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14thJun 5, 2018 by iTy990
I've basically been threatend to change this blog so let me just say
25% of the accounts in this Frat are 100% Controlled and Operated by Ametrine,
and there are a lot of real accounts in this frat aswell.


Sent by iTy990,Jun 5, 2018
Sent by TaraG,Jun 5, 2018
Carolyn knows this isn’t me lol
Sent by Ametrine,Jun 5, 2018
Gagaluv thinks it's not you, there might be a few real mixed in, but there all guilty until proven innocent to me. Who's to say Valia isn't just covering for him. He has 100% hacked and controls a lot of those accounts.
Sent by iTy990,Jun 5, 2018
Sent by Valia,Jun 5, 2018
all these are you (except me :P
Sent by TaraG,Jun 5, 2018
I can't do anything about anything....:(
hopefully randomize gives that power sorry guys
Sent by gagaluv,Jun 5, 2018
How did I end up on this list wtf... I literally just breathed.
Sent by jihyosus,Jun 5, 2018
I do not spend several games trying to take down multis just to get falsely accused.
Sent by jihyosus,Jun 5, 2018
jihyosus is not a multi I’ve been friends with her for years
Sent by Alexthecooldude,Jun 5, 2018
Please remove her from the list.
Sent by Alexthecooldude,Jun 5, 2018
My bestie serving tea and a half
Sent by jihyosus,Jun 5, 2018
Eh im not multi
Sent by BushtuckerTom,Jun 5, 2018
youre CiTy and RasCiTy
half these people aren't multis btw
Sent by Xialynn,Jun 5, 2018
Xialynn I've been off for 7+ days, and I'm sorry to those not multi's, your frat is infested with multi's and hacked accounts and if you don't wanna be associated with that then find a new frat without them.
jihyosus alexthecooldude bushtuckertom
Sent by iTy990,Jun 5, 2018

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