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TBGC2 Episode Nine - "Turn Ups and Turmoils"vote Feb 19, 2019
Previously on the Bad Girls Club…

Former bad girl besties Alex and Sierra called a truce, which resulted in tension surrounding Sierra’s friendships with Kayla and Davina. Brianna continued to get under Kayla’s skin, resulting in two physical altercations. Davina vowed to have her friend’s back and get Brianna out of the house. After a night out went awry, Isis and Arielle began looking at Kayla and Davina in a different light, noticing the drama centered around them.

Tonight, the house tension begins boiling over, causing a massive eruption. Plus, a photo shoot opens up some old wounds. All of this and more on tonight’s episode of Bad Girls Club!

Alex, Sierra, and Brianna are all hanging out by the pool.

Alex: I’m so excited for this fashion show.

Brianna: Bitch I’m excited for you.

Sierra: Me too.

“Alex(C): I’m walking in a fashion show at Avalon on Saturday and I’m so excited! I’m ready to just be back in my element and doing what I love.”

Inside, Kayla and Davina are in the living room.

Davina: I don’t know if it’s gonna be Saturday night or Sunday morning, but Brianna is going home.

Kayla: Yeah?

Davina: Yeah. She’s gotten too many passes and she’s starting to think she runs it.

“Davina(C): My plan for these hoes is to let them enjoy their little fashion show on Saturday, but then it’s game time. Brianna start packing your bags bitch because your stay in the Bad Girls Club is over.”

Arielle and Isis head to dinner that night to get away from the rest of the girls.

They decide to eat at a cute little bistro in downtown LA.

Arielle: Kay and D have been quiet for a couple days, huh?

Isis: Girl you already know they’re plotting.

Arielle: I can just feel my energy draining around them the more I spend time with them.

Isis: They’ve been my girls, but they’ve been the main source of drama since day one. Well really day two cuz that first bitch who left was something else.

Arielle: Do you think we should say something?

Isis: I think we have to at this point. This is our experience too and I want to enjoy it and not have to worry about a fight breaking out every two seconds.

“Arielle(C): I agree with Isis that it’s time to confront Davina and Kayla about the way they handle situations in the house. We’re all over it and just want to have fun for the rest of our time here.”

Back at the house, Kayla and Davina go outside where the other three girls are.

Davina: Hey ladies.

Sierra: …Hi.

Davina: So here’s the deal. I’m addressing Brianna right now.

Brianna: Okay?

Davina: I just feel like the way things have gone down between you and my girl have made it to the point where I have to step in and say something.

Brianna: She can’t fight her own battles?

Davina: It’s not even about that right now. It’s about loyalty.

Brianna: Okay but I haven’t spoken a word to her in days so why can’t we just keep it moving?

Davina: Because unfortunately that’s not how it works in this house.

Brianna: Why? Because you said so? You don’t run nothing over here sweetheart.

Davina: I just wanted to be gracious and give you a heads up and say that I’m coming for that ass. So be ready when I strike.

Brianna: *laughs* Okay.

“Brianna(C): Am I supposed to be scared of her? Like…I don’t get it.”

Brianna: You guys can talk your shit all you want, but I’m here and I’m staying. So good luck trying to get me out bitches.

Kayla: No good luck to you bitch.

Brianna: I was talking to your body guard not you.

Kayla: Shut the fuck up yo!

Brianna: Are we done here? I’m still working on my tan.

Davina: Well bronze up while you can bitch.

Davina and Kayla head back inside. The other girls start laughing.

“Davina(C): Brianna dead ass thinks I’m a joke?! Okay baby. Now I really get to have fun with this.”

The next day…

Alex, Sierra, and Brianna are up early to start the day for Alex’s fashion show.

“Alex(C): The fashion show at Avalon is tonight and I’m super excited and I have a lot to do today in preparation. My girls Sierra and Bri are right by my side and I’m just ready to kill this shit.”

The three head off in a cab to start the days activities.

Meanwhile, Arielle and Isis are awake in their bedroom.

Isis: Think we should talk to them today?

Arielle: I feel like they’ll be cool today because of Alex’s thing and that the other girls will be out all day.

Isis: I think we should seize the opportunity while they’re gone.

Arielle: You’re probably right.

Isis and Arielle get out of bed and head into Kayla and Davina’s room as the two are awake but still lying in bed.

Isis: Can we talk to ya’ll for a minute?

Davina: Yeah. What’s up?

Isis: Okay. So. Basically I feel and Ari agrees that the drama in the house is too much. And we feel like you two are very powerful forces in the house and could stop it, but are choosing not to.

Davina: I’m gonna stop you right there. I know where you’re going and I agree. I’m over the drama but until Brianna is out of here, there’s always gonna be drama because the bitch thinks she runs the show!

Arielle: I think ya’ll are taking it a little deep to be honest. She’s been minding her own business for days now.

“Kayla(C): Isis and Arielle decide to “confront” myself and Davina for whatever reason. I’m just trying to get through this conversation without throwing up everywhere because this is a fucking joke.”

Isis: It’s just not pleasant to be here when there’s all this drama going on. Like, I get it’s the Bad Girls Club, but that doesn’t mean we have to be in here fighting each other.

Davina: I respect your opinion, but I really hope you respect the fact that I have to get her out of this house. Alex and Sierra I can maybe live with, but Bri gonna have to go.

Isis sighs.

Kayla: I’ve fought her twice like I’m not gonna stop being a bitch to her until she leaves. And then yeah maybe we can coexist with the other two and the new girl, but until then it’s gonna be drama.

“Isis(C): I feel like I am talking to two children. They don’t understand what me and Ari are trying to say to them because they’re so hard headed.”

Arielle: If that’s how ya’ll feel then that’s fine, but I don’t wanna associate myself with this bullshit anymore, so until it’s over just miss me with all that.

Kayla: *scoffs* Okay.

“Kayla(C): I don’t really know what Arielle’s problem is. She’s been a bitch to me since day one and I hope she doesn’t think it’s gone unnoticed. Her karma will come eventually.”

Meanwhile, the other girls are getting their nails done.

Sierra: Are you nervous at all?

Alex: Not really no. I’m just hoping everything goes smooth and they don’t make me look like a fool up there.

Sierra: I’m sure you’ll do great.

Brianna: Definitely.

Alex: My nails look so good! Thank you!

“Sierra(C): I’m out with Alex and Brianna and things are going great and we’re just enjoying each other’s company.”

Sierra: Bri, I’m glad we got to know each other this past week. I hate that it took so long.

Brianna: I know! You’re such a cool girl.

Alex: I was always saying to myself that I thought you two would make such good friends, but it was always awkward ya know?

Sierra: I’m glad those days are behind us. I just wanna have fun for the rest of our time.

Brianna: Me too.

Alex: You guys ready to go?

Sierra: Yes.

The girls head out. Later on, Arielle and Isis get ready to head to Avalon to support Alex. Davina and Kayla are staying home.

The two girls take the limo to Avalon.

“Arielle(C): Isis and I decide to head over to Avalon just to show our support for Alex. It’s a cool thing she’s doing so why not be good roommates?”

The limo pulls up to Avalon and the two girls head inside where they find Sierra and Brianna sitting in a VIP section.

Brianna: Hey lovelies!

Isis: Hey! When’s this thing start?

Sierra: In 10! You guys are just in time!

Brianna: Ya’ll are so sweet for coming to support her! You don’t know how much it’s gonna mean to her.

Arielle: We’re happy for her! Genuinely.

Back at the house, Kayla and Davina are up to no good.

Davina: It’s game time. I was gonna wait for this until tomorrow, but after everything that’s been said the past couple of days? This bitch is leaving tonight.

Kayla: I’m on my vindictive shit tonight. I’m gonna fuck with her shit.

Davina: Let’s do it then.

The girls head into Brianna’s room and begin grabbing her clothes shoes, bags, etc. and start throwing them outside on the grass, in the pool, in the bushes.

Back at the club, the fashion show is beginning.

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen! Here representing the Bad Girls Club and kicking off our 2018 Avalon Fashion Walk. Give it up for Alex!

Alex begins strutting across the stage in a stunning gold dress.

Brianna: YASS BITCH!

Isis: Woo Hoo!

“Brianna(C): Alex looks SO GOOD right now. You can definitely tell she’s in her comfort zone and doing what she loves and I love that for her.”

After the show is over, Alex rejoins the other girls at the VIP section for drinks.

Arielle: You killed that!

Sierra: You did so good!

Alex: Oh my gosh really? Thank you!

“Isis(C): I never thought I would be here supporting Alex and even congratulating her, but times change in this house and she killed that fashion show.”

Brianna: To Alex!

The girls toast with shots of vodka.

Back at the house, Davina and Kayla are finishing up destroying all of Brianna’s clothes.

Davina: Now I’m ready. A bitch is going home tonight.

They head into the house confessional.

Kayla: Brianna bitch. You’re done here. The two baddest bitches in the house declare that you are no longer wanted here.

Davina: And when the two badges bitches say you gotta go then bitch you gotta GO!

Meanwhile, the other five girls decide to head back to the house a little earlier than normal.

“Sierra(C): We decide to head back to the house earlier than usual tonight because Alex is pretty fatigued from her show and we just want to get some rest for the night.”

The girls head back in the limo.

Alex: Thank you guys so much for coming out! It means a lot.

Arielle: Of course!

A few minutes later, the limo pulls back to the house.

Davina: They’re here.

Kayla: Seriously?

Davina: Yeah.

The girls begin exiting the limo to see a lot of Brianna’s clothes scattered across the yard.

Isis: Oh shit!

Sierra: What?

Brianna: *gasps* No they didn’t!

Arielle: Is this all your stuff?

Brianna: Yes!

“Brianna(C): When I see all of my stuff all over the front yard my blood begins to boil. I’m about to go off.”

Brianna begins barreling towards the door.

Alex: Brianna! Calm down!

Brianna: No what the fuck is this.

Brianna barges through the door to find Kayla and Davina standing there.

Davina: Stop right there. All your shit is outside so you can pack it up and leave.

Brianna: Don’t touch my shit bitch.

Kayla: It’s already been touched baby!

Sierra: Seriously you guys?

Davina: I told y’all it would be done as soon as this bitch is out the house!

Brianna: Push me out the house then! Do something to ME!

Davina goes up to Brianna and shoves her. Brianna falls backwards a little, but recovers. She shoves Davina back.

Brianna: Bitch what’s up?

Isis: You guys stop!

Davina goes to push Brianna once more and Brianna swings.

Janelle - Brianna
Tiana - Davina

The fight is separated and Davina is pulled away from Brianna.

Davina: Bitch you got yo ass beat!

Brianna: Bitch WHERE? I’m good!

Isis: What the fuck ya’ll?

Davina: Bitch you out of here!

“Alex(C): Davina and Kayla continue to prove that they are the scum of the house and I’m just glad that everyone sees it now.”

Sierra: Ya’ll are doing too much! This shit is dumb!

Kayla: Oh well! Get over it!

Brianna is still being restrained by security. She tries to break through to get to Davina, but is quickly grabbed.

Brianna: I’ll kill you bitch.

Brianna is taken outside by production.

Brianna: Where’s the rest of my shit? Did they destroy all of it?

Production: Just take a moment and relax.

Brianna: I’m not gonna fucking relax! They ruined my STUFF!

Sierra: Brianna stop!

Brianna: No this is stupid.

Alex comes outside.

Alex: Bri. Some of your shit is out back. In the pool.

Brianna: Let me see.

Brianna runs around the side of the house to the backyard to see her stuff in the pool.

Brianna: Are you KIDDING ME??!

Inside, Davina and Kayla are up in the beauty room high living over what just happened.

Kayla: If she doesn’t go home after that? Bitch she’s crazy.

“Kayla(C): My girl Davina just whooped Brianna’s ass and the best part is hearing Brianna go absolutely crazy over seeing all of her precious stuff outside completely destroyed. Bitch it’s what you deserve.”

Outside, Brianna has gone into a frenzy over her stuff.

Brianna: Are you fucking kidding me?! I’m done! DONE!

Production: Brianna calm down!

Brianna: Don’t fucking tell me to calm down! This is bullshit! Ya’ll are gonna replace my shit!

Sierra: Brianna! Girl stop it’s gonna be fine.

Brianna: No it’s not! They ruined ALL of my clothes!

Production: You need to calm down. We’re gonna take you to a hotel for the night.

Brianna: Fuck a hotel! Let me fuck those bitches up!

Production: We can’t let you go back in the house right now. You have to come with us.

“Brianna(C): Production is sending me to a hotel. For what? I don’t know. Right now I feel attacked in every single direction and I don’t know what to do. I feel played.”

Brianna reluctantly gets into a production van and heads to a hotel for the night.

