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TBGC Season One Episode Six - "Double Edged Sword"

Jan 13, 2018 by joey96
Previously on the Bad Girls Club…

After losing her mind in the Bad Girls house, Taylor went crazy, attacking both Vixen and Kayleigh. She was sent home, leaving an open spot that needed to be filled in the house. Tracee continued to flirt with Mike, who seemed to be interested. Vixen confronted Tracee and Kayleigh about spilling the tea on her story about Taylor and they threw Agnese under the bus. After Agnese pleaded her case to Vixen, Tracee began looking at her a bit differently, feeling she was shady. Aria’s tensions towards Tracee continued to grow and the girls came to verbal blows in the limo, but the argument was stopped before anything could happen.

Tonight, will Tracee keep true to her promise to make Aria’s BGC life a living hell? Also, we surprise the girls with not one but TWO replacements. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this! All of this and more on tonight’s episode of Bad Girls Club.

It’s late morning, most girls are rolling out of bed. Tracee is downstairs by the pictures. She is writing on Aria’s photo.

“Tracee CF: It’s been a couple of days since my altercation with Aria, but I’m still gonna keep pushing at her and maybe she’ll pop off and I can serve her. I think writing on her picture is gonna aggravate her.”

Tracee writes “Slut”, “Sucks dick for money”, “Bald ass bitch”, as well as some other profanities on Aria’s picture.

Tracee goes outside and sits with Kayleigh.

Tracee: I wrote on her picture.

Kayleigh: Who? Aria’s?

Tracee: Yep.

Kayleigh laughs.

Tracee: So what are we doing when this other new girl gets here girl? We being evil again?

Kayleigh: I don’t know, boo. We might have too many haters in the house right now. I’m not trying to get jumped.

“Kayleigh CF: There’s a new girl coming in. I don’t really want a new girl. I’m pretty miserable with the girls that are already in the house so adding another one is just gonna pile onto that.”

Back in the house, Aria has noticed that her picture has been written on.

“Aria CF: So I come downstairs and I’m checking to see if the new girl’s picture is up and I see that somebody has written all of these comments and hateful things on my picture. I already know it’s Tracee and I already know I’m gonna end up beating her ass.”

Aria: Do you see this?

Agnese: What?

Aria: She fucking wrote on my picture!

Agnese: Sucks dick for money? Oooh girl.

Aria: That’s okay. I can write things too.

Aria picks up a marker and writes “Fake”, “Whore, “Looks like a man” on Tracee’s picture. She also puts a giant X over her face.

Aria: Hope you enjoy that one bitch!

A bit later on, most girls are out at the pool, swimming, chilling, and just talking.

Tracee and Kayleigh are still sitting nearby. The only one still in the house is Aria.

Kelli: Did you write on Aria’s picture?

Tracee: Yeah. Fuck that hoe.

Agnese: She wrote on yours this morning.

Tracee: Oh really? Well let’s see what this bitch had to say.

Tracee runs inside and Kayleigh follows. She sees her picture and gasps.

Tracee: Bitch I do not look like a man!


Down the row of pictures where Taylor’s used to be is a new picture.

Tracee: What the FUCK?

“Kayleigh CF: *gasps* TWINS?! I don’t even--- Wow.”

Kayleigh runs to the back and yells for the other girls.


The other girls run inside. Aria comes downstairs.

Aria: Omg what the hell?

Agnese: Are they really twins?

“Agnese: TWO new girls? I’m floored. 8 girls in one house? Damn.”

Kelli: I hope they like sharing a bed! *laughs*

“Vixen CF: As soon as the new girl’s picture is up, I instantly know I don’t want to get close to these girls because it’s probably going to be them two against whoever they have issues with. Keep your distance.”

Later that night, the girls are all ready to go out to the club. They all sit in the living room waiting for the limo to arrive.

Kelli is peering out the window and sees that the limo pulls into the front of the house.

Kelli: Limo’s here!

However, the limo contains the two new bad girls inside.

