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TBGC Season One Episode Nine -- "End Game"

19thJan 17, 2018 by joey96
Previously on the Bad Girls Club…

Tracee and Kayleigh were torn apart by the twins, who made it their own personal mission to get Tracee out of the house. But, when Kayleigh and Tracee made nice, it left the twins dumbfounded and they gave Kayleigh an ultimatum, them or Tracee and after watching the twins’ true colors show, Kayleigh chose sides with her original BFF in the house. After a very intense night of fighting, Vixen was sent home after she spilled the tea all over Kayleigh. Agnese felt bad as she admitted to instigating the fight, which gave Tracee more proof of her being shady.

Tonight, will Kelli and Roger take it all the way? Will Shannon and Shannade continue to try and push Tracee out of the house or will a new target enter their sights? All of this and more on tonight’s episode of Bad Girls Club!

It’s a wet morning in LA, probably the only day of the year it will rain. All of the girls are inside lounging around. Kelli is on the computer, Agnese is taking a nap, Aria is in the living room filing her nails, the twins are in the beauty room straightening their hair, and Kayleigh and Tracee are in the kitchen cooking some food.

Tracee: They’ve been quiet for a couple days now.

Kayleigh: Trust me, they’re plotting.

“Kayleigh CF: Ever since I broke ties with the twins, they’ve been quiet, but I know better. I know they’re plotting to get Tracee out of this house because they feel like she’s weaker, but I might just have to step in and take that one because Tracee isn’t catching any more fades from them on my watch.”

Tracee: If they want to go round 2 with me, they can.

Kayleigh: I wouldn’t worry.

In the computer room, Aria has now joined Kelli.

Aria: What’s up chica?

Kelli: I just got an email from Roger. He wants to come over today.

Aria: Nice rainy day to stay in bed, huh?

Kelli: Shut up.

“Kelli CF: I really like Roger. He’s cool. I am desperate for some male attention and kinda ready to see where this “friendship” takes me.”

A little while later, the doorbell rings. Kelli runs to answer. It’s Roger.

Kelli: Hey!

Roger: Hey.

They hug.

The twins are going upstairs and are glaring at the two on their way up.

“Shannade CF: It’s a nasty day outside so we’re all pretty much stuck inside and Kelli invites over this nasty dude she’s been seeing. These girls are lowering my stock by the hour.”

Kelli brings Roger into the kitchen where all of the other girls are hanging out except for the twins. They have bottles of liquor and cans of beer set out on the island.

Roger: Damn is this how you welcome a guy? *laughs*

Agnese: What else are you supposed to do when it’s raining outside, huh?

Roger: Good point.

“Agnese CF: Kelli is my best friend in the house and she really like Roger, but she’s too afraid to make the move on him. She wants the dick! I feel like that’s very clear.”

The girls begint taking shots and drinking.

“Kayleigh CF: I think it’s funny that me and Tracee are hanging out with the other girls now. I think I finally have them all scared straight *laughs*.”

Agnese: So are ya’ll gonna fuck or nah?

The girls laugh.

Kelli: AGNESE!

Agnese: You need the dick. We ll want you to get the dick. Go get the dick!

Kelli: Oh my gosh!

Agnese: Roger, do you want Kelli to take you upstairs and show you a good time?

Roger: I mean, I’m down for anything.

Roger and Kelli start kissing.

Agnese: Go go go!!!

Kelli leads Roger upstairs and into the bedroom where things get QUITE dirty.

The twins are in the next room, listening to everything.

“Shannon CF: Is this bitch seriously having sex in the middle of the day with that crusty Roger dude? I am disgusted.”

Shannon and Shannade are in their room making gagging noises and laughing. Next door, Kelli is having a good time.

Downstairs, the girls are all chatting in the living room.

Tracee: Are you usually this aggressive at home, Agnese?

Agnese: Uhm, what?

Tracee: With like getting people to do what you want.

Agnese: I mean, I would say I’m the ringleader of my friend group, yes.

Tracee: Okay.

Agnese: Why do you bring that up?

Tracee: Just because, you was like hella wanting Kelli to get that dick. Forced her into that shit *laughs*.

Agnese: Forced?

“Agnese CF: Tracee is like lowkey calling me out about I guess how I have manipulated certain situations in the house. I don’t really know why, but whatever.”