Inside, the girls are trying to settle down from the night’s events.

Isis: Was all that really necessary?

Davina: Yup! It was.

Isis: Okay well from now I don’t want ya’ll to talk to me, look at me, sit with me, or even breathe next to me. Clearly ya’ll didn’t give a fuck about how I felt when I talked to ya’ll the other day and I don’t want to be associated with this shit.

Kayla: Are you fucking serious Isis?

Isis: I’m dead serious! Ya’ll not gonna try this shit with me and you know it. I’ve been quiet in this house but I’m not the bitch to fuck with PERIOD. So don’t try anything funny and we can coexist in this house, but ya’ll have broken my trust and I’ve been your guys’s friend since day one. Shame on me.

Davina: None of this had anything to do with you Isis!

Isis: I don’t care Davina! I don’t care. I’m separating myself from the situation. I tried to sugarcoat it the other day, but I’m not anymore. You two are the problem here. Not anyone else. I’m done with it.

Isis leaves the room to head to bed.

“Davina(C): Hearing Isis drill into me like that put things in a different perspective. Kayla and I might have fucked up a bit, but I can’t say that I regret what we did to Brianna in this moment.”

The next day…

The dust has seemingly settled from the previous night. The air is different and the tension has completely shifted.

Arielle: I heard you going in on them last night.

Isis: Someone had to. Maybe it’ll get through to them now that they can’t be out here doing all this.

Arielle: I don’t know if they are too stubborn to realize that or not. I guess time will tell.

Downstairs, the phone rings. Alex answers.

Alex: Hello?

Brianna: Hey it’s me.

Alex: Girl! What is going on? Shit was crazy after you left Isis literally read them for filth!

Brianna: *laughs* I love that.

Alex: So when are you coming back?

Brianna: I’ve done a lot of thinking overnight. I didn’t get any sleep and I just don’t think it’s in my best interest to be in that house.

Alex: What? Why?

Brianna: All of my stuff was destroyed. I feel played. And I know if I go back there I’m gonna go to jail for what I’ll do to them. I just need to go home and figure everything out.

Alex: That sucks dude! Don’t let them win like that.

Brianna: They can think that they’ve won, but they do have to see me again and I will be prepared to unleash a world of pain on them.

“Brianna(C): I decide it’s in my best interest to leave the Bad Girls Club. I’ve gotten pretty much all I can out of this experience. I made some great friends and some new enemies, but it’s all in a day’s work for a bad bitch. Kayla and Davina were threatened by me because I was going to take over that house and they knew it. I’m leaving this house with most of the girls feeling some type of way towards them and I sincerely hope they get everything that’s coming to them. Alex, you’re a sweetheart and please don’t let these girls walk all over you again. Sierra, I wish we would have connected sooner but you’re a really cool girl and I’ll miss you. This won’t be the last time you see me, but the next time you do I’ll be knocking bitches out. Bye for now!”

Alex leaves the phone room and goes into the beauty room where Sierra, isis, and Arielle are.

Alex: Brianna’s leaving. She’s not coming back to the house.

Arielle: Seriously?

Alex: Yeah.

Isis: That’s fucked up.

Sierra: And it’s all because of those two evil ass bitches out there. I’m so over them.

Alex: I wish we could push them out of the house. Then we can get 3 new girls *laughs*.

Sierra: I don’t even want a replacement for Brianna! I liked her!

Arielle: Yeah she was cool people.

Later on, the phone rings again. This time, Sierra answers it.

Sierra: Hello?

???: Hey this is Dawn from the production team just calling to let you ladies know that we will be having a photo shoot down at the studio tomorrow for promotional stuff. We’ll send the limo for you ladies around 1.

Sierra: Awesome! Sounds great.

Sierra goes into the kitchen where the majority of the girls are.

Sierra: Ladies! So tomorrow we’re having a bad girls photo shoot down at the studio! They’re sending the limo for us at 1 tomorrow.

Alex: Hell yeah!

Arielle: That’s dope!

Outside, Kayla and Davina are sitting on the patio.

Kayla: I really don’t care about what happened last night. The only friend I need in this house is you.

Davina: Yeah.

“Davina(C): I am starting to feel kind of bad that I have made the rest of the girls in the house, specifically Isis and Arielle because I like them a lot, feel like I’m this monster who’s just angry all of the time. That’s not me and I’m ashamed that I’ve brought this side out of me for this long.”

Davina: It’s just Isis you know? She’s been rocking with us since day one.

Kayla: Yeah until Arielle came in! Then she ditched us to become BFF’s with her. Don’t even get me started on THAT bitch.

Davina: Did she do something to you? Because you’ve never liked her.

Kayla: She got mouthy with me when she first got here. Once you disrespect me once it’s over for you.

“Kayla(C): I don’t care what these girls think of me AT ALL. I know I’m the baddest bitch in here and they’re all just jealous of me and Davina. I would be too if I was them.”

Davina: I’m done fighting in this house. I’ve fought enough here to last me for the next like five years.

Kayla: True *laughs*

The next day…

The girls are up somewhat early getting ready for the photo shoot.

“Isis(C): Our photo shoot with the production company is today and I’m SO excited to do something a little out of my comfort zone. I know I’m gorgeous but doing these kind of shoots isn’t really my thing.”

Arielle: Alex you gonna give me some pointers out there?

Alex: Just be confident girl. You’re gorgeous.

Arielle: Awww. You’re so sweet.

The limo arrives at 1 sharp and the girls head to the studio, where they are greeted by production.

Production: Good afternoon ladies! So today we are going to take some group photos as well as individual photos to use for the show’s promotion. And actually the shoot today will be originals only.

Arielle: Well damn! I’m the only replacement still here.

Sierra: That’s weird. Sorry Ari.

Production: Arielle, you’re welcome to chill over there on the couches and help yourself to any food and beverages. The rest of you ladies can head to the dressing rooms to get your outfits ready.

“Arielle(C): I can’t even participate in this damn photo shoot. Why I even have to come if I was just gonna sit there? Oh well. I’ll support my girls and watch them have all the fun.”

The remaining five girls head to their dressing rooms for finishing touches and outfits.

Kayla: D you look amazing!

Davina: Right? So do you girl!

Once the girls are ready, they convene back in the main area to begin the shoot.

Arielle: Ya’ll look so gorgeous!

Isis: Thanks babe!

Production: Okay before we begin we have a couple other girls who are gonna join us.

Kayla: Other girl? Who the fuck…

The girls look confused until in walks…


Davina bursts out in laughter. Sierra gasps. Alex looks nervous. Isis is shocked and Kayla laughs along with Davina.

Davina: Originals only! *laughs*

Jocelyn: Hey ladies!

Jocelyn hugs Davina, Kayla, and Isis.

Jocelyn: I missed you girls!

Kayla: We missed you too babe! Ugh I wish you were still in this house!

Jocelyn: Me too babe but some of us are too bad for the Bad Girls Club I guess.

Jocelyn smirks at Sierra who rolls her eyes.

“Maria(C): So I’m back for this photo shoot. None of the other girls are talking to me. Probably because I look better that them.”

Production: Okay ladies! Positions for the group photos!

The girls spend the next hour or so taking many group and individual photos.

Arielle: Ya’ll are killing it!

After the shoot is over, the girls are left to mingle with one another until the limo is ready.

Production: That’s all for today ladies! You all did a wonderful job! The limo will be here shortly.

Davina: Awesome. Thank you!

Jocelyn: So what’s up girls?

Davina: Girls it’s a nut house in here.

Jocelyn: I can only imagine.

Arielle goes up to Sierra, Alex, and Isis.

Arielle: So what’s the tea on these girls?

Isis: The one over there is the crazy bitch who went nuts on the first night and left. I think her name was Maria. And that’s Jocelyn. We were cool, but she jumped Sierra and then they fought.

Sierra: I beat her ass and then she tried to sneak me.

Arielle: Oh damn.

Jocelyn: Sierra! What’s up babe?

Sierra: Girl don’t talk to me. You know we are not cool.

Jocelyn: Oh that’s too bad! I was hoping to kiss and make up!

Sierra: You wish baby.

Jocelyn: Actually I don’t!

Sierra: Well why don’t you hit the bricks because you got sent home! You got sent home after I beat your ass.

Jocelyn: HA! You wish sweetie! But that’s okay I’ll see you again!

Sierra: Okay.

Maria: You guys are arguing in a professional place? Ratchet.

Sierra: Excuse me?

Maria: I’m glad I left if it’s been like this the whole time. I’m way too classy for that.

Isis: Girl nobody even remembers your broke ass!

Maria: Broke where? You don’t know me hoe so stop it!

Isis: I don’t want to know you either! You’re a god damn psycho! That’s how you’re remembered baby.

Maria: Oh well at least I’m pretty!

Alex: Are you calling us all ugly?

Maria: If the shoe fits sweetheart!

Sierra: Girl bye! Get the fuck outta here! Both of ya’ll! This ain’t your house anymore!

Jocelyn: Whatever bitch! I’ll see you soon!

Jocelyn blows a kiss at Sierra before leaving.

Maria: Bye uglies!

Isis: If you don’t shut your irrelevant ass up.

Kayla: She’s still as crazy as I remember!

“Jocelyn(C): The photo shoot was fun and all, but I’m ready to get back to my life in Philly. Sierra, it was nice seeing you again! Maybe next time will be a little more eventful *winks*”

The rest of the girls get in the limo and head back home.

Alex: That was eventful.

Sierra: Tell me about it.

Isis: Well Ari what did you think of our former roommates?

Arielle: They were definitely, mhm, something! That’s for sure.

Isis: *laughs* That’s one way to put it.

Davina and Kayla go in their bedroom.

Davina: I wish Jocelyn was still here. I miss her.

Kayla: Me fucking too dude. She was hella funny.

Davina: *whispers* I think they’re gonna start acting funny soon?

Kayla: *whispers* Who?

Davina: *whispers* All of them. I just have a feeling.

“Davina(C): I know the other girls are kind of against me and Kayla right now. And I’m not worried at all. I couldn’t care less about Sierra and Alex, but I genuinely like Isis and Arielle and want to be there friend. I need to nip this in the bud before anything happens.”

Davina goes into the living room.

Davina: Can I talk to you two for a minute?

Isis: Yeah.

Isis, Arielle, and Davina head outside to talk privately.

Davina: I just wanted to come to ya’ll as a woman and apologize for the way I’ve been acting in this house. I know I’ve made it hard to be friends with me, but I do genuinely like the both of you and I want to continue being friends with you guys.

Isis: It just felt like a slap in the face that you still went and did that shit after we both told you that we didn’t agree with it or think it was right at all.

Davina: Mhm. And I do apologize. I know you guys think Kayla and I don’t have a mind of our own and that we just kind of feed off of each other, but I am a grown woman and I make mistakes and I learn from them. I’m admitting to my faults right now which isn’t easy.

Arielle: I appreciate that. Do you know how Kayla feels about all of this?

Davina: I don’t. Like I said, we are individuals and she’s gonna feel how she feels at the end of the day. The most I can do is try and talk to her.

Isis: I just want sanity throughout the rest of this. Honestly that’s all I’m asking for.

Davina: I can promise that. I don’t want to do the fighting and arguing every damn day anymore. And I’ll talk to Kayla.

Isis: Thanks, D.

Davina: Can we hug it out?

Isis: Of course!

Isis and Davina hug, followed by Davina and Arielle.

“Arielle(C): I appreciate Davina’s apology and I think it’s genuine. The person I’m really worried about is Kayla. She’s rubbed me the wrong way since I stepped foot in this house and I don’t think the drama is over with her, but only time will tell.”


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TBGC2 Episode Eight - "Bad Girl crISIS" Feb 12, 2019
Previously on the Bad Girls Club…

New girl Brianna moved into the house and immediately joined forces with outcast Alex, much to the dismay of the other girls. Arielle met Jayvon and it was lust at first sight, but when Brianna tried to sink her teeth into him, the other girl officially washed their hands with her. After a disagreement over a bottle of vodka, tensions boiled over, which resulted in an all out brawl between Brianna and Kayla. Kayla swore to get revenge and Davina swore to have Kayla’s back.

Tonight, what will happen when Brianna returns to the house? Plus, loyalties are tested among the girls. All of this and more on tonight’s episode of Bad Girls Club!

The morning after the fight between Kayla and Brianna. Davina and Kayla are sitting in the living room awaiting Brianna and Alex’s arrival back to the house.

“Kayla(C): If Brianna wants to think she’s not getting touched the second she walks in this door, she’s sadly mistaken.”

Kayla: Brianna is no longer welcome in this house. She needs to know her role as a replacement. She could’ve enjoyed this whole experience, but she fucked it up for herself.

Davina: Yeah.

