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TBGC Season One Episode Eleven -- "One Night in Mexico..."

Jan 20, 2018 by joey96
Previously on the Bad Girls Club…

Kelli caught Roger with another female and broke all ties with him and when he tried to woo her back, she said no deal. Tracee called Agnese out on all of the drama she’s stirred up within the house, but Agnese made it clear she wasn’t backing down and Aria blamed Tracee, saying she has created all of her problems by her own hand. Within a matter of days, both Shannon and Shannade left the house after getting into physical altercations with Kayleigh, which left the house eager to know what was next. The girls were informed that they would be taking a trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, where surprises and more await them.

Tonight, the MOST INTENSE TWO episodes of the season is underway. What kind of drama will pop off south of the border? Plus, two new replacements are waiting for the girls. All of this and more on tonight’s episode of Bad Girls Club!


The girls are all finishing packing for their 4 day trip to Mexico that they are about to embark on.

“Tracee CF: I am so excited for this Cabo trip! Kelli made all of the girls promise there wouldn’t be any drama. I don’t know how long that’ll last, but I’m just ready to get turnt in Mexico!”


The girls all put their bags on a production van and then board the limo which takes them to the airport. From there, they are put on an airplane and begin their journey to Mexico.

Meanwhile, in Cabo…

A pair of stilettos is seen walking down a sidewalk. It’s a new bad girl!

“??? CF: If I smell a rat, I am quick to call a fake bitch out.”

“The Southern Star”

“Autumn CF: I’m used to guys giving me attention and I’m used to girls hating me for it. Life is one big party and I intend to live it to my absolute fullest. This experience is going to make me stronger by showing me that I can deal with petty bitches *smiles*.”

Autumn walks up to a table at an outdoor bar and grill, where she sees another bad girl.

Autumn: Oh my god, hey!

???: Hey!!

“???: People might look at me and see an innocent little girl, but fucking touch me and you’re dead.”

“The Raleigh Hellraiser”

“Perri CF: I haven’t always been a bad girl. I was picked on a lot when I was younger, but in high school I decided I wasn’t gonna take anymore of the bullshit. I would say that I sleep around a lot, but does that make me a hoe? I mean, Nelly Furtado said it best. I’m a maneater *laughs*.”

Perri stands up and hugs Autumn.

Perri: Hey bad bitch! How are you?

Autumn: I’m great! I can’t believe we’re in Cabo!

Perri: Oh I know. Have a drink with me!

The girls sit down and order a couple of drinks.

Perri: So are you nervous?

Autumn: Not really. I’m just here to have fun fuck it.

Perri: Yes girl!

“Perri CF: My first impression of Autumn is that she seems like she’s not about drama and just wants to have fun, which is my type of chick.”

Autumn: I’m ready to meet these bitches.

Perri: Do you think they’re gonna start with us since we’re new?

Autumn: Girl, they might. You never know we’re coming late to the game.

“Autumn CF: Perri and I are both aware that these girls might try to fuck with us because we’re new, but we’re ready for whatever.”

The bad girls van pulls up to the bar and grill.

Autumn Yes! Let’s go!

Perri: We out this bitch!

Perri and Autumn board the van and head to their temporary home in Cabo.

Meanwhile, the other five girls have landed in Cabo.

Kelli: Ahhh! I’m so excited!

“Kelli CF: I am so excited to be in Cabo and leave all of the bullshit back in LA. The girls promised no drama and I’m holding them to that.”

The girls board another rented BGC van and head to the house.

A little while later, they arrive at a smaller, but still luxurious house that is their home for the next 4 days.

Agnese: It’s so adorable!

They enter.

Kayleigh: I hope the fridge is stocked. I’m ready to get fucked up!

“Kayleigh CF: We’re in Cabo for the weekend. I’m here to party. I’m not dealing with bullshit. Let’s have fun.”

The girls settle into their rooms for the weekend and convene downstairs to pop a bottle.

Aria: To Cabo bitches!

They all cheer and drink some champagne.

A BGC van pulls up outside. In it are Autumn and Perri.

Autumn: WE’RE HERE!!!

Perri: YAASSSS!!

The girls exit the van and run to the front of the house. They enter.

Perri: Where are the bad bitches at?!

Tracee: What the fuck?

“Tracee CF: So I hear two voices from the living room and I’m like who the fuck is coming in our house all turnt up right now?”

The five girls run into the living room to greet Autumn and Perri.

Autumn: Hey!!!

Agnese: Hey girls!

“Agnese CF: SURPRISE! Two new replacements are in the damn house. I’m shocked.”

The girls go around exchanging hugs with the new girls. The atmosphere is welcoming.

Perri: So have ya’ll been turning up in Cabo for months now?

Kayleigh: No girl. We’re stationed in LA. We’re here for a trip!