Tracee: And you said you instigated the fight between Vixen and Kayleigh. How did you get so manipulative girl?

“Tracee CF: I am lowkey calling out Agnese right now. It’s funny as hell to me.”

Agnese: Just comes naturally, I guess.

Awkward silence ensues.

Kayleigh: You instigated the fight? How?

Agnese: I told Vixen she needed to confront you because she looked like a punk.

“Agnese CF: Tracee is trying to punk me out right now and I’m not having it. I’m a real ass bitch. I’ll say what I did. I don’t care.”

Kayleigh: Oh.

Tracee: Is that all you did?

Agnese: Why are you like trying to call me out right now? What did I do to you?

Tracee: I don’t know I mean you must feel like you’re the puppet master or some shit. Just making sure you ain’t been fucking with us the whole time.

Agnese: Okay, I don’t know where this is coming from, but anything I’ve done in this house, I’ve had a reason to do it. Plain and simple. Yeah I encouraged Vixen to confront Kayleigh, but did I tell her to throw the tea at her? Nope. And if ya’ll like want to question me about some other shit, then go ahead. I don’t care.

Tracee: Nope. I’m good *smiles*.

A bit later, Kelli and Roger are done with their “activity” and are at the front door saying goodbye.

Kelli: I had fun today *giggles*.

Roger: Me too. I’ll call you.

They kiss.

Kelli: Bye.

Roger: Bye

Roger leaves.

“Kelli CF: I had a great time with Roger today. He has a really big...head.”

Kelli goes into the computer room where Agnese is.

Kelli: That was much needed.

Agnese: Oh I bet. Hey, I have a question.

Kelli: Yeah?

Agnese: Have you ever felt like I forced you to do anything in this house?

Kelli: No, why?

Agnese: Because earlier, Tracee decided to, in front of everybody, say that I like to manipulate situations and instigate shit.

Kelli: Really?

Agnese: Yeah.

Kelli: That’s fucked up.

“Agnese CF: I definitely have my eye on Tracee now. She’s a snake. And I’m a snake killer. She better keep my name out of her mouth.”

The next day, the weather is shining and the birds are singing, but all is far from well in the Bad Girls house.

Shannon and Shannade are lying in their beds, plotting about their next move.

Shannade: I’m feeling evil again, bitch.

Shannon: Me too.

“Shannade CF: Tracee’s time in this house is running out, whether she likes it or not. Bitch, you fucked with a Clermont and now you get to feel the wrath of two of us.”

Shannade: I feel like if we try and do anything, Kayleigh will jump in to defend her.

Shannon: Who the fuck cares. I am not afraid of her.

Shannade: Aren’t they all going out tonight?

Shannon: Yes, girl.

Shannade: Well, we can do some shit while they’re out. That way nobody is here to stop us.

Later that night, the other five girls are getting ready to go out.

“Aria CF: Tonight us girls are going out, minus the twins because they’re lame. There’s some tension between Tracee and Agnese, but I don’t think it’s that deep to where it’s gonna cause an issue.”

The girls all board the limo and head out for the night.

At the house, the Clermont’s are up to some devious activities.

Shannon: What to do?

“Shannon CF: Me and ‘Nade decide to take some of Tracee’s clothes and put them in a giant bucket of bleach water.”

The girls fill up a big bucket with water and pour way too much bleach in it. They raid Tracee’s closet and put some of her nicer clothing in the bucket and leave it sitting at the front door.

Shannade: A nice surprise to a crusty bitch!’

Shannon laughs.

The twins go upstairs and change into fighting clothes just in case.

A long while later, the limo pulls back up. The girls had a pretty good, dramaless night.

Aria steps out first and notices the bucket sitting outside the front door.

Aria: What is that?

Kelli: No idea.

The girls go up to the bucket and realize what it is.

Tracee gasps.

Tracee: That’s my shit!

Kayleigh: They put bleach in it. You smell it?

Tracee: Yes. A shit ton of bleach.

“Tracee CF: These bullies are taking things too far. What the fuck did i honestly ever do to them?”

Agnese: That’s fucked up.

Tracee rushes inside the house. The twins are sitting in the living room, hair tied up and tennis shoes on.

Tracee: Ya’ll ready?

Shannon: Hey boo!

The other girls come inside.

Kayleigh: Ya’ll are fucked up for that.