“??? CF: We are truly a double dose of bad bitches.
??? CF: MMkay. *They both laugh*

“The Uptown Princess”

“The Power Princess”

“Shannon CF: Growing up I was definitely always the problem child. Neither of us had any friends, but we always had each other.
Shannade CF: Yeah it definitely created a lot of trust issues for us growing up, but we know we always have each other’s backs.
Shannon CF: I would like to work on my trust issues while I’m here, don’t you?
Shannade CF: I mean I guess, as long as those bitches aren’t dirty.”

Shannon and Shannade exit the limo.

Kelli: Oh shit it’s the new girls!

Aria: Nuh-uh for real?

Kelli: For real!

“Aria: The new girls are here. I hope they’re cool, we’ll see.”

Shannon and Shannade enter the house.

Shannade: Hey bitches!

Agnese: Ayyeeee girls!

Kayleigh: So ya’ll are really twins? Shut the fuck up!

Shannon: Yes babe. I’m Shannon and this is Shannade.

“Agnese CF: Shannon and what was it? Lemonade? Snapple? I don’t know *laughs*”

Shannade: You guys look like you’re ready to go out.

Tracee: Hell yea ya’ll coming?

Shannade: Of course we’re coming, we’re about to be the baddest bitches in the club!

Tracee: I don’t know about the baddest though I look good as fuck!

Shannon: Mmkay sis.

Aria: Alright let’s go girls. The limo is waiting!

All of the girls pile into the limo and head to the club.

“Shannon CF: So first impressions. These girls are ugly, especially Agnese and Kelli. Like how were they even casted on the show? The only other pretty bitch is Kayleigh.”

Once at the club, the girls go to the VIP section given to them and begin popping bottles. Shannon and Shannade link up with Kayleigh and Tracee while the other three girls go off and do their own thing.

Shannade: You’re so pretty!

Kayleigh: Thanks! Ya’ll are hot too!

Shannon: The other girls in the house aren’t up to our standards! You’re the only one!

Tracee is sitting a few feet from them and gives them a very dirty look.

“Tracee CF: Shannon and Shannade came into the house instantly talking shit saying that Kayleigh is the only cute girl in the house. Bitches, I advise you to shut the fuck up.”

Kayleigh: Tracee is my homegirl in the house though. I get along with Agnese too, but Aria and Kelli are dumb hoes.

Shannon: And UGLY!

They all laugh while Tracee sips her drink quietly.

“Tracee CF: I decide that I’m not gonna sit around with those heffers so I go and find Agnese.”

Kayleigh: Tracee where you going??

Tracee: To find Agnese!

“Kayleigh CF: Tracee is acting really weird at the club. I think she might be a bit intimidated by the twins and she doesn’t like that I’m clicking with them from jump.”

Tracee goes off and finds the other three girls at the bar.

Tracee: Hey ladies!

Agnese: Hey girl, what’s up?

Tracee: Nothing! Kayleigh and the twins are hanging out. They called us all ugly.

Agnese: Oh.

“Agnese CF: Tracee is really upset that the twins called us ugly, but Tracee was calling me and Kelli ugly on the first day with Kayleigh, so how does it feel?”

Kelli: I don’t give a fuck what those bitches think to be honest. They’re irrelevant!

Aria glares at Agnese and Tracee.

Aria: She isn’t hanging out with us!

Tracee: Excuse me?

Aria: Go and hang out with your only friend in the house!

“Aria CF: I think it’s funny that Kayleigh has ditched Tracee for the twins and she’s upset that they called us ugly? Like, I’m not upset because I know I’m not ugly. Tracee has some serious self-image issues.”

Tracee: I came over here to make peace!

Aria: I don’t want to make peace with you! You wrote on my picture this morning, now you want to make peace? Nope!

Tracee: Bitch fuck you!

Aria: Fuck you too!

Kelli: Guys not now! We’re in public!

Tracee: I’ll see you back at the house bitch! You gonna see me!!!!

Aria: Oh I’m SOOO scared bitch!

A bit later on, the girls get back in the limo and head home. Kayleigh is sitting with the twins. They are still talking and laughing. Tracee glares from the other end of the limo.

Aria, Agnese, and Kelli are sitting closer to Tracee and also laugh and have a good time. Tracee glares at them too.

