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  1. remember when
  2. daily reminder
  3. Whether or not
  4. I’ve always wondered
  5. Save me in stars for special pics thanks
  6. Anybody wanna hit the gym with me?
  7. My favorite time of the month
  8. If I leave in stars today
  9. I have literally had a boner
  10. Snap streaks
  11. if this blog gets no comments
  12. for every 30 points
  13. u put on a lot of weight
  14. Michael Chavis hit a grand slam
  16. Picture of me and pops
  17. I am Jackson
  18. Long Island
  19. i have to poop
  20. and with my shop closing
  22. I will be enrolling at 231 ts.
  23. Should I enroll into stars today
  24. Joining stars today
  25. Little baby boicam
  26. I think I have athletes cock
  27. am I the only one here
  28. I am competing
  29. the best american holiday
  30. Watching friends
  31. Steve Moses was a good winner.
  32. Just had a tengaged meetup
  33. my penis hurts
  34. I have to pee so bad
  35. ok honestly
  36. I see
  37. I will be competing Friday.
  38. the sexiest man alive.
  39. anybody want a gift from my shop
  40. can I have your credit card info?

making a vlog ask questions

Nov 9, 2018 by maturo


how do you pronounce your username.
Sent by rockstarr,Nov 9, 2018
What do you like about Tengaged? What do you not like about tengaged? :)
Sent by TR1364,Nov 9, 2018
Fuck me dad
And would you meet up with me again
Sent by rory17,Nov 9, 2018
Who would be better for astone me.or Tara and why
Sent by MarieEve,Nov 9, 2018
best candy gummies/chocolate/ and suckers ig.
Sent by SpiderBoom,Nov 9, 2018

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