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May 17, 2020 by scooby0000
We talked on skype
Here are some quotes from this skype chat

This was all him

"Yeah you ignore me like everyone else and thanks for talking about me like everyone else..... and I been really sad so thanks for adding to it "

"No I wish I was dead and therapy is no help they can't give me friends and one person I did have in my life died so now I'm completely alone "

"Well I feel hopefully but nvm it doesn't matter since you think I'm most hated person so whatever "

"Wow you're an asshole maybe I should cut myself and send you photos and videos of me doing it to make you feel good asshole "

"Then why I notice you reading my messages and not replying? "

"I have no friends even the few people I thought were my friends weren't so I'm better dead "

"Well????? So your going to be an asshole also? I almost committed suicide otherwise but no one cares "

"I’m fine with being killed "

"I don’t want to live anymore no one believes me and no one talks to me or likes me at all my life is pointless "

"Even people I thought were my friends are against me and talking shit about me fuck this now I really want to die "

"Sorry I can’t deal with life anymore I have no one to talk to on here only person is you that ever talks to me but you’re hardly on everyone else just ignores. "

"Well why live if all I do is lay in bed and be sad because I’m all alone and I’ve had help they can’t give me friends I’m sick people telling me the same shit it’s fucking annoying "

I blocked him on Skype 6 months ago

I know people and I am friends with people on this site that are suicidal
No suicidal person talks like this

This was the last message I sent him

"You only have one life
If you want to do something drastic then there is nothing I can do
If you want to end your life then do it instead of saying you are going to kill yourself all the time trying to make everybody feel like sh*t
I have been trying to help you ever since you got banned, when everybody hated you I still supported you
I am sorry I was not there in the past 7 months but sometimes you just made me feel like sh*t and you still seem to be doing the exact thing."

I said this and blocked him


Ew creep peeps
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Another pedo
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