Perri: Ooh cute!

“Perri CF: These girls all seem cool, but it is ten minutes in, so we’ll see!”

Autumn: Where are we going out tonight?

Aria: We’re gonna try this place called Pink Kitty. It had the best reviews on Yelp *giggles*.

Autumn: Sounds good!

Autumn and Perri find their beds and high five each other.

Perri: I’m ready to do this bitch.

Autumn: Bad Girls Club! I’m ready!

All of the girls meet outside on the back patio to discuss the night’s plans.

Aria: I kind of wanted to go and explore Cabo a bit before going to the club.

Kelli: Agreed.

Aria: Like, we go to nightclubs all the time in LA, but I really want to see some of Mexico.

Tracee: I don’t wanna do that though.

Aria: Okay, why not?

Tracee: It’s Cabo! It’s all touristy shit anyways. I just wanna turn up.

Aria: Okay well, if we wanna do different things, one of the groups can take a cab.

Kayleigh: No, I wanna go see Cabo too.

Autumn: Oh same!

Tracee: Ya’ll can do that. I’ll go to the club alone then the fuck sndfhjs.

Kayleigh: You don’t want to see Cabo. For real?

Tracee: No! It’s all tourists here anyways.

“Agnese CF: Tracee is being such a whiny little bitch on this trip. I don’t understand why she keeps arguing with everyone about the plans for the evening. I thought this was a family affair?”

Agnese: Tracee, we all need to agree on what to do. We have four day here and none of us want to spend it stuck to a stripper pole.

Tracee: Excuse me?

“Tracee CF: This dumb bitch has so much to say about me at the most random of times. Why she even is trying to pick a fight? Beats me! But that’s okay, I’m ready for this bitch.”

Tracee: We can do whatever! It doesn’t matter! All I’m saying is that I’m jet lagged and don’t want to go exploring all of fucking Mexico tonight. Is that an issue?

Agnese: It is if you’re making it one.

Kayleigh: Tracee stop.

Tracee: No she wants to start an issue?

Agnese: You’ve had an issue with me for like a week now!

Kelli: Guys! We said no drama remember?

Tracee: Nah I’ll keep it cute. For now.

Agnese: Same.

Aria: So...Pink Kitty?

Kelli: Yes.

“Kelli CF: We all finally agree just to go to Pink Kitty for the night. There’s a little tension, but not to where I feel like anything is gonna pop off.”

The girls spend some time getting beautified for the evening. Around 10, the van pulls up and the girls head to the club. Once there, they split off into the different cliques. Tracee and Kayleigh on one side, Agnese, Aria, and Kelli on the other and the two new girls in the middle.

“Perri CF: Once we get to the club I can definitely see the division in the house more clearly. The three girls don’t really like Tracee or Kayleigh. Tracee seems like a trouble maker to me, but we’ll see.”

The girls are partying and taking shots, having a good time. Tracee has taken like ten shots and is getting a little fucked up.

“Tracee CF: I can already tell that something is gonna pop off between me and Agnese tonight, so I take a few shots just to feel a little loose.”

Perri and Autumn go up to the other three girls.

Perri: So what’s the story with those girls?

Aria: They’re just about the bullshit. And we ain’t with it.

Perri: Oh.

Autumn: I’m not here for drama!

Aria: Then don’t fuck with them bitches! They eat, sleep, and breathe drama.

Autumn: Noted.

“Autumn CF: Aria is spilling the tea about Tracee and Kayleigh and honestly if all they’re about is drama, I don’t want to associate with them.”

A little while later, the girls all head back to the van and stumble inside.


Aria: Can you not yell in my ear?

Tracee: I wasn’t speaking to you! Did I say Aria?

“Aria CF: Of course Tracee wants to start an issue when we get back to the van. I’m just ready to slap this bitch.”


Kelli: GUYS, STOP!

Tracee: You got a problem? Do something!

Agnese: Aria! Chill, wait until we get back to the house.

Tracee: And what’s she gonna do there? Oh right, nothing.

Agnese: What’s your problem?

Tracee: My problem is you! It’s you and her.

Aria: Shut up, bitch.

Tracee: Make me shut up.

Agnese: Why are you being a bitch?

Tracee: Call me another bitch!

Agnese: Bitch!

Tracee gets up and tries to swing on Agnese in the van. Kayleigh pulls her back down.

Agnese: Really bitch!? Okay. I got you.

Agnese ties her hair up and takes off her heels.

“Agnese CF: If this girl wants to get it on, we can go toe for toe. These girls haven’t seen my wild side yet.”

The van arrives back at the house. The girls exit and head inside. Agnese is ready for war. She throws her purse and shoes on the couch and is posted up, waiting for Tracee.

Tracee enters the house last.

Tracee: You ready?

