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Selfie Gate Mar 24, 2021
imagefuck it i’m a conformist and like trends
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me after frooks and fastings today Mar 24, 2021
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i WaNnA bE a CoWbOy BaBy Mar 21, 2021
HELL YEAH!!!!!!!
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i have nothing green :( Mar 17, 2021
help me im poor
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Need opinions Mar 17, 2021
Do yall think its bad to stay off camera during class/work meetings??

I personally am always off camera because I never look presentable LOL and the comfiest way for me to sit is usually at a bad angle

Also when I'm on camera I focus too much on how I look/appear to others that I get hyperfocused on trying not to fidget & then I can't even pay attention to the meeting (adhd tingz)
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Why is this community so toxic Mar 16, 2021
like honestly does anybody care to explain why? i have been all over the ORG community (skype, facebook, twitter, discord) and i have NEVER seen toxicity even close to what it is here. what is wrong with this site?!?
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