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Why does this retard

Aug 18, 2017 by dangerouswoman
allison think I care about him enough to make a separate account to attack him? Just because most of my friends think you're a waste of space doesn't mean  I would go on this stupid ass site that I'm hardly ever on, make a separate account, and come for you. If I was that fucking bored and pathetic and decided to troll someone on a separate account, it wouldn't be you. so keep my name out of your nasty fucking mouth and blame someone else.


I'm not shocked your whole friendlist is T-vivor production
Sent by peace123,Aug 18, 2017
lmao i know the owner of the account.  It's obvious and ik it's not you
Sent by mocallio,Aug 18, 2017
Only one of them is production. Maybe you should get educated before attacking someone retard.
Sent by Jinxh,Aug 18, 2017
1) several people said it was you
2) your friends with people who non stop talk about me all the time including yourself.
3) Its highly unfortunate that people have to suspect you because you troll ALL the time and your history shows it.
Sent by Allison,Aug 18, 2017
Allison we never talk about you ..... like ever. LOL and u can ask sara because she's in our chat + billy told me every time i would blog you'd say some stupid shit about me and whenever you blog about t brother i always watch and comment positive things about it so idk where ur negativity for me comes from lmao
Sent by titoburitto,Aug 18, 2017

1) several people are fucking retarded. I personally have nothing against you. You haven't done anything to offend me. Trust me, if I were lame enough to do that, there is a long list of people I would consider doing before you. You never cross my mind and you're no one to me.
2) I don't talk non stop shit about you. You're hardly ever a topic of conversation.
3) I've never trolled on I fuck with people on skype but I think this site is dumb and wouldn't want to spend more than 2 minutes on it.  Whoever suspected me is literally retarded.
Sent by dangerouswoman,Aug 18, 2017
Titoburitto the negativity comes from your LMAOOOOOO and queen and friending someone who made an account just to troll me called "Faggison" saying they are your new queen when I said nothing about you... I wonder why I'm taking that personally? Are you on fucking drugs to not understand that? Must be or you're just a fucking moron. Which, honestly, I would also probably have to agree with. Don't start that fucking nicey nice shit of "OH I've said positive shit on your blogs." You don't like me because of past history and whenever someone says anything against me in a blog, you're the first to comment QUEEN and LMAOOOOO.
Sent by Allison,Aug 18, 2017
Jinxh one is production, 2 are cast members. I really don't give a fuck though but im glad you're triggered
Sent by peace123,Aug 18, 2017

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