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  2. Halloween 2018
  3. 2014 was an iconic year
  4. Say my name and everything just stops
  5. No title
  6. The best player won
  7. Hey just vote for me to win
  8. Stars final blog!
  9. Stars FINALS
  10. Stars - Nominated for 5th (Janelle VLOG)
  11. They say I did something bad
  12. Regarding Stars
  13. Hey I missed the AMA's
  14. I stan Taylor Swift and Lily James
  15. BB is really evolving!
  16. The racists are destroying Swaggy and Bay
  17. Still the biggest joke in BB history
  18. Christian gives me Staci vibes
  19. ok Christian can go
  20. If Tyler wins HoH and evicts JC
  21. I'd be fine w/ Tyler or Kaycee winning
  22. Never forget this iconic moment in pop culture
  23. I love the one day of the year
  24. Someone play
  25. Ugh OTT was so good
  26. I cast 50 votes for Haleigh for AFP today
  27. Someone play Dead by Daylight w me
  28. Just voted Haleigh 10x for AFP
  29. Yes BBUS renewed!
  30. Yes a jury segment
  31. BB BrantSteele Results!
  32. PYN for BB BrantSteele
  33. If Kaycee wins
  34. Kaycee is really delivering this season
  35. Veto Winner Spoiler
  36. Damn we need jury segments!!
  37. I've been on gaged for almost 10 yrs
  38. Okay the BB13 finale was so cringe
  39. If Kaycee get's Janelle'd
  40. People are really out here crying

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THANK YOU ANONYMOUSvote Oct 21, 2018
You're so Gorgeous! ;)
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Halloween 2018vote Oct 21, 2018
imageI'm the QUEEN herself Miss Taylor Alison Swift as pictured in her Look What You Made Me Do music video!

1. Taylor Swift Hair -

2. Taylor Swift Skin -

3. Taylor Swift Tub -

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2014 was an iconic year Oct 17, 2018
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Say my name and everything just stops Oct 17, 2018
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No title Oct 16, 2018
Well, I came here to play a game and, you know, this week it became very personal when GinaMarie said very defamatory and harsh comments against me. So, you know, you called me a rat and I don’t-and I’M TALKING. I don’t know if where you live in New York at your mom’s house at 33 years of age what rats look like, but they look like you and not me because I’m FABULOUS. Thank you! I’ll see you all at jury. I love all of you. I’m obsessed with you. I’m obsessed with you and you. And you’re psycho for carrying around a boy’s hat that would never like you in real life. Take your contacts out and your tongue ring! Okay!??
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The best player won Oct 14, 2018
Our alliance of 3 controlled the majority every day. Not at all upset about placing 3rd (we knew several days ago whichever one of us didn’t go unnommed was getting 3rd). Congratulations on being the Parvati in our alliance Orlando652. I guess I’ll settle for Amanda Kimmel. Sorry Cirie LowKi
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