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Good morningvote Jul 4, 2020
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You deserved itvote Jul 4, 2020
Pigs are cuter than you
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I have seen better.....vote Jul 3, 2020
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I hatevote Jul 3, 2020
Being the only democrat in the family lol
They act like Trump can do no wrong
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You are loved Jul 3, 2020
You have people that care about you
This site is too focused on drama that we forget that behind the screen is just another person with their own thoughts and feelings
How about we just take a break from drama? Is that too hard?
Just take a break from the name calling and just breathe and gather your thoughts for a few minutes
Pretty sure not having attention for 5 minutes will not kill you
If you are that desperate for attention that you are willing to tear someone down then there is something seriously wrong with you
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Who am I missing? Jul 3, 2020
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