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  1. what the FUCK
  2. It’s honestly embarrassing
  3. star me into your frat
  4. also throwback to when I got hacked
  5. just accidentally
  7. i can't believe
  8. message 4 u
  9. happy groundhog day
  10. i think you'd all be a lot nicer
  11. shut up idiots
  12. my avatar is so unique and rare
  13. WHAT DO
  14. raven is honestly
  15. honestly the kind of content im here for
  16. bring multis back
  17. this is so iconic
  18. who is this?????? lol??
  19. happy cinco de mayo
  20. If you hold your phone horizontally to text
  21. WHAT DO
  22. lmao i just realized
  23. i also love akali
  24. UMMMMM
  25. can we just
  26. LMAO
  27. people I hate the most
  28. LOL
  29. i have a theory
  30. WHAT DO
  31. WHAT DO
  32. this icon is the winner of BBOTT
  33. remember when
  34. GO AWAY
  35. story of my life
  36. regardless of who you like in BBOTT
  37. This bitch Lillie
  38. Perks of paying the cable bill
  39. the north pole
  40. do you think

my avatar is so unique and rare

Dec 17, 2017 by lemonface

dare u to find another one like me


Sent by Bambino,Dec 17, 2017
Sent by FrOntIeRpSyChIaTrIsT,Dec 17, 2017
mine is rarer
Sent by blogs,Dec 17, 2017

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