“Davina(C): At this point in the game, it’s all about loyalty. I may not necessarily think Brianna is in the wrong here, but Kayla is my best friend in the house. The plan is to let my girl handle this for now, but if I need to get involved then I will.”

Kayla: I’ll be upstairs. Let me know if she gets here.

Davina: Okay.

Outside, Sierra, Isis, and Arielle are talking about the situation.

Arielle: Last night was crazy.

Sierra: I didn’t even see what happened. Who swung on who?

Isis: Kayla swung on Bri first.

Sierra: Damn.

“Sierra(C): Kayla must truly think she got her as beat if she’s so hell bent on fighting Brianna again. Kayla started the drama and now is asking for more. I don’t understand it.”

Isis: I’m staying outside I really don’t care to see another fight.

Arielle: You wanna go out for lunch?

Isis: Yeah.

Arielle: Sierra?

Sierra: Nah I’m not too hungry.

“Isis(C): A lot of these girls feed off drama in this house. Not me. I’m over it. I don’t really wanna stick around and see these bitches beat each other up over some petty shit.”

Isis and Arielle head out to lunch in one of the jeeps.

Sierra heads inside and goes upstairs to find Kayla in the beauty room.

Sierra: Hey.

Kayla: Hi.

Sierra: So I know you’re still pissed about what happened last night.

Kayla: That’s an understatement.

Sierra: Honestly though I don’t wanna see you go home. I think the drama started over a bottle last night and so it should be left in last night.

Kayla: So you don’t want me to fight her?

Sierra: No. I don’t.

“Kayla(C): Uhm…what? Sierra is mad confusing. I’m only pretend cool with her because her and D are cool now, but I really wanna smack her upside her head sometimes.”

Sierra: I just think you need to pick and choose your battles and this isn’t one that necessarily needs to be fought.

Kayla: Well, I appreciate you speaking your mind, but the way I feel right now. I don’t think there is any going back.

Sierra: I just know what they’re walking into. D did the same thing to me and it’s not fun walking in the house and instantly being in a fight.

Kayla: Well it’s for a reason so.

Sierra: Okay.

Outside, the production van pulls up to the house. Alex and Brianna exit.

“Brianna(C): I’m not scarred walking back into this house at all. Kayla tried to swing on me last night and I clocked that bitch in the face. She doesn’t intimidate me.”

They enter the house to silence. They walk straight to their bedroom.

Alex: Are they home?

Brianna: One of the jeeps was gone so I don’t know.

Davina walks past their bedroom and sees them inside. Her and Brianna make eye contact.

Brianna: *whispers* Yeah keep walking bitch. I don’t like your ass either.

Davina goes upstairs to where Kayla and Sierra are sitting.

Davina: They’re here. In the bedroom.

Kayla: Then it’s time for business.

Sierra: So there’s no talking you out of this?

Kayla: Nope.

Kayla gets up and leaves the room. Sierra gives a disappointed look to Davina.

Davina: What?

Sierra: This is so stupid!

Davina: And it might be, but you gotta let her feel how she feels.

Sierra: Whatever.

Davina and Sierra follow Kayla downstairs as she heads to Alex and Brianna’s bedroom.

Kayla: You home bitch!?

Tiara - Brianna
Angie - Kayla

Davina and Alex step in to break up the fight.

Davina: DONE! IT’S OVER!

Brianna: BITCH! You got fucked up again hoe!

Kayla: I’m gonna kill that bitch.

Davina is pulling Kayla out of the room.

Davina: Let’s go.

Brianna: Bitch make sure your hair is up before you run up! Stupid bitch!

Davina: Hey! I’m taking her out! That means shut the fuck up! It’s over!

“Davina(C): Seeing Kayla get flipped on her back like that. Chile. Now I really have to beat Brianna’s ass.”

Davina takes Kayla into the living room.

Davina: You good?

Kayla: No. I’m not. I didn’t get to hit her enough.

Davina: Just chill out for a while. If you go home I’m gonna be lost here.

Kayla: I ain’t going home. Bitch I’ve been here since the beginning!

Davina: Right.

Kayla: She ain’t getting me out.

Davina: Nah she’ll leave soon.

Back in the bedroom..

Brianna: Anyways back to our regularly scheduled programming.

“Brianna(C): Kayla. You’ve run up twice now and I served you both times. Save yourself the embarrassment and keep your hands to yourself from now on.”

Alex: These girls are insane.

Brianna: Bullies babe. That’s what they are.

Sierra walks in the room.

Sierra: You okay Brianna?

Brianna: I’m good. You saw me flip her on her back?

Sierra: That fight was just stupid. I tried to talk her out of it.

Brianna: Thanks, but I’m good.

Sierra: Okay.

“Alex(C): I sense that Sierra might be starting to see what we saw in the beginning again and that’s that Kayla and Davina are a two big fat bullies.”

Later on, Isis and Arielle arrive back at the house. They walk inside and see Kayla and Sierra sitting on the couch.

Arielle: Hey ladies. So what’s up? Did ya’ll fight?

Kayla: Mhm.

Arielle: Damn.

Isis: I hope you got it out of your system now.

Isis sits next to Kayla.

Isis: All this fighting and shit ain’t cute. I know we’re in the Bad Girls Club and shit happens, but we really all need to work on conducting ourselves as women. Fighting over bottles and shit is childish.

Kayla: I understand that but she has crossed so many lines in the time that she’s been here. I feel a type of way towards her and I always will as long as I have to live with her!

Isis: All I’m saying is let this be it. You don’t have to like each other or talk to each other, but them hands need to stay by your side.

Kayla: Okay.

“Kayla(C): I’m taking this conversation with Isis very lightly. I know my anger can get out of control and if Brianna does something to piss me off, then I’m gonna hit her again.”

Davina is on the phone with her cousin.

Davina: Hey cuz. Shit is crazy in this house.

Cousin: What’s going on?

Davina: My girl Kayla has fought this replacement girl twice now. They just fought earlier and she got flipped on her back.

Cousin: Damn. Flipped?!

Davina: Like body slammed. The new girl thinks she can say whatever now because Kayla hasn’t been able to whoop her ass, but at this point in the game it’s all about loyalty. And I feel like it’s at the point where I gotta step in and take this one.

Cousin: Your friend can’t do it so you have to.

Davina: Exactly. Bitches be acting crazy so sometimes they have to be checked.

Cousin: Do what you gotta do, D. Just don’t let me see you getting your ass whooped on national television.

Davina: Ha. Never.

Cousin: Ight. Talk to you later.

Davina: See ya.

The next morning, Sierra is sitting in the living room by herself.

“Sierra(C): I’m peeping a lot of shit recently. I don’t think Kayla has a reason to be this upset with Brianna and I don’t like how Davina just cosigns the situation and doesn’t take into consideration what’s right and wrong.”

Sierra gets up and heads upstairs to the beauty room where Alex is doing her makeup.

Sierra: Alex can I talk to you outside?

Alex: Sure.

The two girls head out to the backyard to begin their conversation.

Sierra: I just wanna start out by saying that I apologize for the way things ended between us. I shouldn’t have came at you the way I did, but I do feel like you were being a bad friend.

Alex: And I was. I take full responsibility for making you feel like I didn’t have your back.

Sierra: I just feel bad for the way you and Brianna have been treated lately. I don’t think it’s right and I tried to tell Kayla that.

Alex: What surprised me the most is how quickly you were buddying up with them after they tried to get you out too.

Sierra: And I always give people second chances even if they don’t deserve it. With you, I feel like I’ve already given you a second chance and you still fucked me over. So I’m not saying we’re gonna be BFFs again, but I have stopped hating you.

Alex: And I appreciate that.

“Alex(C): This conversation with Sierra came way out of left field. I’m glad it happened though. I missed her.”

Sierra: Just give me some time to warm back up to you.

Alex: Understandable.

Inside, Kayla is watching Alex and Sierra through the window.

“Kayla(C): Sierra might really be as fake as I thought she was. She’s out there fraternizing with the enemy? You JUST hated this girl. Flip flopping bitch.”

Kayla goes upstairs and wakes Davina up.

Davina: Hmm..

Kayla: Tell me why Sierra is outside right now talking to Alex.

Davina pauses for a moment.

Davina: Are you serious?

Kayla: I knew something was up with her!

Davina gets out of bed and goes downstairs into the kitchen where she sees Alex and Sierra talking and laughing outside.

“Davina(C): I’m starting to see that I have to watch Sierra again. Me and her have been cool because we bonded over both hating the shit out of Alex! And I was really starting to like the girl, but I’m gonna keep her at an arm’s distance now.”

Davina: That’s got me kinda fucked up.

Kayla: Right?

Later on, Davina, Kayla, Isis, and Arielle are in their bedroom hanging out.

Arielle: Are we going out tonight?

Kayla: Yeah. But the other girls aren’t invited. Including Sierra.

Arielle: Why?

Kayla: Apparently her and Alex are cool again.

Arielle: Seriously?

Davina: That’s just really fishy to me.

Isis: No it’s weird. Definitely.

“Arielle(C): These girls can really switch up on you in the blink of an eye. All of a sudden we don’t like Sierra? I can’t keep up with how everyone is feeling. I’m just gonna do me.”

Downstairs, the phone rings and Brianna answers.

Brianna: Hello?

???: Hi this is James from Avalon. May I please speak with Alex?

Brianna: Yeah on second.

Brianna: Alex! Phone. Some guy from Avalon.

Alex picks up the phone.

Alex: Hello?

James: Hi Alex. This is James from Avalon night club.

Alex: Hi! How are you?

James: I’m good! I’m calling because we got your number from Randy at one of the modeling agencies here in LA. He sent over some of your photos and we really like your look. We’re doing a fashion walk on Saturday night and would love for you to be a part of it.

Alex: Oh that’s amazing! I would love to!

James: Great! So we’ll need you here by 7 on Saturday to run through some things.

Alex: Awesome! I’ll let the girl know. Thanks you so much!

James: No problem! I’ll see you there.

Alex hangs up and runs out of the phone booth in excitement.

Alex: AHHH!

Brianna: What??

Alex: They want me to take part in a fashion walk at Avalon on Saturday!

Brianna: Hell yeah bitch!

Alex: Ugh I’m SO excited to get on the runway again!

Brianna: I know you’ve been ready for this!

“Alex(C): I’m so excited to be able to do some modeling here in LA. I’m ready to show these girls what I’m working with.”

Brianna: We have to go out to celebrate tonight!

Alex: Of course!

Sierra: What are we celebrating?

Alex: I got asked to walk in a fashion show at Avalon on Saturday!

Sierra: Oh that’s great! I’m happy for you.

That night, all of the girls are getting ready to go out.

Isis: Ya’ll going out tonight too?

Brianna: Yeah. We’re celebrating my girl getting to walk in the fashion show on Saturday.

Isis: Oh? Congrats Alex.

Alex: Thanks.

“Kayla(C): I really don’t care about Alex walking in a local ass fashion show. She’s still a buster ass bitch as far as I’m concerned.”

Davina goes into Sierra’s bedroom where she is putting her shoes on.

Davina: So are you going out with them or us tonight?

Sierra: What?

Davina: I’m just asking you and Alex seem to be on good terms right now so.

Sierra: We’re not even cool like that though. We just squashed our beef.

Davina: I’m just saying. She proved how fake she was especially to you. So don’t be kickin’ it with her and then coming back and talking shit.

Sierra: I won’t! Where is this coming from?

Davina: It’s just a lot of fake shit going on in this house and I’m not here for it.

Sierra: Who’s being fake? Just because I’m cordial with her now doesn’t mean you and I have to be any less cool.

Davina: I’m not really convinced though because that’s the bitch that I hate the most in this house and has done you dirty the most in this house.

“Sierra(C): Davina. You and I physically fought each other. TWICE. If we can go from that to being friends, then why can’t Alex and I get over our beef that happened weeks ago?”

Davina: You can go out with them tonight because I’m still hot about the situation and I’m not biting my tongue anymore.

Sierra: You don’t have to bite your tongue, but if you feel some type of way then tell me!

Davina: I just did! I’m not gonna have this conversation anymore, but you need to figure out which team you’re playing for. Cuz you’re looking mad silly right now.

Sierra: Okay Davina.

Davina leaves the bedroom.

Brianna goes into Sierra’s room.

Brianna: What just happened?

Sierra: She’s being stupid. I don’t even know.

Brianna: Then come out with me and Alex tonight. Screw those bitches.

“Brianna(C): Davina is basically forcing Sierra onto my side. I love it.”

Sierra: I look cute so I will.

Brianna: Atta girl.

Davina, Kayla, Isis, and Arielle take the limo to the club. Alex, Sierra, and Brianna take the jeep to a local bar.

In the limo, Davina and Kayla are talking about Sierra.

