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18thAug 16, 2018 by maturo
TaraG mailing me saying we aren’t friends?

If we aren’t friends then what are we?

I’ve ignored all your unneeded  outbursts and have said nice things about you when you were getting attacked by my friends yet you say we “aren’t friends” I guess people are right about the cruel and insensitive person you are! I’m one of few people on who have never namecalled you. Next time you get called a “hag” or “pedo” then don’t expect me to give a shit!



She's about to neg all of your posts now R.I.P
Sent by Birew34,Aug 16, 2018
A good 10 people do that to me already so it’s nothing new LMAO birew34
Sent by maturo,Aug 16, 2018
Not sure why she did that. I could never be friends with her but I don't want to talk shit about her right now, sorry you lost a friend though
Sent by flamergamer8,Aug 16, 2018
this is a week ago?
I only mailed you because you mailed me...
I don't know what we are, I see ur blogs, we never talk. I never saw you stick up for me, but thanks if you did.
What a dumb blog this is maturo !
Sent by TaraG,Aug 16, 2018
Lmaoooo that’s what you get from a person who finds their self worth through an online game......++
Sent by mattstahl9,Aug 16, 2018

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