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This is the second time in one week Sep 23, 2016
That I'm stumbling over my own cock on my way out of shower.... Life blows..
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DJ4460 Sep 23, 2016
Is a FAG

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I'd like to share a pic Sep 23, 2016
imageOf a really great day, that me and my girlfriend spent together going to my favourite football clubs season premier :)
She's the best company ever downeaster
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Just had the greatest lunch Jul 13, 2016
imageWith my girlfriend
Isn't she so cute?

Downeaster :))))
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You guys are so stupid omg Jul 4, 2016
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I always said England sucks Jun 27, 2016
Cheers to my Icelandic neighbors and cheers to England for always being remembered as the team who didn't make it against Iceland in a fucking play off bwahahahaha
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