Davina: I just feel like Sierra doesn’t know where her loyalties lie.

Kayla: She gets in where she fits in and I’m just saying that we never should’ve gave her the chance. And now look at it.

Davina: She needs to decide who her friends are.

Arielle visibly rolls her eyes.

“Arielle(C): Hearing Kayla and Davina constantly talk about people and encourage the drama in the house is draining. Like, don’t you guys have ANYTHING else to talk about?”

Isis: Are we gonna talk about this all night? I wanna have a good time.

Davina gives Isis a look.

Davina: Why are you getting sassy?

Isis: I’m not getting sassy I just don’t want to have to listen to drama all night.

Davina: Nobody said you had to Isis.

Isis: Don’t get mad at me, D! I was just letting my feelings known.

“Isis(C): Kayla and Davina have been my friends since the beginning, but when you live with people 24/7 some of the shit they do is bound to get under your skin.”

Isis: I left the house the other day because I was tired of the fighting. It’s getting to the point where I really feel like leaving for good.

Davina: If that’s what you feel like you need to do! I don’t see where this is coming from!

Isis starts tearing up a bit.

Kayla: Why are you crying?

Isis: Because I’m trying to explain to ya’ll how I feel and I just feel like you aren’t listening!

Arielle rubs Isis’s shoulders.

Isis: Nobody ever gives a fuck how I feel in this situation.

Davina: That’s not even true!

Isis: Okay D.

“Davina(C): Isis is coming at me some type of way in the limo and I’m confused. I don’t think this house is healthy for her. Maybe she should consider going home.”

The limo pulls up to the club. Davina and Kayla exit the limo.

Davina: Ya’ll coming or what?

Isis: No I’m going back to the house. Ari you can go if you want.

Arielle: No I’ll go back with you.

Davina scoffs and closes the limo door.

Davina: I don’t have time to deal with this bro. This shit is so goofy.

Kayla: I’m just trine have fun.

They enter the club and begin the night’s adventures.

Meanwhile Sierra, Alex, and Brianna are at the bar taking shots.

Brianna: Cheers bitches!

They take their shots.

Brianna: I’m having so much fun with ya’ll!

Sierra: Me too! I haven’t had this much fun in a while!

Brianna: Well bitch you shoulda came around earlier!

“Sierra(C): Being out with Brianna and Alex makes me realize how fun they are. They aren’t spending the entire night talking shit or worrying themselves with petty drama. The real problems of the house are Davina and Kayla.”

Alex: I missed you Sierra! I really did!

Brianna: Aww can ya’ll hug???

Alex: Come on!

Sierra and Alex hug and Brianna cheers in the background.

Brianna joins in on the hug and the three begin dancing to commemorate a friendship rekindled.

Back at the house, Isis and Arielle arrive and head inside. Isis is still visibly upset.

“Arielle(C): Isis is really going through it tonight and I hate seeing her like this.”

Arielle: Isis come talk to me. Let’s go.

Arielle takes Isis into the bedroom.

Arielle: How’re you feeling?

Isis: I just feel like every time I try to speak my mind, it’s put off because people think it doesn’t matter.

Arielle: It does matter! You can’t let those thoughts creep into your mind.

Isis: I just really don’t feel like I wanna be here anymore. I wanna go home.

Arielle: No baby you have to stay here! You’re stronger than this! Don’t let any bitch make you feel like your voice isn’t important! I respect you because you aren’t afraid to speak your mind. You’re one of the strongest girls in here.

“Isis(C): Having Arielle there to support me really means a lot. It’s reassuring to know that I always have her to lean on 100%.”

Arielle: Let’s go get some fresh air.

Arielle and Isis head outside.

A while later, Brianna, Alex, and Sierra arrive home and notice the two girls outside,

Sierra: Hey! I thought ya’ll went out tonight?

Arielle: We came back. Isis and Davina got into an argument.

Isis: They just wanted to talk shit all night. That shit is aggravating!

Brianna: Well ya’ll are more than welcome to come out with us next time.

“Alex(C): I feel for Isis. Davina and Kayla have shit on everyone at some point in the house and it was only a matter of time before they shit on her too.”

Isis: I’m just so mad! Like I wanna go off, but I also wanna go home.

Sierra: Isis you’re a great girl. Don’t go home because of this. It’s not your fault.

Out front, Kayla and Davina arrive home in the limo.

They walk inside the house.

Davina: HELLO???

Kayla: Where is everybody.

Davina: I don’t know.

Kayla goes into the kitchen and sees all the girls sitting outside.

Kayla: D! They’re all outside.

Davina: Doing what?

Kayla: Talking to Isis I think.

Davina: Is she still upset?

Kayla: Who knows.

Outside, the conversation continues.

Brianna: Those two girls have been the center of drama this whole time. I know they’re your friends but you don’t have to take that shit.

“Arielle(C): The more the days go on I see people’s true colors, The drama in this house is very intense. Kayla and Davina for whatever reason feel like they have something to prove. Brianna, Alex, and Sierra are all feeling some type of way too. It’s just really a matter of seeing who is going to strike first. But either way, some people are going to have to be held accountable for their actions in this house.”

Brianna: If they’re gonna continue walking around acting like they run the house, then they’re gonna be in for a rude awakening because I’m coming for that ass.

Alex: I really hope ya’ll see it. I’ve had to deal with it since day one. Brianna’s had to deal with it and Sierra’s had to deal with it.

Sierra: They can’t keep acting like this and thinking it’s okay or that they’re gonna get away with it.

“Arielle(C): This house is about to be flipped upside down.”


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TBGC2 Episode Seven - "Hoedown Throwdown" Feb 7, 2019
Previously on the Bad Girls Club…

Alex vowed to enjoy the rest of her BGC experience alone. But when she was exposed for telling her friends back home what was going on in the house, the girls confronted her in a house meeting, which included new girl Brianna, who decided that the other girls were being bullies. Brianna convinced Alex to sneak out and leave the other girls behind, which upset the house and resulted in arguments with Isis, Davina, and Kayla.

Tonight, will Brianna continue to annoy the other girls? Or will she see Alex for who she really is? Plus, a fun night out turns chaotic when the tension becomes too much to handle. All of this and more on tonight’s episode of Bad Girls Club!

Brianna and Alex are laying out by the pool, working on their tans.

“Alex(C): Having Brianna here is amazing. It’s nice to have someone to talk to and not like the other girls just as much as I do.”

Brianna: I have a feeling drama will pop off soon.

Alex: You think so?

Brianna: Yeah it’s been a couple days. They’re probably feeling froggy.

“Brianna(C): I know I came in this house and shook things up for myself, but I’ll be damned if these grown ass women are gonna sit in here and pick on one girl.”

Alex: If you get kicked out of the house I’m gonna be so upset.

Brianna: Don’t worry. I’m not going anywhere.

Inside, the girls are hanging out in the kitchen. Davina is looking at Brianna and Alex through the window above the sink.

Davina: Yeah work on your tans bitches. Ya’ll are in desperate need of ‘em.

Kayla: This house is making me crazy. I can’t tolerate living with two disrespectful ass bitches.

Isis: You just can’t let the little shit annoy you.

Kayla: It’s hard when you already don’t like someone.

“Kayla(C): I’m a ticking time bomb. I know at some point I’m going to explode and I really think Brianna is gonna be the one caught in the fire.”

Sierra: I just don’t understand why you would come in the house and not try to get to know everyone. Why would you willingly go against the majority of the girls?

Davina: I’m done talking about these girls to be honest. I’m not wasting my breath on them anymore and I really don’t wanna hear any of ya’ll doing the same. Let’s stop.

“Sierra(C): Davina and I have been cordial for a while now, but I still don’t like the fact that she thinks she runs the house! The only person you run sweetie is your mouth and that’s always going to be the thing that’ll prevent us from ever being true friends.”

Arielle: I need a damn drink.

Kayla: Me too.

Later that night, the girls are all getting ready to go out.

“Davina(C): All seven of us are going out tonight. I’m hoping it’ll be a drama free night because I’m just over it right now, but I will slap a bitch if she thinks she wanna get cute.”

Brianna: Ladies the limo is here.

Kayla: Oh you’re not gonna leave without us this time? *laughs*

Davina glares at Kayla.

Davina: We’ll be down in a minute.

Brianna heads downstairs.

Davina: Don’t do that. I’m trying to actually have fun tonight. This is my favorite club in the city.

Kayla: No promises!

Davina: You’re so petty *giggles*.

“Brianna(C): Kayla definitely seems to have the biggest issue with me right now and I think it’s funny that Davina basically tells her what to do. Davina runs Kayla.”

The girls head to the club in the limo, which is clearly segregated and very awkward.

Once at the club, all of the tension seems to evaporate and the girls are dancing, drinking, and having tons of fun.

“Arielle(C): I’ve been on the prowl for some men since I got here. And I have not seen a single guy who has caught my eye until tonight.”

A very handsome light-skinned guy comes over to Arielle and introduces himself.

???: I’m Jayvon.”

Arielle: Jayvon? Nice to meet you. I’m Arielle.

Jayvon: You bad baby. Look at you!

“Isis(C): Arielle has pulled a dude in the club and I’ll admit it. I’m low key jealous. He is really fine though.”

Arielle: Give me your number. I’ll call you from the house.

Jayvon: Am I coming through?

Arielle: I don’t take guys home on the first night. You’ll have to work for me.

Jayvon: Alright. Challenge accepted.

Jayvon writes his number down and gives it to Arielle.

“Kayla(C): Arielle finds some sleazy looking guy to hook up with at the club and honestly girl, you could do so much better. Maybe.”

A little bit later, the girls wrap things head, go home, and go to sleep.

The next morning, or should I say afternoon, the girls are awake ready to start the day.

Arielle: That guy was fine last night, right?

Isis: Girl he was damn fine. If you don’t fuck him I will.

Arielle: Definitely the hottest guy I’ve seen here so far. I’m keeping my options open though.

Isis: Damn you’re a little player, huh?

Arielle shrugs.

Downstairs, Alex and Brianna are on the computer looking up some fun things to do in LA. Sierra walks by and peeps her head at the computer.

Sierra: Are you helping Alex find a flight home?

Alex rolls her eyes.

Brianna: Just ignore her.

Alex: Oh I plan to. For the rest of the time here.

“Alex(C): It still fascinates me that Sierra hates me so much. Clearly our friendship was not as strong as I once thought.”

Brianna: Fuck this. Do you wanna go get a tattoo? I want to get the bad girls symbol on my shoulder.

Alex: My agent would kill me if I got a tattoo, but I’ll go with you.

Brianna: Sweet.

Alex and Brianna head to the tattoo parlor in one of the jeeps.

Back home, Davina and Kayla are having a picnic outside.

Kayla: Honestly though. I’m really glad I met you.

Davina: Aww thanks! You’re so sweet!

Kayla: *laughs* I honestly would probably consider you one of my best friends period.

Davina: I feel the same.

“Kayla(C): People can feel whatever they want about myself or Davina, but we have been the closest in the house since day one. Nobody here can deny that and I’m just thrilled that I made a lifelong friend in the Bad Girls Club.”

Davina: I really just wanna relax and have fun from this point on. Like I know my temper is probably gonna get the best of me at some point, but I’m just chilling right now.

Kayla: I can feel myself ready to explode at any moment. I’m really trying hard not to!

Davina: I can tell you just really aren’t feeling Brianna. Which I’m not either, but you are REALLY not feeling her.

Kayla: Not at all.

At the tattoo parlor, Brianna sits in the chair, waiting for the tattoo artist to begin.

Alex: Are you nervous?

Kayla: No. I don’t get nervous girl.

The artist begins tattooing the BGC logo on Brianna’s right shoulder. Her face twitches in slight pain at first, but then eases out.

Alex: You’re doing so good!

Once she’s done, she looks in the mirror at the finished product.

Brianna: Oh it looks so good! Thank you!

Alex: Let’s go get some food.

Brianna: Hell yeah.

The two girls go to a nearby sandwich shop for lunch. They get their food and sit down.

Alex: I wonder what drama these girls are gonna try to start with us tonight.

Brianna: I’m not going out with them tonight so they ain’t starting shit with me.

Alex: True.

Brianna: I just know they’re talking. I’m just waiting to see who’s gonna step up and take it.

Alex: Who knows at this point.

Later on, the other five girls have decided to stay in and play some drinking games.

“Arielle(C): The girls and I are staying in tonight and I invited Jayvon over. There’s gonna be a lot of alcohol involved in tonight’s festivities so who knows what will go down.”

The doorbell rings.

Davina: Oh Arielle that’s your boo!

Arielle goes and opens the door. Jayvon is there with a few of his friends.

Jayvon: Hey sexy. Wassup?

Arielle: Hey boo. The girls are out back.

