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We are all humanvote May 23, 2018
Most people seem to forget this so let me remind you :)
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Filtered list May 22, 2018
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People have opinions May 22, 2018

Nothing is wrong with have an opinion unless you attack people for disagreeing with your thoughts

Why do I have to explain this to people over 20?
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Yes May 22, 2018
I am still on tengaged, just been busy with school
But summer vacation stars in 3 days so I will be more active
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Hi everyone May 16, 2018
Hope you all have a great day today and I love you all 馃榾馃榾
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Geez May 13, 2018
Manectric and Ditto had four eggs.....and I just put them in the daycare 1 day  ago
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