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Worst WWE Diva storyline's

Mar 2, 2018 by joey96
Inspired by finklestein123's latest gif

1. Dawn Marie sleeping with Torrie Wilson's dad and basically fucking him to death and then the two getting into a brawl at his funeral. Yikes.

2. Natalya's farting gimmick.

3. The Bella Twins storyline of 2014 aka "I WISH YOU DIED IN THE WOMB!!!!1"

4. Piggy James. WWE literally gave Mickie James a storyline of being fat shamed on TV for months because they were displeased that she actually did gain a slight amount of weight in 2009. Classy.

5. Molly Holly's ass. Again, pretty much the same with Mickie James. Molly Holly's ass was the butt ;) of many jokes in 2002 during her rivalry with Trish Stratus due to her gaining some weight. RIP.

6. Lita's miscarriage. It was pointless and didn't really add to the Lita/Kane angle they were trying to get over with the fans (which they ended up completely ditching in mid 2005 anyways)

7. The Bella Twins fighting over Daniel Bryan/Daniel Bryan picks Gail Kim over the Bella Twins. It lasted two weeks. So there. That's it. Waste of time.

8. Trish Stratus vs. Stephanie McMahon angle. This angle was entirely used to embarrass and over sexualize Trish in 2001 as she was forced to strip down numerous times on live TV, bathe in mud, had dirty water poured on, etc.

9. Kharma's WWE dominance. This is one of the worst simply because WWE introduced Kharma as this scary and dominant force for like a month by having her interrupt matches and slam bitches to the ground, only to have her break down and cry in the middle of the ring, completely demolishing her character and released her shortly after she gave birth less than a year later.

10. Santina Marella. Okay yeah this isn't technically a woman, but having a man dressed as a woman win the Wrestlemania 25 diva battle royal to be claimed Ms. Wrestlemania was the biggest slap in the face to the women's division like ever. It's shocking any of them agreed to do the match with that stipulation.



Honorable mentions goes to Jillian Hall's growth:,f_auto,q_auto,$w_700/go/2015/10/Jillian_Hall_12.jpg

Or Katie Lea Burchill's short lived incest narrative.
Sent by GothicZebra,Mar 3, 2018
joey96 u forgot mighty molly LMFAO i cannot @ how cringe

Sent by finklestein123,Mar 3, 2018

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