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random help

Mar 31, 2011 by randomkid22
I'm in a debate and I need to prove how Johannes Guttenburg (creator of the printing press) was more influential on history than Jesus (Jesus)

any suggestions?


johannes was real, jesus wasnt ^_^
Sent by brookie_cookie,Mar 31, 2011
idk sorry :D
Sent by gematria,Mar 31, 2011
Jesus brought one copy of the bible
Guttenburg made a shitload of em

he wins!
Sent by DiNoM,Mar 31, 2011
Eh he wasn't plain and simple and the opposing side should have a stronger case
Sent by danny,Mar 31, 2011
Guttenburgs accounts were easily acsessible and aware of people of many different religons/athiests therefore had more people reading his works then that of Jesus the more people who follow you the more influence you have & Guttenburg could give his opinion on modern accounts which is much easier to agree with then to go through the bible (Jesus influence) and find if you agree or disagree
just some thoughts
Sent by GoAlexandra,Mar 31, 2011

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