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  1. for all you guys
  2. i dont want to be on tengaged
  3. The blogs page atm
  4. really, DK?
  5. Reminder
  6. + if I am skinny
  7. Manny Machado is a sell out.
  9. wow
  10. anybody want it?
  12. I take this game quite seriously.
  13. anybody wanna date
  14. hope u had a good birthday
  16. Trying to process everything right now
  17. I am
  18. posting a Manny Machado jersey
  19. First 7 people to PYN
  20. I’m not relevant on tengaged
  21. Will you vote out Anastasia?
  22. Are you available now?
  23. spring training games start tomorrow
  24. coreyants the type of guy
  25. thank you for having me on the show
  26. ur really fake
  27. 70% of your body is water
  28. if you are a female
  29. the truth about itsalexia
  30. should I actually do a real PYN
  31. itsalexia stole my gift
  32. PYN for an honest opinion
  33. OH NO
  34. if i played survivor
  35. *munch* *smacks lips*
  36. footage of me
  37. guess the avi
  38. I've posted a solid 7 blogs
  39. There’s a weight capacity on the blogs page
  40. PYN for opinion

Remember when

17thOct 14, 2018 by maturo
We joined stars together yet you nominated me for 14th, 12th, 9th, 7th, 5th and 4th because I was “coming after you”

Some alliance member... littlemix


i was told you came for me for 16th!!!!!!
Sent by LittleMix,Oct 14, 2018
plus fifteen i hate that cunt
Sent by Typhlosion37,Oct 14, 2018
bitch u weren’t even a counter for 16th and if u were then it was with Ryan and u know I wouldn’t nom him...
Sent by maturo,Oct 14, 2018
maturo i literally was told that you wanted me out for 16th im srry ily
Sent by LittleMix,Oct 14, 2018
no but i remember when u told everyone u trusted me petro and roshy the most so while u got 16th the rest of the cast kept coming for us and we had to be skinny and dodge the block but we still got double digits.
Sent by peace123,Oct 14, 2018
Not my fault @cowarms101 was obsessed with getting every little bit of me out that house... peace123
Sent by maturo,Oct 14, 2018
maturo LMAO ok tea she was awful
Sent by peace123,Oct 14, 2018
That fucking twat came for me too when I would never go for a friend first in stars LOL.
Sent by Roshy,Oct 14, 2018

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