Shannade: Aww look at Kayleigh sticking up for her friend.

Kayleigh: Do you guys wonder why nobody here likes you? Cuz ya’ll do petty broke bitch shit like that!

Shannon: Who are you calling broke, baby girl?

Kayleigh: She works hard for her shit just like everybody else! How you gon’ do someone like that!

Shannade: Do you have a problem Kayleigh? Cuz you sure didn’t a week ago!

Kayleigh: Ya’ll are acting so big and bad when it’s 2 on 1! Pick on someone ya’ll know can give you a run for your money!

Shannon: A run for our money? You’re sadly mistaken boo!

“Shannon CF: Kayleigh, if you want to back Tracee up and insert yourself in drama that has nothing to do with you, be my guest because you’ve got a big storm coming babe.”

Kayleigh: You’re right. I am sadly mistaken for thinking ya’ll could ever be true friends. Bunch of bitches.

Kayleigh and Tracee head upstairs.

The twins stay downstairs and laugh at the situation.

Kayleigh: That shit is so corny.

Tracee: I know. They’ve fucked with my clothes and my Louis bag now. I sleep with these bitches. Shit ain’t right.

Kayleigh: Fuck that, do something back!

Tracee: You right!

Tracee goes to the twins’ side of the room and begins rummaging through their things.

Tracee: A Marc Jacobs bracelet? Mine. Chanel bag? Mine.

“Tracee CF: I start grabbing some of the twins’ most expensive shit and just start chucking it out the window.”

Tracee picks up one of their Louis bags and hawks a huge loogie in it.

Tracee: Bitch. Anyways goodnight.

Kayleigh sits on her bed laughing.

Downstairs, Shannon and Shannade are on the phone with their mom.

Mom: Hello?

Twins: Hey mommy.

Mom: What’s up, angels?

Shannon: We might be coming home soon.

Mom: What? Why?

Shannade: This weak ass bitch that we keep trying to get to leave like, she won’t leave and now her little friend, the girl who was our friend wants to step up and defend her like, no babe let her fight her own battles.

Mom: Well, she knows that there’s 2 of you and her friend can’t take both of you by herself.

Shannon: There’s gonna be a time where we get her alone. They can’t be together all the time.

Mom: And you know, that’s what they’re thinking. If you guys are in there doing 2 against 1, they’ll do 2 against 1.

Shannon: Nothing like that has happened, but we told her friend that if she wants to keep inserting herself in stuff that has nothing to do with her, she’s gonna catch the fade too.

Mom: Just don’t get yourselves into too much trouble there now.

Shannade: Too late *laughs*

Shannon: Love you, mommy!

Shannade: Love you!

Mom: Bye girls. Love you.

They all hang up.

The next morning, the girls are up decently early.

Shannade: What the fuck?

Shannon: What?

Shannade: My Marc Jacobs bracelet. It’s gone. And my Gucci bag.

Shannon: Yeah now that you mention it, my Chanel bag is missing.

Shannade: Those dumb bitches, really?

Shannon: Don’t sweat it. We have money to replace our shit, those broke hoes do now.

Shannade: Exactly.

Downstairs, Aria is on the computer.

“Aria CF: I’m bored of just sitting in this house, so I decide that we’re all gonna go Go-Karting! Yay!”

Aria: Girl! You up for some go-karting today?

Agnese: Hell yea!

Aria: We leave at 2.

The girls get ready in the beauty room. The twins walk in to get ready as well.

Aria: Are you guys coming with us?

Shannade: Of course. Family bonding yay.

Shannon: Oh by the way we saw what you two did to our stuff. Threw that shit outside?

Tracee is silent.

Kayleigh glances at Tracee before turning back to the twins.

Kayleigh: Do you have a problem with it?

“Kayleigh CF: Tracee is scared of getting jumped by the twins. Even though I didn’t touch their stuff, I’m gonna fight this battle for her. Because I’m not scared.”

Shannon: I mean we left her shit out in the open for you guys to find it, you did that shit behind our backs.

Kayleigh: Aww. Your life must really be tragic right now, huh?

Shannade: Oooh. That mouth girl.

Kayleigh: I can go for days *blows kiss*.

Aria: Alright bitches this is my day. I planned this shit so we’re not fighting all day, capiche?

Shannon: Oh we can save it for later. No problem!

