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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Nathan is bully and kicked from People of Republic

11thJun 13, 2020 by nutmeggiee
I am very talent 39 year old that  also born with Congential Heart Disease and have Speech Impairment. I loved show off my skills and talent learn spanish and streak for everyday. I very good cook too. I own a youtube  channel that have few cooking video that i slowly  building up, dancing video too and singing too. I been blessed with these wonderful talent and also great drawer and painting too. In that chat I have tons fan that loved to see how far in spanish and my food that eat every day. So not nice to bully me  and kicked for chat for send my blessing that have in my life that  want to tell the word. I made blueberry orange muffin video today on youtube soon and do dance video too sometime today. I also online student for Business Management program that 8 course have still Feb 2021 to finish it. I also have friend and tutor that help me but they busy right now so very behind. I alos plan to finish Early Childhood Education this spring 2021 online almost done level 2 then work on level 3. I hope after that do Culinary course at the college. My average is right now is in 90 maybe in 80 still good. I have lots teacher aid when i was going to school when i was younger and in easy classses too. I been do good in all education that i have take at college and have got good grade with help of accessibility. It was send posts to fans i should be allowed too. Matedog1209


matedog1209 jealousy is a disease
Sent by ghrocky100,Jun 13, 2020
this is so weird..?
Sent by BigBrotherDonny,Jun 13, 2020
get real nut.
Sent by lexeyjane,Jun 13, 2020
rot in hell
Sent by Memphis_Grizzlies,Jun 13, 2020
Sent by Batya,Jun 13, 2020
you are an asshole and this is not cool
Sent by cheritaisdelicious,Jun 13, 2020

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