Agnese: You got a problem?

Agnese walks in Tracee’s face.

Tracee: Swing on me.

Agnese lightly mushes Tracee’s face and Tracee goes off.

Jenn - Agnese
Rocky - Tracee
Valentina - Aria

After the fight is separated, the house is in shock.

“Kelli CF: I am completely thrown for a loop right now. This fight completely came out of nowhere. And Aria jumping Tracee? I hope she doesn’t get sent home for that.”



Kayleigh: Tracee chill!


Agnese tries to run up again, but is snatched by security.

“Agnese CF: I want this bitch so bad. This fight wasn’t enough. Aria jumping in wasn’t cool, but that’s on her. I’m not gonna go out looking like a punk, so I will fight this bitch again.”

Aria: Stupid ass bitch yo!

Tracee is pulled outside and Aria is taken upstairs by production.

Production: Why did you jump in the fight?

Aria: She deserved it.

Production: You know we can’t tolerate the jumping. You’re gonna go home.

Aria: Seriously?

Production: Yes. We can’t tolerate jumping in the house.

“Aria CF: I have to leave the house because I couldn’t control my anger and I jumped in when Agnese was fighting Tracee. I do feel bad for jumping in the fight, but it happened and I can’t take it back.”

Aria is packing her bags. Kelli and Agnese enter the bedroom to say their goodbyes. Kelli is crying.

Kelli: I can’t believe you have to leave.

“Kelli CF: This trip has turned into a complete shit show and now Aria has to leave. And it’s only the first night.”

Aria: Agnese, I’m sorry for jumping in. I shouldn’t have done that.

Agnese: Well duh. It’s okay. I’m gonna miss you girl.

Aria: I’ll miss you guys too!

“Perri CF: I think it’s crazy that Aria is leaving, but she jumped in a fight! And she said Tracee and Kayleigh were about drama? Girlllllllll.”

Aria is loading her bags into a production van.

“Aria CF: It sucks I have to leave like this, but I definitely learned a lot from this experience. I’m a bad girl in the sense that I don’t let people walk all over me. If I have an issue, I will bring it to your face and I feel like that’s real. Tracee, me and you will never be cool. Kayleigh, you’re just a basic bitch. Agnese and Kelli you girls are my life. I’m so glad I met you and I know we’ll be friends for a long time! Love ya! See ya later Bad Girls Club! This won’t be the last time you see me!”

Aria boards the production van and rides off into the distance.

The next day…

The girls wake up a little sore and not very well rested, but ready to see what the day brings.

“Kelli CF: It’s weird not waking up with Aria here. I miss her so much already!”

All of the girls are downstairs hanging out.

Autumn: Are ya’ll ready to see Cabo?

Tracee: Hell yeah!

“Autumn CF: After the shit show that was last night, we’re going out to see what Cabo has to offer.”

The girls spend the day exploring Cabo. Seeing the sights, meeting new people, etc.

In the evening, the girls go to an outdoor restaurant to eat some good food.

Perri: I hope this food is good! I’m so hungry!

Kelli: Girl, me too.

Tracee: Me three! HDSHFGH

“Agnese CF: I’m annoyed by everything Tracee does. I just want to reach across the table and smack the shit out of her.”

Perri: I’m excited to get back to LA. I’m ready to meet some cute California boys *laughs*.

Kayleigh rolls her eyes.

“Kayleigh CF: I honestly forgot these new girls were here. I don’t see why we needed replacements. Autumn is boring and Perri looks like she’s 12.”

Perri: I know I only have a few days in LA, but I’m totally gonna fuck a hot Cali dude. I need to.

Kayleigh *whispers to Tracee*: Is she for real? *laughs*

“Perri CF: I notice that Kayleigh is really standoffish at dinner. I don’t know what I did to her, but I guess some girls just can’t handle my shine haha.”

The girls leave dinner and head back to the house.

Perri and Autumn sit out on the patio.

Perri: Did dinner seem weird to you?

Autumn: What do you mean?

Perri: Kayleigh seemed hella weird.

Autumn: No? She seemed fine to me.

“Autumn CF: I get the vibe that Perri really wants to show out for some camera time because we have a very short time here and that’s just really ridiculous to me.”

Perri: I don’t think she likes me. I think she has it out for me *laughs*.

Autumn: You’re paranoid.

Perri: Girl. It’s the Bad Girls Club, how are you not paranoid?

Autumn: *sips drink*

The next day…

The girls are awake and alert. High alert because the tension is everywhere.

Agnese and Kelli are in the living room talking while the other girls are upstairs getting ready for the day.

Agnese: I honestly don’t know how much longer I can be around her.

Kelli: Just take deep breaths.

Agnese: My nerves are just all over the place when she’s here. I’m playing cool for now, but I know once we get back to LA, it’s a wrap.

