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  1. This is the second time in one week
  2. DJ4460
  3. I'd like to share a pic
  4. Just had the greatest lunch
  5. You guys are so stupid omg
  6. I always said England sucks
  7. Hi I think u should all vote for
  8. You're all just jealous
  9. Yo gays
  10. Lol at the gay people negging me
  11. So typical gay people
  12. Hey you
  13. This website
  14. Virgins that I feel bad for
  15. LMFAO
  16. Paris Saint Germain
  17. manchester united and chelsea
  18. Is it true that 1/3 of americans are fat?
  19. Isn't being gay kind of a disability
  20. Happy Valentines
  21. who do u like better
  22. I feel superior
  23. #help
  24. This week
  25. My dad says
  26. You guys are queers
  27. Now I remember why I'm
  28. Lord Lind
  29. Excuse me
  30. So what is thanksgiving
  31. Is it that necessary
  32. Being away a month
  33. To sum things up
  34. No vlogs for you tengaged
  35. LOL Allan
  36. I'm nominated in stars
  37. STARS; Story time with Brother Lind
  38. The fuck is a top fashionista?
  39. Remember
  40. First vlog

You're all just jealous

Apr 12, 2016 by lindb
Of my honesty

Now bye


yeah we are :(
Sent by Downeaster,Apr 12, 2016
Sent by maturo,Apr 12, 2016
christ you're annoying

and your forehead is the size of jupiter too so that doesnt help ur case
Sent by Maxi1234,Apr 12, 2016
maxi1234 I'm still pretty sure I look better than you
Sent by lindb,Apr 12, 2016
Sent by Streams,Apr 12, 2016
Streams Shouldn't you be drinking milk watching disney by now? It's definitely past your bedtime
Sent by lindb,Apr 12, 2016
Pls shut up you have a genuine conversation with you and you LEGIT relate it too history the subject LOL you were in stars giving winston Churchill SHOUTOUTS please give it up and go back to online dating and meeting up with minors x maxi1234 lindb
Sent by Streams,Apr 12, 2016
streams he never talks about history literally and I'm not a minor thanks xo
Sent by Downeaster,Apr 12, 2016
How embarassing u both met up and you both are sat next to each other on tengaged.....
Sent by Streams,Apr 12, 2016
Streams Lol I'd actually have responded to that, if it wasn't for the fact that I don't speak to people whose testicles haven't popped out yet.. Now go to bed
Sent by lindb,Apr 12, 2016
streams we've been together 2 weeks and he was offline for 32 days until today but nice try =]
Sent by Downeaster,Apr 12, 2016
Alright well I know about Tyler btw love seen the quotes and everything! downeaster
Sent by Streams,Apr 12, 2016

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