also derail filling with multis because yea it’d be cheap quick karma but eventually you’d get caught because people would be mad and theyd join against you.
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I never talk about him yet he’s ALWAYS May 21, 2019
imagegot my name in his mouth
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Imagine thinking you are so intelligent May 18, 2019
And thinking I wasted my time joining survivor against you on multis.
I have a family wedding these next few days and I’ve been drinking and I wouldn’t not waste one second on any of your pathetic asses unless I knew it was worth something.

Just be prepared for the next couple of weeks when I’m free

And also don’t accuse me of shit when it isn’t even me that joined. I’m not he only one that despises cheaters and fakes cocacola__96 brittbritt sam_hamwich
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You are the Indian best friend I never wanted but I have
You are the Trinidad to my Tobago
The Whiskey to my Sprite
The Vish to my Aala

I hope you have the best birthday ever even though you aren’t celebrating this year for personal reasons!

We all love and adore you!
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Let me clear the air for everyone! May 14, 2019
imageI was shown a video that slandered my name this morning when I woke up from my 10 hour REM sleep.

BrittBritt you make this EMBARASSING video of me electraviv patrick319 lemjam6 hinata0014 and KizzXxX08. How are you going to say you don’t give a fuck and spend a year making a 1985 Microsoft paint video

Brittx2 stated I joined three times solely to take her out.

Well bitch, lets start off by disputing your lies and me telling the facts. I only joined twice with the intent to eventually get you out. I wanted several people out besides yourself though. Lexeyfake, Sam ham, and littlefuck are some. I RARELY mentioned your name to people because I really did not care that much. When the time was right, I definitely would’ve voted you out but I did not go out of my way to do so.

You constantly messaged me on Skype asking for us to be friends and asking what you did wrong and I ignored your ass for MONTHS. And on top of that, when I voted Lexeyfake out that did not mean I was against you but you automatically went after me. So you started this shit.

I could not imagine making this kind of monstrosity over *23 merges. That’s not even the top 100 streaks ever for u survivor nerds out there. And then to make a hashtag saying you beat zakisaboss’s streak is just pathetic and immature. Especially for a 38 year old as yourself.

* - Denotes cheating, multi usage, etc.

I’ll tag my people since u wanted to spam your blog to yours.
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LMAO May 10, 2019
Remember when y’all talked shit about me in a different chat and it was leaked to me so I just bid my time for days and BLINDSIDED your ass for 15th
You were shook and distraught and I made everyone go crazy because poor little lexeyjane got voted out :((((

I hate you cheated and still could only get 4 merges. Like if you are going to cheat, at least be good at it LMAO

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