“Tracee CF: This is the first night I’ve really felt alone in the house. I’m ready to release some tension and Aria since you decided to open your dumb ass mouth again, I’m coming for you.”

Back at the house, the girls head inside. Tracee runs upstairs to her room and changes into fighting clothes.

Shannon: So where are we sleeping?

Kayleigh: Ya’ll are with me, Tracee, and Vixen. I guess you’re sharing a bed.

Shannade: That’s fine we usually sleep together anyways *giggles*

Aria, Agnese, and Kelli head into the kitchen to get some snacks.

Aria: I am hungry as FUCK!

Kelli: Me too girl.

Tracee comes downstairs, past the twins and Kayleigh. She eyes them up and down.

Kayleigh notices that Tracee is wearing sneakers and has her hair tied up.

Kayleigh: Tracee where you going?

Tracee ignores her and keeps walking towards the kitchen.

“Kayleigh CF: Tracee has been acting funny as hell tonight and now she comes downstairs looking like she’s ready to fight. Something is gonna go down. I just don’t know what yet.”

Tracee goes into the kitchen. Kayleigh and the twins follow.

Tracee: What’s up Aria?

Aria laughs.

Tracee: You had all that shit to say in the club earlier, so what’s really good?

Aria: Bitch, you’re pathetic.

Tracee: And bitch you’re pathetic too! You a weak ass bitch you ain’t do shit when me and Kayleigh was throwing shit on you and now I’m in your face and you still ain’t doing shit!

Kayleigh: Tracee come on.

Tracee: Nah this bitch thinks she wants some!

Aria: Come on then bitch!

Tracee: I’m in your face do something bi-

Aria hits Tracee first and it’s on from there.

Christina - Tracee
Julie - Aria

After the fight is separated, Tracee is pulled into the living room.

Tracee: I fucked you up bitch! Bye hoe!

Aria: I don’t care bitch you still look like a man!

“Shannade CF: These girls are so trashy, like fighting in the kitchen? Bitch don’t fight near the food. Period.”

In the living room, Tracee is being calmed down by security.

Tracee: I’m fuck that hoe up!

Kayleigh enters.

Kayleigh: Tracee chill girl. Don’t worry about her you fucked her up. Just go upstairs okay?

“Tracee CF: Aria got what was coming to her. That mouth is so slick but them hands don’t back it up!”

Tracee heads upstairs. Shannon, Shannade, and Kayleigh all go to hang out by the pool.

Shannon: I still feel like you’re the only cool girl in this house. Seriously.

Kayleigh: Thanks! I like ya’ll too.

Shannade: And you said you’re friends with that Tracee girl?

Kayleigh: Yeah, why?

Shannade: She’s weird, I’m not gonna lie.

Kayleigh: Tonight was super unlike her. She hasn’t fought in the house up until tonight. I was the one getting in all the fights.

Shannade: Sis, why?

Kayleigh: Girl, jealousy is a disease.

Shannon: I know that’s the damn truth *laughs*.

The next morning…

Tracee is the first to wake up. She goes over to Kayleigh’s bed and wakes her up.

Kayleigh: Hmm?

Tracee: Can we talk downstairs?

Kayleigh: Yeah.

“Tracee CF: Yesterday was so weird for me in the house. I just want to talk to Kayleigh and get everything straightened out.”

Tracee and Kayleigh go into the living room and sit down.

Kayleigh: So what’s up?

Tracee: Yesterday. It was weird, right? Or is that just me?

Kayleigh: Weird how?

Tracee: Well, it felt like you didn’t want to talk to me all night.

Kayleigh: What?

Tracee: It seemed like you were up the Twins’ ass all night long.

“Kayleigh CF: For real?”

Kayleigh: Okay hold up. First of all, I was just getting to know them. They’ve been here for like 12 hours. You know you’ve been my bitch since day 1 so the fact that you’re even trying to make this an issue is just ridiculous. You really think I’m gonna choose two girls I just met over my ride or die? No.

Tracee: Well what turned me off from them was when we were all in the section they said that you were the only cute girl in the house and that everyone else, including me, was ugly.

Kayleigh: Okay and yeah that comment was rude, but like, what did you expect me to do? Fight them? Cuss them out?