Everyone heads out back to the pool area where everyone is taking shots and playing games.

Brianna and Alex arrive home a little while later to a seemingly empty house.

Alex: Where is everyone?

Brianna goes into the kitchen and see everyone by the pool through the window.

Brianna: They’re all outside! They have boys over.

Alex: Boys?

Brianna: Well maybe if they get some dick they won’t be as obnoxious *laughs*.

Alex and Brianna head upstairs.

Outside, the partying continues.

Jayvon: I need to use the restroom. Where that at?

Arielle: Downstairs hallway. Second door on the right.

Jayvon: Sweet.

Jayvon gets up and heads inside to use the restroom. Brianna makes her way back downstairs.

“Brianna(C): I come downstairs and there is this fine ass mother fucker in my kitchen. It’s official. He’s mine.”

Jayvon: Oh shit. I didn’t think anybody else was here.

Brianna: Nah you’re good. What’s up? I’m Brianna.

Jayvon: Jayvon.

Brianna: Nice to meet you. You having fun?

Jayvon: Yeah. The Bad Girls Club knows how to party.

Brianna: You’re damn right.

Jayvon: Where you been all night shorty?

Brianna: I was out getting a tattoo. You wanna see?

Jayvon: Hell yeah.

Brianna takes her shirt off to show Jayvon her tattoo.

Jayvon: You bad as fuck.

Brianna: Baddest bitch here. And my titties are real *laughs*.

Brianna puts her shirt back on, just as Arielle makes her way into the house.

Arielle: Jay, you coming?

Jayvon: Yeah let me just pee real quick.

“Arielle(C): I’m almost certain that I walked in on something between Jayvon and Brianna.”

Arielle: He bothering you girl?

Brianna: Nah I was just showing him my tattoo. And my titties *laughs*.

Arielle: What?

Brianna: I had to take my shirt off to show him the tat.

“Arielle(C): That’s it. This bitch a hoe.”

Arielle: That’s my guest though. You don’t show your boobs to my guest.

Brianna: I still had my bra on calm down.

“Brianna(C): Arielle wants to make it an issue that I was flirting with her boy toy. Bitch you just met him last night and if he didn’t want some of this, he wouldn’t have stayed talking to me in the kitchen.”

Arielle heads back outside to the other girls.

Arielle: So tell me why this bitch Brianna was flirting with Jayvon. Took her shirt off to show him her new tattoo.

Sierra: Seriously?

Arielle: Dead ass. Her boobs were all the way out.

Kayla: That’s not cool! Ya’ll better get your homeboy.

Jayvon walks back outside to the group.

Kayla: Are you sure you wanna be out here with us and not inside with little miss tits?

Jayvon: Watchu talking about?

Arielle: I think ya’ll should leave. I’m pissed as hell right now. How you gon’ play me like that?

Jayvon: How did I play you?

Arielle: Jay. Come on now.

Davina: Party’s over! Everybody out!

The guys all leave and the rest of the girls sit inside the house, upset.

Isis: You okay Ari?

Arielle: I’m fine I just know not to trust that bitch now.

Kayla: That’s literally not okay.

“Kayla(C): I know it’s probably not my place to say anything, but I’m gonna use this opportunity to confront Brianna.”

Kayla goes into Brianna and Alex’s room, where they are both lying in bed talking.

Kayla: So is stealing other girl’s guys just like your forte or what?

Brianna: What are you talking about? He was flirting with me.

Kayla: But you didn’t have your boobs all the way out!

Brianna: Girl bye I don’t have to explain shit to you! If I want your boy then I’m gonna take your boy! They met last fucking night! It’s not a big deal!

Kayla: It is a big deal! Why would you think that’s okay! You would be pissed if someone did that to you!

Arielle: It wasn’t cool. Period. I don’t need anyone to speak for me so I just wanted you to hear it from my mouth. That shit wasn’t cool.

Brianna: You heard her. She doesn’t need you fighting her battles. Bye now.

Kayla: Shut the fuck up. You’re so damn annoying.

Brianna: Go stick your head back up Davina’s ass you bum bitch!

Kayla: What are you talking about? You sound stupid! Don’t let this girl put ideas in your head bitch because I don’t follow anyone.

Alex: I haven’t given her any ideas.

Kayla: Sure you haven’t. Keep my name out of your mouth bitch.

Alex: Ditto.

Kayla and the girls leave the room.

Brianna: Dumb ass hoes.

“Brianna(C): Kayla is all bark and no bite. She clearly isn’t gonna hit me so that’s just more proof that she’s scared of me. Or she isn’t really about that life when Davina isn’t there to back her up.”

Brianna: Anyways good night!

Alex: Night.

The next day, the girls are all chilling in the house. Kayla is still irritated about what went down the night before.

Kayla: We live in a house with a real life prostitute. She’s fucking repulsive.

Davina: Just ignore her. She thrives on you giving her a reaction.

“Davina(C): At the end of the day, I will always have Kayla’s back, but right now I just don’t want to be involved in this drama. Who cares about this girl she clearly a hoe and all of America gon’ see that shit.”

Brianna is sitting on the computer, when Arielle walks up.

Arielle: Can I talk to you?

Brianna: Mhm.

“Arielle(C): I want to clear the air with Brianna before anything becomes of this. It wasn’t right what she did but I don’t hate the girl for it.”

Arielle: About last night. It wasn’t cool of you to do that. Period.

Brianna: Mhm.

Arielle: But I don’t want you to think that I’m gonna have beef with you or hate you because of it. I don’t give a fuck about that guy, but when a roommate disrespects my company like that, it is a problem.

Brianna: Right. And I understand that and I do apologize. I just wish you would’ve came to me last night instead of Kayla.

Arielle: And I didn’t ask her to do that. She came to you on her own accord because she felt some type of way.

Brianna: Mhm. I don’t know what I did to her specifically to piss her off, but now I know.

“Brianna(C): I’m glad Arielle came and talked to me. She’s one of the few girls in the house I think is cool so I’m happy there’s no issue here.”

Later that night, Alex and Brianna are preparing to go out.

“Alex(C): Bri and I are going out without the other girls. They’re doing their own thing. It’s probably for the best after last night.”

Davina: Ya’ll taking the limo?

Brianna: Yeah. We’re leaving first so I assumed so.

Davina: *sighs* Okay.

Alex and Brianna head to the club in the limo.

Davina: That’s aggravating. They should have let us take the limo since they left us last time.

Kayla: Right?

“Sierra(C): I have a bad vibe going into tonight. I’m just gonna sit back and see if shit pops off. Stay tuned.”

Alex and Brianna arrive at the club and are quickly shown to their own section.

“Brianna(C): Alex and I are in our own VIP. We got bottle service, strippers, and ass. It’s just a fun time.”

A few minutes later, the other girls show up to the club not knowing Alex and Brianna are there too.

Sierra: Oh the other two girls are here!

Isis: Where?

Sierra: Over there!

Sierra points to where Alex and Brianna are.

Davina: Then I guess we’re going to the BGC VIP!

“Davina(C): A lot of the time when we go out, we will have a VIP section waiting for us and it’s the Bad Girls Club VIP meaning it’s for anyone in the BGC house.”

The girls go over to the VIP.

Kayla: Hey bitches!

Brianna: Oh! Hey…

“Brianna(C): Ugh here come these girls again. This is the second time they’ve ended up in the same place as Alex and I. Can’t we have a night of peace on our own?”

Davina: What they drinking?

Isis: Patron.

Davina: Pass it over.

Sierra: I need some too.

“Alex(C): The girls start drinking from the bottle that Brianna and I ordered. It’s an issue because we paid for that.”

Brianna: Are ya’ll gonna pitch in for the bottle?

Kayla: Why are you asking me?

Brianna: I’m asking you on behalf of the group! Ya’ll finished off our bottle! You gotta pitch in for that.

“Kayla(C): We all drank from this bottle. So I don’t understand why Brianna is singling me out when there’s a section full of seven girls. But if she wants to take it there, we can take it there.”

Kayla: Don’t come at me over it! Go talk to someone else!

Brianna: I’m not coming at you! But ya’ll came in our section and drank our bottle!

Kayla: It’s not YOUR section! It’s OUR section! Know your place bitch!

Brianna: Why are you getting loud?? Don’t do it!

Kayla: What’s up Brianna? Do you got beef? I don’t understand why you’re choosing to come at me over this bottle and nobody else.

Brianna makes a face and turns towards Sierra.

Brianna: Hey you gonna pitch in for this bottle since you drank it?

Sierra: Sure!

Brianna turns to Isis.

Brianna: Will you pitch in for this bottle since ya’ll drank from it?

Isis: Ok.

Brianna: Happy now? Don’t say I was coming for you when I wasn’t. And if I was so what you came for me last night over shit that had nothing to do with you.

Kayla: You came at all of us the second you walked in the door sweetie!

Brianna: And I explained why! Keep your mouth shut and don’t fucking talk to me! That’s it!

Kayla: If you got a problem then run up!

Brianna: Who said anything about running up!? You’re weird as fuck!

Kayla doesn’t want to hear anymore and swings.

Tiara - Kayla
Angie - Brianna

The fight is separated and Brianna and Kayla are being pulled out of the club.

Brianna: Bitch! That’s why you got your ass beat!

Kayla: Ass beat where bitch!

Brianna: I whooped your ass stupid hoe!

“Isis(C): This fight happened so fast. I didn’t even know they were arguing or anything so I was just shocked and confused.”

Alex: You good? What happened?

Brianna: That bitch wanted to run her mouth! She hit me first.

Alex: Do you wanna go to a hotel for the night?

Brianna: If I stay in the house tonight I’m gonna fuck her up again! And I don’t wanna get sent home!

Alex: I’ll go to the hotel with you.

Alex and Brianna head back to the house in a cab to get their bag and head to the hotel.

Outside, the other five girls are getting in the limo.

Davina: What happened!?

Kayla: That bitch was talking shit over the fucking bottle! So I pressed her!

Davina: *gasps* She got you bro. Your face has a mark!

Kayla: She hit me with her ring.

“Davina(C): I did not want this fight to happen, but I have to have Kayla’s back. That’s my girl and now she has a mark on her face because of you Brianna! You gotta go.”

Kayla: And then she wanna yell that she beat my ass? We’re gonna fight again.

Isis: Don’t go home though. It’s not worth it to get sent home over!

Kayla: I’m not going home because of this!

The limo gets back to the house and the girls head inside.

Kayla: Is she here?

“Kayla(C): I want to get back to the house and run up on Brianna again. Her and Alex are gone because they’re both pussies and knew I was coming to whoop that ass.”

Kayla goes into the kitchen and grabs a bottle of ketchup from the refrigerator. She goes into Alex and Brianna’s room and begins squirting ketchup on their beds, on the floor, on their clothes.

Davina: Kayla you wilding’ *laughs*

Kayla: I don’t care. Bitches wanna act cute. Now I’m looking for a fight. What’s up?

Kayla rejoins the other girls in the kitchen.

Kayla: I will really hurt this girl. When the morning comes, ya’ll might as well have my bags packed for me.

Davina: No you’re not going home! You staying here until the end with me! I’ll be damned if you go home before they do!

“Sierra(C): This whole situation is kind of stupid. Kayla started the drama tonight! I don’t get why she’s mad that she swung first and left with a mark on her face. Karma.”

Kayla: Anyways I’m gonna take my ass to bed and wait for the morning. I need to be rested for this.

Davina: These bitches is coming home to a fucking ketchup party in their room *laughs*

Kayla: I hope Alex gets cute too. I’ve been waiting to beat her ass.

Davina: Nah bitch. I’ll take Alex. You take Brianna.

Kayla: Deal bitch.

“Kayla(C): Brianna. When I see you in the morning we will be fighting. I hope you come back to the house with your tennis shoes on bitch.”


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TBGC2 Episode Six - "Welcome to the Jungle" Feb 7, 2019
Previously on the Bad Girls Club…

A house divided caused a major amount of tension to grow. Jocelyn wanted Sierra and Alex to go home and made it her mission to get them out. After a major altercation between the house, Sierra sought revenge and Jocelyn ended up in the crosshairs. After the fight, Sierra grew weary of Alex who didn’t come to her defense and after Jocelyn was sent home, Sierra pushed for Alex to be next. The girls got to see a new side of Isis, who opened up about her troubled past. A night of emotions got to see Sierra begin bonding with the other girls.

Tonight, will Alex be able to stand alone in the house? Plus, a new bad girls comes to shake things up. All of this and more on tonight’s episode of Bad Girls Club!

The girls are all hanging out in the house. Alex is in bed alone. Davina, Kayla, and Isis are in Davina and Kayla’s bedroom talking.

Davina: It’s so weird in this house right now.

