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scrandy design that i bid on

Jun 4, 2011 by randomkid22
and just realized i won


Sent by Pepper,Jun 4, 2011
LOLOL. what happened to you? The person that won 1000 duels & way high on the Monthly rankers and the new HOFer.. smh. BTW I love your avaatar I burst out laughing when I first saw it :) LOL
Sent by Timster,Jun 4, 2011
Sent by randomkid22,Jun 4, 2011
Who made your hair in the wind design?
Sent by ZEEnon,Jun 4, 2011
Sent by bunnycat,Jun 4, 2011
Who made it? ;)
Sent by _Aria,Jun 4, 2011

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