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Stars- Nommed for 9th

13thSep 7, 2022 by panda13
imageThanks again to the people that saved me in my first poll, and I'd love to be able to stay again.

This stars has been a mess. One of the biggest issues revolving around this stars is unfortunately Bryan/Eilish/Hirawhatever. He has people wrapped around his finger because everyone is just waiting to go up in a poll with him because they want an easy poll. So while I'm trying to make game moves, everyone else is just eating out of Bryan's ass waiting to get that juicy, juicy poll against him. All its doing in the end is letting him make it go far unnommed without any repercussions. I don't think he deserves to keep going unnommed just because he's an easy beat later. 

I don't think he's the mastermind that deserves a blog dedicated to him, but regardless, this is what this stars has been about a majority of the time behind the scenes (who is against him and who won't ever nominate him in hopes of going up vs him or beating him in finals)

I'm here to play for myself and I've found a few people in here that I'm really happy to have met. But I can't keep fighting without your help.

Please save me again and click Keefe's button here:

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