Tracee: You should’ve stuck up for me and been like “Yo that’s my homegirl”.

Kayleigh: I did tell them you were my girl! Look, Tracee, if you have a problem with the Twins, you need to tell them face up.

Tracee: Oh I plan to.

Just then, the Twins walk in, having just woken up.

Shannon: Hey girlies. Is there a problem?

Tracee: Were you eavesdropping?

Shannon: I mean, yeah a little bit. You were talking about us right?

Shannade: Are you mad that we called you ugly?

Tracee: I mean it was rude as fuck.

Shannade: *Sarcastically* Oh I’m so sorry.

Tracee: I just feel like ya’ll just got here and you need to be respectful to the people that were here before you.

Shannon: Okay who cares if we just got here?

Tracee: I do. It’s our house.


Tracee: Lower your voice bitch.

Shannade: Don’t call her that.

Tracee: I will call her what I want to call her.

Shannon: And bitch you will get your fucking ass beat. Don’t try us hoe! DON’T!

“Agnese CF: I’m woken up out of my sleep by people screaming at the top of their lungs. It’s the Twins and Tracee. With how Tracee has been acting lately, who knows what went down?”

Shannade: Bitch we could wear a garbage bag and still look better than you!

Tracee: You wish bitch! You wish!

Shannon: You look like Dave Chappelle!!

“Aria CF: Seeing the twins grill into Tracee is so satisfying to watch. I want to cheer them on, but that’s a little too petty for my liking.”

Vixen: Alright guys stop. It’s over, chill.

The Twins head back upstairs.

Shannon: Broke ass bitch.

Tracee begins tearing up.

Aria: Is she crying? Oh Jesus.

Aria leaves the room.

Kayleigh: Why are you crying, babe?

Tracee: There’s just so much going on right now.

“Vixen CF: I don’t understand why Tracee is crying when she kind of started the drama by talking shit about the twins. It’s stupid and it makes you look really weak right now.”

Vixen: Tracee you have to understand though, you talked shit about them all night. You had to have known they would pop off if they found out.

“Kayleigh CF: Here comes Vixen who I forgot was even in this house trying to start a problem. Tracee is clearly down right now so why do you want to hop on her ass?”

Kayleigh: Vixen you need to leave out. For real. Now is not the time.

Vixen: I’m just saying!

Kayleigh: I don’t care if you’re just saying you need to chill! Can you not see she’s upset?

“Vixen CF: Kayleigh is always going to have problems with me and I know that they stem from our little hook up a few weeks back. It’s just stupid. Get over your homophobia and get over me honey.”

Vixen: Don’t talk to me like that Kayleigh. You have had an issue with me for weeks!

Kayleigh; Vixen, I’m not even getting into that with you right now. You know what my issue with you is so just leave it alone. Let it die.

Vixen: You came at me!


Vixen: You are a bitch! Do you know that? I don’t understand how you even have friends.

Kayleigh: Vixen this is the last warning before I take off on you, please get the hell out.

Vixen: Whatever.

Vixen leaves.

A little later on, the Twins decide to go out for some dinner and drinks. They take a taxi to a nice restaurant.

Shannon: So what do you think of everything so far?

Shannade: To be honest, I don’t give a shit about any of them. As long as I have you I’m good.

Shannon: I fuck with Kayleigh for now.

Shanade: Yeah but I don’t know for how long if Tracee sticks around.

Shannon: I wanted her to hit me so bad. She needs to go.

Shannade: I mean I give it a week before we’re running this house to be honest.

Shannon: Oh for sure.

“Shannon CF: I can definitely see the other girls in the house are intimidated by me and my sister. I mean, we have great bodies and personalities and we’re threats to steal their shine. I’d be intimidated by me too girls, it’s okay.”

Back at the house, the other girls are lounging around doing a whole lot of nothing.

“Kelli CF: I’m bored. I’m an adrenaline junkie, so I look up something fun for us to all do today.”

Kelli: Hey guys, do you want to go indoor skydiving today?

Agnese: Hell yes!

“Agnese CF: Kelli and I are good friends because we have a lot of the same interests. When she brings up indoor skydiving, I immediately jump on it.”

