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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


Apr 10, 2022 by panda13
Shawkwave — Today at 1:19 PM
The next threat is more of a minor threat.

Shawkwave — Today at 1:22 PM
And her name is PANDA13, you may be thinking... how is this lil sheep bitch a threat? The cunt is literally playing League of Legends/Fortnite/ARK/etc. for nearly 15 hours a day and just does what anyone tells them to do... but once again this is stars and the public could not give one fkn shit about the work and effort you put into this game. Panda13 is the quintessential embodiment of ahea in the way that they are bland like rice. You don't hate rice, you don't enjoy rice... it's what you eat when there is nothing but SHIT AND GARBAGE everywhere. And that is literally what the rest of the cast is: Shit and Garbage. So ofc tengaged will choose to eat the rice. Plain rice.

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