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12 Deaths in Space

Oct 21, 2019 by lhooper902976
Episode 2 Love at first bite
Co-hosted by Jacadeux Survivor of 12 Deaths Around the World
1. gay_horse_ Monday Lovett
2. Systrix Systrix
3. Redskanto Kyle
4. Tman54445 Happy Gilmore
5. me2013 Me
6. nathorix Nathan
8. Jasoi J Black
9. Lemonface Lemonface
10. Zuelke Zu
11. iiVoloxity Shandelle
12. Malachite05 Dr. Smokepants
13. rockstarr Maggie
14. zorbo678 AJ
15. maxchaos Matthew
16. bvance1212  Billy

hogiebuns Kami burned alive
While flying  to their first planet.
Hoop to himself: I know that this trip is just like when I took everyone around the world. This time, I'm going to try and keep as many of them alive as possible. After this trip is over, perhaps I should tell Shadow my proposal. 
Meanwhile back in the passenger section of the rocketship.
Lemonface: So why did you all come on this voyage?
Me: I wanted to have a last excitement in my life.
Dr. Smokepants: For me it was the money.
Kyle: Same, I'm just disappointed this isn't a competition though since I love to compete.
Happy: For me, I came to golf in outer space and earn money to help with grandma.
Matthew: I'm just hoping nothing bad happens .
Shandelle: You had to say that fool.
Billy: Everyone knows you should never say that Max.
J Black to Zu: You look very pretty, want to go to tje bathroom with me.
Zu: No way jose, I know better.
Beforeanyone can speak anymore: Hoop is on the intercom.
Hoop: Attention, we are landing on our first planet soon so get ready for me to help you get your spacesuits on.
Five minutes later the rocketship lands.
Hoop: Ok everybody, first you start with the jumpsuit part of the spacesuit and slide it on.
Maggie: At least it isn't scrubs.
AJ I should take a picture so I can upload it on my blog. Who wouldn't be impressed that I wore a spacesuit.
Nathan: I'll take it for you.
He quickly takes the picture for AJ.
AJ: Thanks man.
Nathan: It's no problem, I jist like helping people.
Systrix to herself: Nathan sure knows how to charm people. Don't know if that's a good or bad thing.
Hoop: And finally everyone, I'll put your helmet on personally as you line up to exit.
Everyone gets in a line to leave and 1 by 1 get their helmet on and exit the rocketship to explore. A few of them even go with someone else to explore the planet, however there were a couple who went alone.
Killer to themself: Now to lure one of them to a certain spot so they meet my interesting friend.
Eventually he persuades one of them to follow to the spot when the others weren't looking.
5 minutes later
Matthew: What is that?
He points at some weird alien snake.
Killer: I don't know, it looks pretty harmless to me. Why don't you pick it up?
Matthew: Are you  sure?
Killer: I am, nothing bad can happen.
Matthew then goes to pick up the alien snake and it suddenly tightly raps around his hand, cutting off his circulation and within a few minutes was dead.
Killer: Two down, a lot to go.
The killer then hurries back to the rocketship to get with the others.
15 minutes later
Monday: Has anyone seen Matthew, he's the only one not here?
Hoop: I'll go out there and look for him.
20 minutes later he returns to the ship, carrying Matthew's body.
Hoop: He's dead.
End of Episode 2


Sent by lhooper902976,Nov 25, 2019

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