Tracee: Are the Twins coming?

Kelli: I mean, they’re invited but they aren’t here.

Tracee: Well I’m not going if they’re going. I almost don’t want to go just because Aria is going.

Aria flips Tracee off.

Kelli: Come on guys, let’s have fun! Enough drama for one day.

Agnese: Yeah who knows if the Twins are even coming back for a while.

Kelli: They close at 9 so we don’t really have time to wait.

Kayleigh: Fuck it, I’m in.

Tracee: Fine.

Aria: Sounds fun.

Kelli: Yay! Okay I can drive one jeep.

Kayleigh: I’ll drive the other.

“Kayleigh CF: So we all decide to go indoor skydiving. We’re going without the Twins because they’re out and about right now. I hope this doesn’t cause any drama with them, but who knows they’re feisty.”

The girls pile into the 2 jeep’s and go to the indoor skydiving arena.

Instructor: Hello ladies!

All: Hi!!

Instructor: Is anyone not participating?

Nobody raises their hand.

Instructor: Awesome. Let’s get started!

The instructor walks them through the process of how indoor skydiving works and just a few minutes later, they are geared up and ready to go.

Back at the house, the Twins pull up in a taxi. They exit and enter the house.

Shannade: Did you see?

Shannon: What?

Shannade: The jeeps are gone.

Shannon: Oh they all went out without us?

Shannade: Mhm.

“Shannade CF; These girls can go out without us all they want, but they’ll never intimidate us. Mmkay?”

Back at the indoor skydiving arena, the girls are in the air, doing twirls and tricks, having a blast.

“Kelli CF: Indoor skydiving is so much fun! I’m so glad that we all were able to put our differences aside and enjoy this experience together for one night.”

After the fun is over, the girls head back to the jeeps.

Tracee: Ya’ll that was actually fun as shit.

Back at home, the Twins are in the living room, waiting for the other girls to arrive home. They have drawn crowns on their pictures and wrote “Peasant” on Tracee’s picture.

The jeeps pull into the front of the house and the other six girls exit and enter the house.

Shannon: Hey ladies.

Kayleigh: Hey girls. How was your day?

Shannade: Amazing! Yours?

Kayleigh: It was good.

Shannon: What did you guys do?

Kayleigh: We went indoor skydiving.

“Shannon CF: These girls are so fake. One day they all hate each other and the next day they’re all hanging out. You will NEVER catch me hanging out with a bitch that I don’t like, let alone fought. Ever.”

Tracee notices her picture has a new addition to it.

Tracee: Peasant? That’s real cute.

Shannade: Yeah it suits you, bitch.

Tracee: Why you starting with me? I ain’t said shit to ya’ll all day.

“Tracee CF: The bum ass twins want to start a problem after we all done had a good day. Are ya’ll feelin’ left out? Boo hoo!”

Tracee: Why ya’ll hating on me anyways? Like…

The Twins burst out laughing.

Shannade: Hating on what?

Tracee: On me, bitch.

Shannon: Girl, you’re funny.

Shannade: Hilarious.

Tracee: It’s just the real tea sis.

Shannon: Let’s see, if I wanted to look like a man, I could get plastic surgery or if I wanted cheap clothes and a cheap weave I could get those as well! You have nothing for me to be jealous of baby girl.

“Agnese CF: I feel like the Twins came in this house wanting to start drama. Tracee isn’t my favorite person in the house either but this was a bit unnecessary.”

Tracee: Whatever. Ya’ll hatin’s ass hoes.

“Tracee CF: I’m gonna save all my energy for another night. These bitches do not know what’s in store for them.”

Everyone leaves the living room except for the Twins and Kayleigh.

Kayleigh: Ya’ll are evil.

Shannade: She started it last night!

Shannon: Kay, I know that’s your bitch but we’re gonna fuck with her.

Kayleigh: It has nothing to do with me, just don’t jump her.

Shannade: Oh of course not babe!

“Shannon CF: A week for us to run the house? Maybe more like a few hours *laughs*
Shannade CF: These girls have no idea what’s in store for them. Double Trouble is here to stay bitches. Beware.”

To Be Continued...



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