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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

takes frokkies-jury

Feb 5, 2022 by cleiton14
9 th Carriexoxo24xo -I didn't talk to you much, but it seems to be nice

8 th jonahFierce -you are a little suspicious, but I was with you until you left

7 th Absol -I sent you a pv by mistake, it was for someone else, but you seem nice, and I want to know you more

6 th Iindsay -I have nothing against it, but we didn't even talk, who knows next time

5 th Bogmire -The first one to approach me was you, you called me to play with you, and I accepted, I had no one, I always defended you, I went le le le al to you, so much so that in the last vote I burned with clayprat

4 th _Finesse -My beautiful Brazilian, I'm in love with you, I'll call you on zap, you were my biggest priority in the game, and we didn't even talk about the game, we just protected ourselves, and it did, I would protect you until the end

3 th teamclay -  Sorry for voting against in the top 5, but I needed to be loyal to bogmire, but it was good to have helped us, I hope to play together with you someday

iiCreazyGX - We're left, you sent me a message when you had a 7 people, so we could be the two finalists. I accepted but you know it wasn't your priority and vice versa, but somehow it worked, I want to play with you again

In general, you thanked everyone, so I didn't get here to beat you, I was not nominated once, thank you for the opportunity, all of you would be my allies in another friend, you can be sure, you thanked everyone, I want you more happy of having arrived here. I talked to almost everyone, and I think that's what brought me here, always with sincerity

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