Kayleigh: Sure isn’t! *smiles*

A little bit later, the girls head off in the jeeps to the Go-Kart track.

Kelli: I’m so excited! Love Go-Karting!

Shannade groans.

“Shannade CF: Hanging out with these girls is like getting diagnosed with cancer. So not fun. We only came so we could fuck with Kayleigh and Tracee.”

The girls are instructed on what to do, what not to do, etc. They board their individual go-karts and begin the fun.

Aria: Eat my dust bitches!

“Aria CF: Go-karting is so much fun. Everyone is having a great time, but the twins and Tracee and Kayleigh are just waiting to pop off on each other. I can feel it. Honestly, can all 4 of them just go home? We’d be a lot happier here.”

Shannon rams her go-kart directly into Tracee’s.

Shannon: Oopsies! *smiles*

Tracee glares and finishes the track.

Aria finished in first and won a free dinner coupon.

Aria: Yes bitches! The queen of go-karts right here!

Agnese: Girl, shut your ass up. You got lucky.

Aria: Anyways…

The girls stop for some dinner on the way home. A sandwich shop, nothing too extraordinary.

Aria, Kelli, and Agnese are sitting at one table. Kayleigh and Tracee at another and the the twins at another, all side by side. The three divisions in the house.

Tracee: This sandwich is good as fuck.

Kayleigh: Oh I know, how have we never come here before?

Shannon rolls her eyes.

Tracee: Philly cheese steak bishhhhh!

Shannade: Can you like, be quiet?

Tracee: Excuse me?

Shannade: We’re in public. Have some class.

“Shannade CF: This broke bitch does not know how to act in public! It’s so embarrassing!

Shannon: Chew with your mouth closed sweetie!

Kayleigh: Can ya’ll just shut up? Don’t look at us if you’re so bothered. It’s a simple concept.

Shannon: So is gastric bypass, sweetie.

Kayleigh: Why are ya’ll still talking? You said you were gonna do something, so do it.

Shannon: We got something for your ass bitch.

“Shannon CF: At this point, my sights are set on Kayleigh. If Kayleigh goes down, Tracee will follow her out the door. Good luck Kay! You’re gonna need it.”

After the girls finish eating, they head back into the jeeps and head to the bar.

“Kelli CF: We’re going to a different bar than we usually go to tonight. I’m excited just to see what the night has in store, but also nervous because of all the tension.”

The girls arrive at the bar, Kayleigh and Shannon are the DD’s for the night in the two jeeps.

“Kayleigh CF: I’m not drinking tonight because I have a bad vibe that shit may pop off and I wanna be ready.”

“Shannon CF: I’m not drinking tonight because Kayleigh might have to go home tonight. There’s just not enough space for you here anymore.”

The girls go inside and begin having a good time.

The usual clique separation happens rather quickly.

Kelli, Agnese, and Aria are taking body shots and riding a mechanical bull, having a freakin’ blast.

Meanwhile, the other four guys are giving the occasional glance at each other to see if anything is gonna pop off.

Tracee: I’m only having two drinks tonight. Just in case these bitches is feeling froggy.

“Tracee CF: I don’t trust the twins. I know they have it out for me and they might try to jump me at any moment.”

Shannade: Let’s fuck with them.

Shannon: Let’s just annoy the shit out of them.

Shannon and Shannade go over to where Tracee and Kayleigh are standing and begin just obnoxiously dancing near them.

“Kayleigh CF: It’s clear these girls want a reaction. They are the biggest bullies I’ve ever met.”

In the process of dancing, Shannon “accidentally” tosses her drink on Tracee.

Tracee: What the fuck!

Shannon: Oopsies!

Kayleigh: Alright! Done. Let’s go! Ya’ll wanna play?

Shannon: It’s just red bull sis.

Kayleigh and Tracee gather the other girls and say that it’s time to leave.

“Agnese CF: Shit’s gonna go down when we get back to the house. Kayleigh and Tracee seem angry and annoyed. I’m ready to watch the show!”

The girls all head back home. Kayleigh and Tracee are the first to walk in the doors.

“Tracee CF: We get home and I’m ready to square off the with the twins. 2 vs. 2 let’s go. BUT, I have to piss like a motherfucker first so I am running to the bathroom.”