Isis: I don’t know about ya’ll, but I like Sierra. I understand it’s weird between ya’ll and her, but I have no issue with her.

“Davina(C): The house is kind of weird right now. Isis and Sierra are really cool right now and I’ve been cordial with her as well. And we are expecting a new roommate at any point.”

Kayla: If she can help get Alex out of here, then it’s all good.

Davina: Alex don’t got shit to say to me from now on. I’ve never met a bitch in my entire life who is that fake.

Kayla: I say we just push her out of the house.

“Kayla(C): I want Alex to leave. We’re already  expecting a new girl so why not just make it two?”

Downstairs, Sierra and Arielle are having a conversation in the kitchen.

Arielle: I wanna do something today.

Sierra: Me too.

Just then, Alex walks through the kitchen to get to the phone room.

Arielle: Awkward.

“Alex(C): Sierra still isn’t talking to me. The whole entire house is against me and I’m still not trippin’ over it.”

Alex goes into the phone room to call her friend from back home.

Friend: Hello?

Alex: Hey it’s me.

Friend: Oh hey girl. How’s it going?

Alex: The whole house hates me. I’m not entirely sure what I did, but I’m riding solo.

Friend: So fuck them bitches then. What happened to your one friend?

Alex: Sierra? She turned on me. Of course *laughs*

Friend: That’s so lame.

Alex: I know.

Arielle and Sierra head out to one of the jeeps to spend the day in the city.

“Sierra(C): Arielle is a real ass bitch and I’m so happy that we’re spending more time together.”

They head to a boutique to do a little shopping.

Arielle: Oh this place is so cute!

Sierra: It is!

“Arielle(C): I’m out with Sierra. We’re having a ball. She’s just a really cool chick.”

Arielle: Girl I really am sad that you and Alex fell out like that.

Sierra: I’m not. At all.

Arielle: *laughs* You’re not even a little upset?

Sierra: Nope. And people can think I’m heartless for that but she was never my friend.

Arielle: I wonder if she has any friends outside of the house.

Sierra: They’re probably all fake as hell like she is!

Back at the house a while later, Alex walks through the kitchen to see…the picture of the new girl!

Alex: Oh shit.

“Alex(C): The new girl’s picture is up! She’s cute and I hope she is down to earth and not like any of the other girls in the house.”

Alex goes to the living room where the other girls are.

Alex: The new girl’s picture is up.

Isis: Damn. Really?

They all get off the couch and run into the kitchen.

Kayla: Oh my god! She looks like a bitch!

Isis: Yo she’s pretty as hell.

“Isis(C): All these new girls that be coming into the house are so cute. I feel like production is trying to set me up at this point. Ya’ll really want me to fuck on camera? *laughs*”

Kayla: I think she looks like she’s gonna be a problem.

“Kayla(C): I don’t want a new girl. I don’t like all of the girls I live with now so why would I want to possibly add fuel to the fire?”

Isis: Is she coming tonight?

Davina: Nah it’s already late as hell.

Sierra and Arielle pull up to the house. They exit the jeep with their shopping bags in hand and head inside.

Isis: Ya’ll! The new girl’s picture is up!

Arielle: Get outta here!

They run into the kitchen to look at the picture.

Sierra: Oh damn. She hot.

Isis: I know, right? *laughs*

“Sierra(C): I think some fresh meat will be good for the house. There’s a lot of tension and maybe this girl will be able to relieve some of it if she comes in with a positive attitude.”

The girls all head outside to chat with the exception of Alex, who stays in her room.

Davina: That bitch was alone all day.

Sierra: Maybe if she realizes none of us are gonna come around she’ll just leave.

Kayla: I wouldn’t stay here if absolutely nobody liked me.

Davina: You definitely have to have a strong mindset to live in the house and she doesn’t. She won’t last by herself.

Isis: She’s probably thinking the new girl could be her friend.

Davina: And I’m gonna warn that bitch! She needs to know what she’s getting into.

“Alex(C): All of the girls are hanging out together outside right now, talking shit I’m sure. It’s just funny to me how Sierra is buddy buddy with them and they were just trying to get her out of the house not even a week ago!”

Arielle: Tomorrow is gonna be an interesting day. That’s for damn sure.

Kayla: Oh absolutely.

The girls wrap things up and head to bed, eager to see what the next day holds.

The next morning, some of the girls are woken up by the sound of the phone ringing.

Sierra: Is that the phone?

Isis: Mhm.

Sierra: What the fuck.

“Sierra(C): It’s early as shit. Who the fuck is calling the house right now?”

Sierra goes downstairs and answers the phone.

Sierra: Hello?

???: Hi who is this?

Sierra: Uhhh…Sierra who’s this?

???: Oh you’re Sierra? Why’d you turn on my girl?

Sierra: …Who the fuck is this?

???: Alex’s friend!

Sierra hangs the phone up and heads back upstairs.

“Sierra(C): Oh hell no this busted ass hoe did not just come at me over the phone! Alex is clearly talking shit to her friend’s back home, but isn’t saying anything to anyone’s face.”

Sierra: Ya’ll. Tell me why that was Alex’s friend and she really just tried the fuck out of me!

Arielle: What?

Isis: You serious?

Sierra: Swear to god. That aggravates the fuck out of me. The fact that she’s obviously talking shit over the phone.

Arielle: But isn’t saying it to anyone’s face.

Sierra: Right.

“Arielle(C): Right now I do think Alex is looking pretty weak. You can’t own up to anything you do in this house and you refuse to say anything to anyone’s face. I do not get her at all.”

Sierra: As soon as she wakes up. I’m confronting that bitch. That’s not cool.

Davina is walking past the bedroom and notices the tension on Sierra’s face.

Davina: What happened?

Sierra explains the situation to Davina, who is not surprised.

Davina: She a weak bitch dog like we been knew this. If it’s time for her to go TODAY, then it’s time for her to go.

Sierra: I say we call a house meeting.

Davina: I’m down.

Meanwhile, the limo pulls up in front of the house carrying the second replacement of the season.

???: If I see something I don’t like, I’m gonna speak on it. If you can’t speak up for what you believe in, then what is your purpose?

BRIANNA|23|New Haven, CT

“Ballin’ Barbie”

Brianna: Money is my main priority. If you aren’t offering me anything, you’re wasting your time. I love girls who just want to have a good time and if anyone thinks they’re gonna say something I don’t like and I’m not gonna say anything, then you’re in for a rude awakening.

Brianna exits the limo and takes a deep breath.

Brianna: Oh my god I’m really here!

“Brianna(C): I’m really about to walk into the Bad Girls Club house. I’m a little nervous as to what I’ll walk into, but I’m ready for anything.”

Brianna enters the house and is instantly greeted by Alex.

Alex: Oh shit. Hi!

Brianna: Hey bitch!!! How are you?? I’m Brianna.

Alex: Alex. Nice to meet you.

They hug.

“Alex(C): The new girl is finally here. She seems cool. I just hope the other girls don’t get inside her head.”

Brianna: Where is everybody else?

Alex: They’re upstairs. LADIES! OUR NEW ROOMMATE IS HERE!

The rest of the girls come downstairs.

Davina: Hi! I’m Davina nice to meet you.

Brianna: You girls are all looking so sexy.

Arielle: Girl so are you!

Brianna: Anyone want to show me to my room?

Davina: You’re in the downstairs bedroom with Alex. You can take your stuff in there if you want but we were about to have a house meeting. I know you just got here so you don’t have to participate if you don’t want to.

Brianna: Oh I’ll just go set my bag down.

“Davina(C): I know Alex thought she wasn’t gonna catch any heat today because the new girl came in this house, but sweetie you gotta go NOW!”

Brianna takes her bag to the bedroom and rejoins the other girl in the living room.

“Alex(C): I know as soon as Davina says we’re having a house meeting it’s gonna be 5 on 1 against me. Bring it on ladies.”

Davina: We just wanted to make it very clear to you Alex that you are no longer wanted in this house nor are you welcome. It’s to the point where we all just feel like you’re phony on some level.

Sierra: Not only that but your friend called this morning and I answered the phone and she came at me asking why we weren’t cool anymore and just having an attitude! I think it’s fucked up that you’re so quiet in this house, but you’re talking shit to people back home.

Alex: I wasn’t talking shit to her I just let her know what happened.

Kayla: But you need to tell us how you feel Alex! You’re not here for yourself! You let bitches walk all over you and you’re smiling in Sierra’s face one minute and saying you’re gonna have her back, but overtime drama pops off you leave her to defend herself!

Alex: Okay but they way you all handle confrontation isn’t the way I handle it. I don’t like to fight or get in people’s faces.

Sierra: It doesn’t matter. You don’t let people disrespect you the way bitches in this house have. I can’t respect that.

Alex: And thats your opinion! But I feel like by ignoring it all I’m getting my point across.

Davina: And what’s your point?

Alex: That none of this is affecting me.

Davina: Well I feel like it does affect you. I don’t think you can handle being alone in this house.

Alex: I think I can.

Davina: I promise you can’t. You were riding Sierra’s dick so hard in the beginning because nobody else was fucking with you from jump! You are a weak minded individual.

Kayla: You have completely lost everyone’s respect in this house and nobody here likes you. Pack your things and go.

“Brianna(C): This house meeting is some straight up bullshit! How are 5 girls going to gang up on one innocent looking girl? It’s not right.”

Alex: I want to stay here and I know I’m going to stay here. I’m here for me and to have fun.

Kayla: Okay. That’s not a problem baby girl because we CAN and we WILL get you out of this house. Your own friend turned against you do you really think you’re gonna get any more allies to stand by you? What, do you think the new girl’s gonna be your friend?

Brianna: I don’t even know what’s going on *laughs*.

Davina: I promise you Brianna this is the phoniest bitch you will ever meet in your life. I just want to forewarn you in case she tries to pull you in. Don’t fuck with the fake ones.

Sierra: I’m astounded that you still have nothing to say to anyone.

Alex: I don’t need t waste my breath. You clearly all feel how you feel and that’s fine.

Davina: Okay well I’m not about to keep talking to a bitch that is clearly weak as fuck and ain’t gonna do nothing. You know how we feel and if you don’t leave willingly, we will get you out of this house and that is a promise.

Alex: Ok.

Davina: OK!?

Kayla laughs.

Davina: Bitch that’s all you have to say is OK!?. Oh my god you are so fucking dumb!

Kayla: Dumb as hell.

Davina: Let a bitch ever try me the way I’m trying you right now. I would swing on a bitch so mother fucking fast she wouldn’t be able to see me coming.

Kayla: Take your ass back to Chicago bitch!

Alex: I’m not going back to Chicago yet!

Isis: Ya’ll this is draining. I’m ready to eat some food can we cook or something? I don’t wanna listen top this shit anymore.

“Isis(C): I’m tired and overwhelmed by everything that’s happening in the house right now. The drama with Alex is old and honestly I just wish she would leave willingly to save herself the embarrassment of getting her ass whooped on national television.”

Davina: I’m done here.

Sierra: Me too.

The girls all leave the room, leaving Alex and Brianna alone.

Alex: Well that was lovely.

“Brianna(C): Seeing the way these girls talked to Alex is just disgusting. You shouldn’t need to gang up on someone to get your point across. It seems to me like they’re picking on the weakest link and if that’s the way they all roll, then I’m officially on team Alex.”

Later that night, Alex is chilling on the computer while the other girls are getting ready to go out in the beauty room.

Davina: Are you excited for your first night out Brianna?

Brianna: Mhm.

Arielle: It’s gonna be lit.

“Brianna(C): All the girls want to take me out for my first night in the house, but I have a little plan of my own for the night.”

Brianna: I’ll be right back.

Brianna leaves the beauty room and goes downstairs where Alex is chilling on the computer.

Brianna: Hey girl. You want to go out?

Alex: I’m not going out with them.

Brianna: Just us. I think we should ditch the girls and take the limo to the club by ourselves *laughs*.

Alex: Are you serious?

Brianna: They’re trying to leave in thirty minutes. Can you be ready in 25?

Alex: Yeah.

Brianna: Cool.

“Alex(C): So Brianna approaches me with the idea to leave the girls behind. I have nothing to lose. They all already hate me so why not? Brianna on the other hand is definitely opening a can of worms for herself.”

Alex goes to her bedroom and gets ready to go out. 25 minutes later, she meets with Brianna in the foyer.

Brianna: You ready?

Alex: Yeah are they still upstairs?

Brianna: They’re about to head down. We gotta go now bitch.

Alex and Brianna scurry out the door to the limo. They hop inside.

Brianna: *laughs* Go driver! Go!

Alex: *laughs*

The limo leaves the house.

Brianna: First night out in the BGC biiiiiitch!

Alex: Yo you’re hilarious.

