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Hells kitchen episode 7

Dec 14, 2017 by imprincearthur
results are

Black Jackets
Philip13 -

Eliminated chefs

12th- TheShayMitchell
11th- Carlyjordan14
10th- Levonini
9th- DevinB
8th- DakotaCoons
7th JennaValentina
Black Jackets
6th- superemily3721

Gordon:Alright good morning

All:Morning chef

Gordon:What is one good thing a chef must have?

Mac:Communication skills

Philip:Good palate

Jeremy: timekeeping skills.

Gordon:All very good examples but the one thing a chef must have is a good memory so for today's challenge you will be working on your own. Today you will be cooking scallops,NY strip, Beef wellington, Risotto, Lamb.

So youhave e 45 minutes to cook these items like our menu. Whoever does so will win immunity from tonights elimination

Philip(Confessional):OMG!! I need to win this challenge I need to make final 4.

Narrator:As time dwindles by all chefs are in perfect harmony.

Gordon: In 3 2 1, Serve.

Gordon:Alright first up @Philip13s scallop dish.

Good seasoning, overall great taste. That is the dish to beat

In the next dishes Mac and Jeremy both presented with overcooked food.

Gordon:Beef Wellington.

Maicolx3 very good job but is it enough to beat Philip?

Its not.

Last but not least highnoons risotto.

Risotto was too under seasoned

Gordon:Congratulations Philip you are safe from elimination tonight.

Dinner service.

Gordon :Alright tonight is a special night we have only five tickets to serve.

All:Yes chef.

As the night goes by the stations are ran perfectly and the night ends in perfect service.

Gordon: tough one.


Gordon: Tonight was a great service but like any other elimination one chef must be eliminated so the two nominees are HighNoon and Wuau.

So after hearing both sides.

Gordon:My decision is Highnoon,take off your jacket.

Next time on hells kitchen- Will one decision end Philips game once and for all?

Reason for HighNoons elimination: High is very talented but the chef was a bit flustered and so had to go home.


once again except elimination :)
Sent by wuau,Dec 15, 2017
Omgg I won a challenge sleigh :D
Im afraid for next round
Sent by Philip13,Dec 15, 2017

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