Kayleigh heads upstairs while Tracee heads to the bathroom downstairs. Everyone else heads upstairs to their respective bedrooms.

Shannon and Shannade enter the bedroom behind Kayleigh.

Shannon: So we wanna play, right? What’s good?

Kayleigh: You tell me.

Shannade: Where’s Tracee? Thought she wanted to get buck?

Kayleigh: Why ya’ll always wanna fuck with Tracee?

Kayleigh sits on the bed and begins taking her shoes off.

Shannon: Because she is a WEAK ASS BITCH!

Shannade: What are you taking your shoes off for?

Kayleigh: Look, Tracee is my girl and if ya’ll wanna fuck with her, you’re gonna have to fuck with me too. Period.

Shannon: Oh that’s not a problem sis! Not a problem at all.

Kayleigh: So then why you talking? Do something.

Shannon shoves Kayleigh. Kayleigh shoves her back.

Kayleigh stands up and Shannon swings on her, but Kayleigh comes back full throttle.

Stephanie - Shannon
Shanae - Kayleigh
Gigi - Shannade

After the fight is separated, the twins are pulled out into the hallway.



“Kayleigh CF: The twins jumping me just proves that they know what I can do with these hands. They ain’t do shit. The baddest bitch still won.”

Kayleigh laughs and sits back on her bed and ties her hair up.

Tracee runs up the stairs after hearing the commotion. She sees the twins being blocked by security. She runs up and tries to swing on Shannon. Security swoops her up.

Tracee: Bitch! You bitch!

Shannon: Haters in the club speak the fuck up! We got you bitch!

Kayleigh: I have no marks on my face! Ya’ll ain’t do shit!

The twins are escorted downstairs and Kayleigh and Tracee stay upstairs.

Tracee: They jumped you?

Kayleigh: Yes girl. They didn’t do anything. Look at my face.

Tracee: Shit!

“Tracee CF: I feel so bad that I missed the fight. Kayleigh got jumped because she was defending me. *sighs*”

Agnese comes into the room.

Agnese: You good Kayleigh?

Kayleigh: I’m fine.

Agnese: That was some pussy shit right there.

Kayleigh: It doesn’t matter. Karma will get them. I’m good right here.

Downstairs, production is talking with the twins in the living room.

Production: That got crazy. We had to review the tapes because we had no idea what went down.

Twins: Mhm.

Production: Shannade, you jumped into the fight and it got way too intense. We aren’t here to double team people or beat people senseless.

Shannade: Okay…

Production: We need you to pack your bags. You’re going home.

Shannon: What?!

“Shannade CF: Production tells me that I’m leaving. I am PISSED. LIVID. I do not deserve to go home. This is an outrage.”

Production: The other girls will be detained downstairs. So you can go grab your belongings.

Shannade: Whatever!

Shannon and Shannade angrily stomp up the stairs and into their bedroom. Tracee and Kayleigh have already been escorted downstairs.

Shannon: I’m leaving with you! Fuck this!

Shannade: Shannon, no! You have to stay because if you leave too, then those bitches win! Unacceptable!

Shannon begins to cry.

Shannade; Stop crying babe.

“Aria CF: I don’t feel bad that Shannade is leaving. She didn’t really get to know us or anything and she was a bitch the entire time she was here. See ya never, Lemonade!”

Shannon and Shannade carry Shannade’s things downstairs and out the front door.


Shannade: Whatever fuck off!

“Kayleigh CF: Shannade! It was nice of you to stop by and visit MY house for a little bit! See your way on the first red eye back to New York. Byeeeee! *waves*”

The twins load Shannade’s things onto the production van. They hug.

Shannade: Stay strong, babe. Don’t let those bitches win.

Shannon: Okay.

Shannade boards the production van.

“Shannade CF: What I learned in the Bad Girls Club is that I’m too classy for this shit. I have way better style, taste, and all around gracefulness than these girls do. I’m ready to go back to my life and get my career in the fashion industry popping. It was nice to get my foot in the door with this opportunity, but I’m over this shit. I have nothing to say to these girls except I’ll see you soon! MWAH.”

The production van drives away, leaving Shannon all alone in the BGC house…




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“Kayleigh CF: The twins jumping me just proves that they know what I can do with these hands. They ain’t do shit. The baddest bitch still won.”

*Looks at the reunion* the morals...
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