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  1. Is the EOE twist really till F4?
  2. You go Tamar
  3. Is CBB in one hour?
  4. Ugh (CBB)
  5. Yas
  6. Lolo for Veto
  7. UGH
  8. Damn Tamar won
  10. Yas Tamar
  11. Safety competition
  12. Fuego is shit
  13. If Tom doesnt go in DE
  14. Ugh RIP NEM
  15. Tom gonna use veto on Natalie
  16. I have 5 tg friends
  17. Ricky has pretty much given up and wants to be..
  18. Lolo is now last unnommed houseguest
  19. Lol i cant (CBB)
  20. Whoa idk if it was smart of Tamar to win HoH
  21. Ok wtf
  22. Tonight is gonna be so much drama
  23. i have a feeling
  24. This must be the most paranoid cast ever
  25. Does anyone know
  26. Ok why is this site not watching
  27. Is tomorrows ep gonna be eviction?
  28. Why are Tamar and Lolo fighting?
  29. As fake as Anthonys exit seemed
  30. What was that site
  31. Wow this vote is so up in the air
  32. im living for the blindside tomorrow
  33. Gosh this cast is crazy
  34. Wait
  35. Finished Survivor Marquesas
  36. Did Anthony really quit or
  37. I love Tom
  38. Is it 1 hour 36 minutes or 2 hours 36 minutes
  39. well thats not rly fair
  40. Can anyone provide me

Almost perfect voice finale

Dec 13, 2017 by joe1110
I loveee Addison, Chloe and Brooke, and I'm so sad Noah didn't make it, but ofc a country boring ass redneck had to make it in instead.

I'd be happy with any of the girls winning but mostly Addison because she is my life <3 #thevoice

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