“Agnese CF: I have a master plan for when we get back to LA. I’ve been playing cool with Tracee the last couple of days, but I am beating the shit out of her as soon as we get back to the house. Mark. My. Words.”

A little later on, the girls head out to get lunch at a cute beach bar.

Autumn sits with Kayleigh and Tracee and Perri sits with Agnese and Kelli.

“Perri CF: I see that Autumn sits with Kayleigh and Tracee and this shocks me. Why she wants to be up their asses is beyond me.”

Perri: Yikes.

Kelli: What?

Perri: I was telling Autumn last night how I feel like Kayleigh has an issue with me and she’s chilling with them. It’s just weird.

“Autumn CF: I overhear Perri telling the other girls that she feels like it’s weird that I am hanging out with Kayleigh just because she feels like Kayleigh has an issue with her. We’ve been here for two days! It’s too early to have any drama.”

Autumn: So Kayleigh. What do you think of Perri?

Kayleigh: To be honest, I don’t have any thoughts.

Autumn: Well, she seems to think you do. She thinks you don’t like her.

Kayleigh: I think nothing of her.

“Kayleigh CF: It’s already so obvious to me that Perri is going to try and get her two minutes of shine from starting a fight with me. Ugh add it to the list of haters I already have from this experience.”

After the girls finish eating, they head back to the house to relax for the evening. Agnese and Kelli are chilling on the hammock outside, and the rest of the girls are in the kitchen cooking some food. Kayleigh is chopping veggies.

Perri: Tracee where did you get those wedges?

Tracee: Amazon, girl!

“Kayleigh CF: I feel the tension between Perri and I so I decide that I’m going to address it before it becomes an issue...big mistake.”

Kayleigh: So Perri. I heard you had some thoughts you would like to share with me?

Perri: What do you mean?

Kayleigh: I heard through the grapevine that you feel as if I have an issue with you.

“Perri CF: Here we go. This dumb bitch is going to try and punk the replacement. I’m not the one, Kayleigh. And if you keep pushing me you’ll find out the hard way.”

Perri: I said I felt like you were standoffish to me.

Autumn: No, you said you felt like she didn’t like you.

Perri: So did you tell her our entire conversation?

Autumn: Not to be malicious or anything, but I felt like if you had anything to say to her, you should have told her and not me.

Perri: Okay well, that’s my decision to make. Not yours.

Autumn: Don’t get sassy with me! I was just trying to help you out!

“Autumn CF: So me and Perri start arguing and for a minute I thought I was going to have to take off on her, but then, here comes Kayleigh.”

Kayleigh: Okay well from now on if you have an issue, just say that shit. Speak your mind!

Perri: I’m not afraid to speak my mind!

Kayleigh: Are you sure? You sure babe?

Perri: Oh, I’m sure!

Kayleigh walks close to Perri.

Kayleigh: I don’t know if you know this, but when people get on my bad side in this house, they don’t last long.

Perri stands up.

Perri: I guess they saved the best for last then?

Kayleigh: HAAAA! Bitch you wish!

“Perri CF: Really bitch? Come on, you’re not gonna punk me.”

Perri: Don’t come at me with the knife in your hand, bitch.

Kayleigh: I’m not coming at you like that, bitch! I’m just saying don’t start drama that you can’t finish!

Perri: Start drama? Bitch I didn’t start shit!

Kayleigh: *points at Perri with the knife* Yes you did bitch. By talking shit behind my back.

Perri goes and grabs the knife from Kayleigh.

Perri: Put it down bitch!

Kayleigh: Don’t touch me!

Perri sets the knife on the counter and Kayleigh steps in her face.

Kayleigh: Bitch if you wanna be about it, then be about it!

Perri: But you in my face though!

Kayleigh: And I’m in your face, do something!

Kayleigh grabs Perri and Perri pushes her away.


Kayleigh comes back and tries to swing on Perri.

Key - Kayleigh
Bri - Perri

After the fight, Kayleigh is pulled outside.

Perri fixes her hair and takes a seat at the table.

Kayleigh: That bitch!

Kelli: What happened?

Kayleigh: That bitch hit me! Let me get her!

“Perri CF: This bitch thought she was gonna punk me. Try again, babe. You lost.”

Production enters the house and gathers all of the girls in the living room.

Production: Okay so due to all of the fighting, the people who have rented the house to us say we have to leave. We need you all to pack your things so we can head back to LA tonight.

“Agnese CF: Production says we have to head back to LA a night earlier and I’m happy about that. I’m ready to get back to the house and settle this unfinished business with Tracee.”

“Kayleigh CF: This bitch Perri has another thing coming if she thinks she’s gonna just hit me and I’m not gonna get her back. What your back bitch because I’m not giving out any warnings. Fade on sight.”




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