Back at the house, the rest of the girls head downstairs, ready to leave. Isis opens the door.

Isis: Where is the limo?

Davina: It should be out there. They said thirty minutes.

Isis: Bitch I ain’t that blind.

Kayla: Are Alex and the new girl still here?

Isis: Something ain’t right.

Sierra goes to Alex and Brianna’s bedroom to check if they’re still there. She returns a few moments later.

Sierra: They’re gone. They took the fucking limo.

Arielle: *gasps*

Davina: Are you fucking kidding me?

“Davina(C): So Alex and Brianna decide to steal the limo and go out. I’m so pissed off right now that I don’t even wanna go out anymore. I just wanna whoop both of their asses.”

Kayla: That’s not cool. Alex I could see being petty, but Brianna? Bitch you just came here a few hours ago.

Sierra: Something tells me it was her idea too. Alex isn’t conniving enough to come up with something like this.

“Isis(C): I’m really irritated right now because I haven’t done anything malicious to Alex and here I am getting left behind. I’ve been nothing but nice in this house, but if this new girl wants come in this house kicking the drama off, she can have it.”

Davina: I’m taking a jeep. I’m not gonna drink tonight because it might just have to go down.

The girls all pile into one of the jeeps and head to the club.

Meanwhile, Alex and Brianna are already at the club in their VIP section popping bottles and having a great time.

Alex: You’re so much fun!

Brianna: You are too!

“Brianna(C): I’m having a great time with Alex. She’s so much fun and at this point I think the other girls are just jealous of the way she looks and her turn up.”

Moments later, the rest of the girls arrive to the club and quickly notice Alex and Brianna partying in their own section. They make their way over.

Alex: Oh shit. The girls are here.

Davina: Hey ladies.

Brianna: What’s up?

Kayla: Really? You guys took the limo without us?

Brianna: We can talk when we get back to the house.

Kayla: I think we can talk now.

Brianna goes back to dancing with Alex, ignoring Kayla’s advances.

“Kayla(C): I’m pissed off right now. I want to fight this girl so bad that I can’t even enjoy being out right now!”

Brianna: Did you come here just to pick a fight or what?

Kayla: No bitch I think you guys started the drama by taking the limo!

Brianna: Like I said we can talk when we get back to the house. Ya’ll came in our section trying to start some drama. I’m just trying to have fun.

Kayla: YOUR section? Girl it’s the Bad Girls Club section!

“Kayla(C): Brianna is getting way too hype for her first night. Sis, you are a replacement. Know your role.”

A while later, the girls all head back to the house. Brianna and Alex in the limo and the other five girls in the jeep.

Brianna: Shit is gonna pop off when we get to the house. I can feel it.

Alex: Me too. Unfortunately.

Brianna: But I’m not scared though.

The limo pulls up to the house. Brianna and Alex head inside. The jeep pulls up moments later and the rest of the girls head inside.

Davina: So who’s idea was it to take the limo?

Brianna: Mine.

Davina: And why?

Brianna: Because I didn’t wanna go out with ya’ll. I wanted to get to know Alex tonight.

Davina: What did we do to you?

Brianna: Honestly I felt like the house meeting earlier was a bunch of bullshit. It definitely seemed like to me you guys were just picking on the poor girl.

Davina: You just got here! You don’t even know what’s been going down with her!

“Davina(C): Is this girl serious? I’m about to pop her ass in mouth.”

Kayla: It’s your first day! If you want to choose your side this early that’s on you bitch.

Brianna: Okay don’t call me a bitch.

Kayla: I will call you a bitch because you took MY limo out without me tonight.

Kayla: You guys were being mean to her! Whether you feel like you were or not!

Isis: Okay first of all, you need to chill. I didn’t say not a damn word during that meeting. I don’t care about the drama in this house. Alex isn’t my cup of tea, but I have never been mean to her a day we’ve been here. So when you’re talking about shit that went down, make sure you’re specific.

Brianna: I just felt like the whole group was in on it and conspiring against one girl. I don’t like that mob mentality shit.

Isis: I was a bystander so for you to leave me behinds fucked up. Especially with you not even taking the opportunity to get to know me.

Brianna: Okay then I will apologize to you for that, but I’m not apologizing to anyone else for feeling how I feel.

Davina: And you’re allowed to feel how you feel, but just be ready for the heat that’s to come!

“Arielle(C): Brianna has definitely dug her own grave. Once Davina and Kayla have decided they don’t like you, you might as well throw your damn self under the bus because they are RUTHLESS.”

Brianna: Are we done? I’m tired.

Kayla: Yep. Goodnight bitch.

“Kayla(C): Brianna won’t last long here. Mark my words. This bitches days are numbered.”

Brianna and Alex go into their bedroom for the night. The rest of the girls head outside to smoke and wind down from the night.

Davina: That’s some super weak shit right there.

Kayla: How do you align with the weakest girl in the house? And based off of one house meeting.

Sierra: She’s being very close minded right now. Like I get that she wants to come to the aid of the one girl that nobody in the house fucks with, but we don’t fuck with her for a reason.

Arielle: It just makes me feel a type of way because I wasn’t even really involved in the house meeting just like Isis.

Kayla: At the end of the day, it’s her bed. And now she has to sleep in it.

The next morning, Alex and Brianna are out on the patio discussing the previous nights events.

Alex: You okay after last night?

Brianna: Girl I’m good.

Alex: They’ll do that you know. Gang attacks.

Brianna: Girl they can keep trying it. I’m not gonna back down. I’m not scared of anyone.

“Alex(C): I really hope Brianna can handle her own. I’m used to these girls and know how to ignore and not give them a reaction, but I feel like Brianna is always going to give them a reaction if they’re looking for one.”

Alex: Just don’t let them get to you because they will try it.

Brianna: I’m not worried about it babe. So why do they hate you so much?

Alex: I haven’t done anything to anyone. Honestly. The blonde girl Sierra used to be my best friend in the house until she flipped on me for no reason.

Brianna: Seriously?

Alex: Yeah. I don’t act how they want me to act. I’m not the type of bad girl they expect me to be. I refuse to change who I am because of what someone else wants me to be.

Brianna: Hell yeah. Now that’s a bad bitch.

“Brianna(C): These girls don’t know me and I don’t want to get to know them. All they’ve shown me so far is that they are a big group of bullies and if they want to pick on someone that can give them a proper fight, then pick on me.”

Inside the house, Davina and Kayla are on the computer.

Davina: This new girl is on my last nerve already.

Kayla: I’m getting really tired of these bitches in this house. They need to go home soon.

Davina: Brianna doesn’t know that she walked into the lions den. And she’s a piece of meat in this house.

Kayla: We will eat her alive.

“Kayla(C): Brianna. You wanted drama and now you found it. Myself and Davina are the last two bitches you wanna fuck with. Welcome home bitch. Enjoy your stay while you can. Because it won’t be long.”

Upstairs, Isis, Arielle, and Sierra are in bed talking.

Arielle: This house is about to blow up. I have a gut feeling.

Isis: This house is a fucking jungle. As long as you don’t become the prey then you’re good.

Sierra: I’m just excited that for once I can sit back and watch it go down and not be the one fighting.

Isis: Yeah you’ve had enough fights to last for the whole rest of this experience.

Arielle: It’s about to get really ugly in here y’all. You know Kayla and D are plotting.

Sierra: Oh 100%.

“Sierra(C): I know what this new girl is about to go through. I wish her the best of luck and I hope she can handle it.”

Sierra: Let the games begin.


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TBGC2 Episode Five - "New Directions" Feb 5, 2019
Previously on the Bad Girls Club…

Alex’s weak ways continued to annoy the girls and her bff Sierra told her to get her act together or get to stepping. Arielle made it known she wasn’t choosing sides, which rubbed Kayla the wrong way when she hung out with Alex and Sierra. Jocelyn stirred the pot by convincing the other girls it was time to get one of the two outsiders to leave the house. When the time came, Davina lashed out, sending the house into a frenzy.

Tonight, what will the fall out be from the house brawl? Also, a shocking turn of events leads to one bad girl’s untimely departure. All of this and more on Bad Girls Club!

It’s the day after the big altercation. Alex and Sierra are still at the hotel and the other girls are just beginning to wake up for the day. Isis and Arielle sit in the living room, drinking coffee and talking.

Isis: Last night was crazy.

Arielle: I know. I felt bad that I couldn’t do anything to prevent it.

“Arielle(C): I don’t think it was right of the other girls to attacks Alex and Sierra as soon as they came in the house. I feel bad for Sierra because these girls keep getting physical with her and I know she’s got to be drained at this point.”

Isis: It’s just crazy. Like, I can’t even remember why they all have beef with each other.

“Isis(C): Shit happens so fast in this house. One second people are feeling one way and then they can just switch up like that.”

Arielle: I’m interested to see what the day holds.

Isis: Girl. Me too.

Davina, Kayla, and Jocelyn are all in Davina’s bedroom talking about the previous night’s events.

Jocelyn: When do you think they’ll come back?

Kayla: Sometime today. Definitely. They know they have unfinished business.

Jocelyn: You think they’re gonna be coming for us?

Davina: Sierra yeah. Alex ain’t gonna do shit.

“Davina(C): Alex really is as weak as I thought she was. She let her friend get jumped last night and didn’t do a damn thing. If that was Kayla getting jumped, my ass would’ve been throwing hands.”

Kayla: Let them come in this house acting a fool. Because I will literally fight them every day until they go home.

Davina: If they want war, bitch they got war.

“Jocelyn(C): I don’t feel sorry for jumping Sierra at all. I feel like she’s weak and she deserved it. Only the strong survive in this house and they’ll know that sooner or later.”

Davina: Ya’ll wanna go get some brunch?

Jocelyn: Hell yeah.

“Davina(C): The girls and I decide to go out and get some brunch. Maybe when we come back the two rats will be here and shit can pop off again! But who knows.”

The girls get dressed and head to brunch in one of the jeeps.

Not long after…

The production van pulls up to the house. Alex and Sierra exit the van and head into the house.

“Sierra(C): I am not over what happened last night. Davina, you’re psycho. Kayla, you’re a follower. Jocelyn, you’re a sneaky bitch. And I’m coming for every single one of ya’ll.”

Sierra: Who’s home?!


Alex: One of the jeeps was gone.

Sierra: Okay. Then I’ll fuck up their pictures.

Sierra picks up a marker and begins drawing on all of the girl’s pictures except Arielle and Isis.

Alex: Are you gonna fight them?

Sierra: If they want. Are you gonna have my back this time?

Alex: Hey. I was getting pulled away by Kayla. I tried.

“Alex(C): Sierra’s my best friend in the house. I would be devastated if anything happened to her. I want to have her back as much as I possibly can without sacrificing my dignity or integrity.”

Sierra: Can they get here already?

At brunch, the other five girls are having a great time eating food and drinking mimosa’s.

Isis: You think they’re back at the house yet?

Davina: Who cares? I’m having fun with ya’ll.

Kayla: I really think Sierra is gonna try to fight one of us though.

Jocelyn: And Alex ain’t gonna do shit.

Kayla: Yep. That part.

Davina: I would almost rather have Alex go home first because at least Sierra has proven that she is a bad girl and can handle her own. I haven’t seen that from Alex at all.

“Arielle(C): It’s hard for me to be out with all of these girls and have to constantly listen to shit talking on both ends when I just want to be friends with everyone!”

Kayla: Alex is not a bad girl. She thought this was America’s Next Top Model or something.

Jocelyn: Bitch she needs to go on My Strange Addiction with how often she looks at herself in a mirror.

Davina and Kayla laugh.

Isis: Ya’ll dumb as hell *laughs*.

Back at the house, Sierra is on the phone with her mom.

Sierra: Hey mom.

Mom: What’s up sweetie?

Sierra: So I got jumped last night.

Mom: Jumped!?

Sierra: This girl started fighting me and I felt this other girl start hitting me in the back of my head at the same time. I’m waiting for them to get home like I’m actually about to go home.

Mom: I don’t condone violence at all. You know that. But if they are fucking with you like that, do something back to those hoes!

Sierra: I plan to. The girl who jumped me has been wishy washy with me since day one, but it’s clear to me now.

“Sierra(C): Jocelyn wants to be accepted by Davina and Kayla so bad that I think she’s completely lost herself here. If I have to beat some sense into her then I will.”

Sierra ends the call with her mom and goes into the bedroom with Alex.

Sierra: I’m nervous.

Alex: Why?

Sierra: Because I can really feel myself about to go off as soon as they walk in the door. I might go home.

Alex: Don’t do that. I need you here.

Sierra: Just promise me that if it does go down, you’ll have my back.

Alex: Of course. Promise.

Just then, the jeep pulls up to the house. The five girls exit and head inside.

Kayla: Oh you wanna fuck with my picture!

Davina: Damn they fucked our pictures up.

“Davina(C): We get back to the house and Kayla, Jocelyn, and my picture are all written on and covered in curse words and insults. I’m not that mad because I expected it. You’re not doing anything to me so I’m not concerned.”

The girls head upstairs, except Isis and Davina.

Alex: Are they coming up here?

Sierra: I think so.

“Sierra(C): My blood is boiling. I’m going into rage mode. This is not about to be pretty.”

Sierra walks into Jocelyn and Kayla’s room.

Sierra: Why did you jump me last night?

Jocelyn: Because I wanted to. What you gon’ do?

Alex and Arielle stand in the doorway.

Sierra: If you want to fight me, then square up one on one. You’re a punk ass bitch!

Jocelyn: Then do something!

Kayla: Don’t swing on her!

Sierra walks up.

Sarah - Sierra
Milyn - Jocelyn

After the fight is separated, security pulls Sierra into the beauty room.

Sierra: Stupid bitch.

Jocelyn runs after her, but is caught by security.

Jocelyn: Bitch! I will kill you!!

“Kayla(C): This fight was even crazier than last night’s. Jocelyn is heated. She’s about to go insane.”

Davina and Isis are upstairs at this point trying to calm Jocelyn down.

Davina: Jocelyn stop! Calm down!

Jocelyn: No fuck that bitch!

Isis: Just let it go baby girl!

“Alex(C): I think it’s funny that Jocelyn got her ass beat. She deserved it.”

Alex goes into the beauty room where Sierra is.

Alex: You whooped her ass.

Sierra: Sure did. And we can fucking FIGHT EVERY NIGHT!


Alex: Don’t even listen to her. She’s annoying.

Jocelyn breaks loose from security and runs into the beauty room.

Sierra: ALEX!

Alex watches as Jocelyn runs past her and is barely grabbed by security. She has enough time and room to grab a handful of Sierra’s hair and pull her over a chair and onto the ground.

Jocelyn then grabs some random items from the table and throws them at Sierra.

Sierra: Get out of here you dumb bitch!

Production enters the room.

Production: Jocelyn STOP!

Security carries Jocelyn downstairs.

Arielle: Oh my god ya’ll.

“Isis(C): This is by far the worst fight we’ve had yet. Jocelyn threw a mirror and glass shattered. Someone could’ve seriously been hurt. Not to mention, she threw Sierra onto a chair by her hair. That’s messed up.”

Sierra: Bring that bitch back up here. I will get her ass again!

Production: Calm down.

“Sierra(C): I’m still so mad at Jocelyn and want to fight her again, but throughout this whole thing, Alex has remained absolutely silent. You said you were going to have my back and you didn’t. I’ve reached my limit with this bullshit friendship.”

Downstairs, Production goes to talk with Jocelyn.

Production: Jocelyn, we’re gonna put you up in a hotel for the night. We need to review the tapes and see what all went down.

Jocelyn: *sighs* Okay.

“Jocelyn(C): I don’t regret the fight at all. Sierra deserved it.”

Jocelyn gets in the production van and heads to a hotel.

Meanwhile, Sierra and Arielle are in the house confessional. Sierra is crying and Arielle is comforting her.

Arielle: It was just a fight boo. Hold your head up.

Sierra: I have scratches all over my body.

Arielle: She threw glass she’s going home.

“Arielle(C): I feel really bad for Sierra right now. I’m trying to calm her down, but I can’t help wondering where her “best friend” Alex is.”

Sierra: Alex said she was gonna have my back and she did nothing. I’m so tired of fighting all by myself with no one backing me up. If you say you’re my friend, then be my friend.

Arielle: You need to re-evaluate who your priorities are in this house. Don’t waste energy on bitches like that.

“Sierra(C): Alex. I’m washing my hands clean of you. You have proven time and time again that you are not loyal and not a good friend. I hope you can swim because I’m feeding you to the sharks.”

Arielle: You wanna sleep with me tonight?

Sierra: Yeah.

Sierra and Arielle go into Arielle’s bedroom and Arielle puts Sierra to sleep.

Downstairs, Davina, Kayla, and Isis are talking in the kitchen.

Davina: That’s so pitiful. Ari is the one helping her through this. Her own friend isn’t even by her side right now.

Kayla: I hope she realizes why we feel the way we feel towards Alex now.

“Kayla(C): I do feel bad for Sierra solely because all of the drama started with her because of Alex and Alex has pretty much vanished every time there’s been a hint of confrontation.”

Isis: You learn who your real friends are. And clearly that’s not a real friend.

Upstairs, Alex goes into the beauty room where Arielle sits, washing her makeup off.

Alex: Have you seen Sierra?

Arielle: She passed out in my bed. I wouldn’t wake her though.

Alex: Okay. I was just wanting to talk to her so.

Arielle: I think you guys are gonna have plenty to talk about in the morning.

Alex: What makes you say that?

Arielle shrugs.

Arielle: It’s really not my place, so I’m just gonna let it simmer.

“Alex(C): Arielle is dropping hints that Sierra might be pissed off at me. I don’t know exactly why, but I guess I’ll find out in the morning.”

The next morning, there is still plenty to be discussed after the events of the past 48 hours.

But first, at Jocelyn’s hotel, production enters her room. Jocelyn is sitting on her bed, wide eyed and alert.

Production: So we reviewed the tapes from last night. You got pretty violent when you ran into the beauty room and grabbed her and threw items from the table at her. After reviewing all of this, I’m afraid you are going to be going home.

“Jocelyn(C): The producers tell me I have to leave and I think it’s bullshit. She pushed me first and I was defending myself. Fuck that.”

Jocelyn: Am I gonna be able to get my stuff?

Production: We’ll let you go back to the house in a bit to pack your things.

Jocelyn: Okay.

Later at the house…

Production: Can I have everyone in the living room please!

The six girls go into the living room and sit down.

Production: After watching what happened last night, we have decided to send Jocelyn home. She’ll be coming by later to pack her things. You guys can say your goodbyes then. Sierra, we’ll have you in the confessional while she’s here.

Sierra: Is there room for 2 in that van? Because this bitch needs to go too.

Sierra points to Alex.

Alex: Me?

Sierra: Yeah. Go home.

“Alex(C): We’re at this production meeting and all of a sudden Sierra is calling me out and telling me that I need to go home. What the hell?”

Alex: What did I do?

Sierra: I’m not explaining shit to you! You’re a fake ass disloyal ass bitch and you need to go. I’m done with this shit.

Kayla: Alex you didn’t do shit to defend her yesterday.

Alex: There was security everywhere! What did you guys want me to do?


“Sierra(C): My tolerance is at an all time low with Alex and I’m just letting her have it right now.”

Sierra: The next time you need someone to defend your stupid ass, good luck defending yourself because I won’t fucking be there!

Davina: Real talk Alex, you are the fakest one here. She has had your back through thick and then and I don’t even like this bitch! But you are a bitch that I would never be caught dead interacting with in real life. You a fucking phony ass hoe. Pack your shit and go.

Alex: I don’t wanna leave.

Sierra: Alex you need to go. If you’re not leaving this house then leave the fucking room. I’m done. Bye.

Alex hesitates, but gets up and goes upstairs.

Davina: Sierra. I know we really ain’t that cool, but I feel sorry that you have to go through this shit with that fake ass bitch.

Sierra: It’s definitely a learning experience.

Isis: That’s for damn sure.

“Isis(C): Again, bitches switch on a dime in this house. Alex and Sierra aren’t friends now. What in the damn hell is going on in this house??”

A while later, the production van pulls up to the house. Jocelyn exits and heads inside.

Isis: Baby!

Jocelyn: Hey girl.

They hug. Davina, Kayla, and Arielle also join in on the goodbyes.

“Jocelyn(C): I’m sad to leave my girls, but I know we’ve bonded and will hang out outside of the house.”

Jocelyn packs her bags upstairs.

Isis: I’m sorry you gotta go boo.

Jocelyn: Me too. But it’s whatever.

Jocelyn takes her bags downstairs and begins loading them into the van.

“Jocelyn(C): The bad girls club was fun while it lasted. I feel like I definitely made my mark on the house. I’m sad to be leaving my girls, but happy to get back to my own life. Sierra, watch what you say to me at the reunion bitch because I’ll be ready to snatch a bitch up again. Toodles!”

Jocelyn gets in the van and rides off into the sunset.

However, Jocelyn isn’t the only bad girl doing some packing.

Sierra is packing her things up and putting them in the hall.

Arielle: What you doing?

Sierra: I’m getting out of that bedroom. I don’t want to even be around her anymore.

Alex is laying in bed, with the covers over her face.

“Alex(C): I’m hurt that Sierra is acting this way towards me and she’s even moving out of my room. I’m gonna let her calm down for the night and then maybe try and apologize.”

Arielle: You gonna room with Kayla?

Sierra: I don’t know what I’m gonna do.

Arielle goes into the bedroom where the other girls are.

Arielle: Hey D.

Davina: What’s up?

Arielle: Did you want to move into the room with Kayla so ya’ll can room together or were you just gonna let the new girl have it?

Davina: I didn’t think about it why?

Arielle: Sierra wants to move out of Alex’s room and I figured since ya’ll two are really close you should room together and she can be in here with me and Isis.

Isis: I’m cool with that.

Davina: Aww we’re gonna be roomies!

Kayla: Hell yeah babe.

“Isis(C): I’m surprised that Davina was willing to give up her bed for Sierra so quickly, but nothing surprises me in this house anymore.”

Arielle: Sierra! You’re gonna move into D’s bed and D’s gonna take Jocelyn’s.

Sierra: Okay. Thank you Davina.

Davina: Don’t mention it.

“Davina(C): I’m not ever gonna be cool with Sierra on like some buddy buddy shit, but for right now, I’ll keep her close. If I can use her to possibly get Alex to go home, then that’s exactly what I’ll do.”

Isis: Welcome to the room! No farting bitch.

Sierra: *laughs*

Sierra and Davina move rooms and it seems as if the house has been reset once again. For now…

Later that night, Isis and Sierra are out on the back patio drinking some wine and talking.

Isis: So you don’t think ya’ll would ever be friends again?

Sierra: She’s fucked me over too many times. I mean, how long do you let someone run over you before you just have to cut them off completely?

Isis: It’s just a lot harder because you have to live with her here.

Sierra: I know. And I really did consider her a friend for the past month. We’ve spent every single day together. This is ridiculous.

Isis: I can see on your face how upset you are. I know how you feel. I’ve been put through the wringer so many times when it comes to friends or boyfriends. Shit even family. Why ya’ll think I have my walls still put up after a month of being here?

Sierra: I just thought it was because you didn’t like me.

Isis: Well truth be told I’ve tried not to get too attached to anybody in this house. Every time I get attached to someone they dip out or do me hella dirty.

Sierra: I’m sorry, Isis.

Isis begins tearing up.

Isis: I came in this house wanting to open up and build relationships, but after seeing what’s gone down with you, I can’t. I can’t risk that shit happening to me again.

“Sierra(C): Isis is opening up to me right now and there’s so much more to her than I could’ve ever imagined.”

Isis: When I felt myself getting too attached to Arielle, I took a step back. That shit scared me.

Sierra: It’s fucked up what people do in this world, but we have to be open to receiving love. When we find people who accept us for us and want to ride with us, they matter! It’s those people who we have to be loyal to. Alex proved she wasn’t loyal to me so I can no longer show any loyalty to her.

Isis: It’s just hard when the person who was supposed to love you the most leaves you at such an early age.

Sierra: Your father?

Isis: Mhm.

Isis is full on crying now.

Sierra: Aww babe.

Sierra hugs Isis. Davina, Kayla, and Arielle make their way outside.

Kayla: You okay, Isis?

Isis: I’m fine just all up in my feelings.

Davina: It’s okay. Let it out babe.

Isis: I do consider ya’ll friends and I fuck with ya’ll, but I’m scared! I don’t want to get hurt by people anymore. My feelings have been fucked with all my life.

Davina: Isis, we’re all here because we have some deep scars that we need to deal with. If you need to learn to let people in then you HAVE to try! If not here, then where?

“Kayla(C): Sierra gets a few brownie points for letting Isis confide in her. We’re all seeing a side of Isis that we haven’t seen yet.”

Isis: I love ya’ll. I do!

Davina: We love you too baby girl and we’re not gonna switch up on you like that.

Isis: This house has me fucked up!

Kayla: Girl this house has us all fucked up *laughs*.

Inside, Alex is still lying in bed.

“Alex(C): The other girls can all hold hands and sing sweet little hymns with each other all they want, but I know who I am. And I know I don’t need any of them despite how much they think I do. If you guys want to see me be independent, well here it goes. I’m about to do the BGC all alone…”


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