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5thApr 9, 2011 by chelss
Hi! If you're reading this, feel free to leave a comment below and add to my wall of nice things. If not, carry on!

Chelsea is my little jewish girl. She is practically amazing in every way imaginable. She has a great sense of humor, great personality, and the bitch helps me shop...she like my personal stylist. But all in all, she is just a down to earth sweet girl, who I am glad to call a friend. She deserves this gift because she is somebody who not only I, but almost anyone could go to and share problems, and she will always be a shoulder to lean on in a time of need. LOVES CHELSEA!

OOF! I absolutely adore your cute ass. You are simply one of the most amazing people like ever...and your jewish on top of that which is just extra amazing. Oh and to learn that we are like soulmates on politics is like the cherry on top of the cake, because im a super mega nerd for politics and you know that. I HEART YOU FOREVER!

So i met you a couple of weeks ago. and i absolutley LOVE YOU. You remind me of my irl friend, you guys act exactly the same and i love it. cause i feel like i can talk to you about anything. You make me laugh and i love people who can make me laugh (even though its not that hard to make me laugh). Your so pretty that even i would go straight for you :) and im always here. I really want to tell you that i miss our skype calls and i really want to do another one soon cuz i love your voice and laugh, its beautiful < 3 i also love your dog cuz shes so sassy :) If we met irl i can tell we would be good friends because we are like exactly alike :O I really cant tell you how happy i am i met you in that casting. I love you, your best friend forever *hopes that happens*
where to start! you are the best person i have met on here. you have the best personality EVER. your funny, smart, BEAUTIFUL (inlove), and down to earth. You can stick up for yourself and ahmygawd your just AMZING and PERFECT :)

Wow it's really been over a year since we met, and oh how we met in the most awkward of moments haha. We met in a chat with LiteCitrus and noontar that was an awkward chat haha, but you stayed in contact with me and we stayed friends for this long. You are a great friend and a great person. So very kind and lovely and one of the few people I have been friends for since last year, thank you :)
An oldy, but goodie right here people, I mean this person is soooo weird :P haha jk loves you. We met on some fucked up circumstances, but were able to make a loving friendship out of it for over a year now. You are a genuine friend and don't deserve the shit you get cause you are an amazing person and I love you :*

Chelsea, Chelsea, Chelsea. I think you're probably the best friend I could ever ask for. Whether it's getting pissed at me for not publicly answering your Tumblr messages, or if it's loling at YouTube videos, or texting me because I fucking hate my art class, I could probably talk to you for days. You're incredibly beautiful, funny, charming, and you're pretty much the perfect human being. Even though you just posted this to me in your PYN blog, I remember when we met. It was in some shitty rookies that I think you won first HOH in or something, and I guess I added you on Skype because of that, or maybe because of that call with Yoki, Skoffin, and others playing Transformice. I was scurred to tell you you were pretty because I was afraid I'd come across as creepy and you would never talk to me again. But eventually you started getting added to OC calls and we talked more and eventually became best friends. I think you've helped me through a lot, from being pissed at my dad to hating my ex-girlfriends, and I like to think I've helped you, from those Kirk things to harassing the fuck out of Aquamarine "hi johnny wants to know how big ur penis is". I love you sooooooooooooo0o0o0o0o0o0o0o much and I'm glad we only had one big fight once because I probably couldn't live without you. < 333333
k you won't shut the fuck up so i'm going to do yours now (sun) even though you won't make me a sign or make me first on your friends list, you're still the best person i've ever met on the internet. you put up with all my immaturity, dumb shit i send you, you listen to all the shitty songs i send you, etc. you're amazing, and i'm so glad i've met you. we haven't talked as much as i wish we could have recently, but we're still bffshoishflshflshlz and i'm happy about that. i've said most of what i could have in past pyns, so in closing i'll just say that you're beautiful and funny and amazing and smart and ily k.
Oddly enough I'll actually be doing you first for like the first time ever. I think this can also double as your birthday paragraph since I got caught up in real life bullshit and didn't have time to do it for you. (I'm still really sorry about that!) You're honestly the best friend I've ever had, irl or online. I met you in some old rookies with chicaaa and a bunch of other people, and I think you didn't do very well in that rookies but I added you on Skype. Then we were on a Transformice call with Skoffin and Cody and whoever else was there, and I think after that I messaged you that you were pretty, completely on a whim. Who would have thought 2 years later you'd be my best friend? We've had our ups and our downs (lol), but you've stuck with me through it all, and I really think you've watched me grow up and mature over the years. I'm so glad you put up with all of my bullshit and complaining about irl, and I wish you would tell me more of you ~*drama*~ so I could be there for you, but I'm honestly really lucky to have you. No matter how much we poke fun at each other, you're beautiful and I honestly adore you. I'm glad you and Davidcunt are happy together and I love you so much < 33
[2/15/12 10:04:38 PM] Blake: i dont mean to get all sappy and weird on u here but im glad u exist
[9/18/12 7:45:19 PM] ᵇˡᵃᶜᵏ: there are very few human beings i love more than you
as much as i love you having to write your paragraphs for PYN blogs is the worst because I know they're going to be really really long. when I say stuff about how weird it is to have known people on this website for years you're kinda who i've had in mind. you're closer to me than most of my real friends have been and ever will be and you basically know me inside and out. we both have separate agendas and sometimes can't afford to be online all the time but i know you're my best friend for life and i'm your best friend forever. one day when we're in our 20s and we end up getting married you're gonna wonder why you didn't hit on me the whole time but yeah. you've watched me mature over the years and i can't thank you enough for staying with me for longer than pretty much anyone ever has. you're the best and one of the most beautiful girls i've ever had the pleasure of meeting in my entire life so yeah okay ily

You're not pretending anymore, you're plastic. Cold, hard, plastic. Did you have an awesome time? Did you drink awesome shooters, listen to awesome music, and just sit around and soak up each other's awesomeness? You think everybody is in love with you when actually, everybody HATES you! Like, Aquamarine, for example, he broke up with ShayyBayy and guess what? He still doesn't want you! (I think we all know it may just be the lack of a penis that's turning him off though) So why are you still messing with Shay, Chelsea? I'll tell you why, because you are a mean girl! You're a bitch!

:* You are one of the fierest females on Tengaged. Even though I do all your homework for you, you are a very intelligent individual. Not to mention, you are drop dead beautiful. Ily.

Chelsea, Im very glad to have met you in the PFC chat :) First off thank you for inviting me to the call the next day, it was really fun even though I APPARENTLY had an echo and it was pretty short :/ That was litterally the first group call I have been on in AGES!! Your easygoing, funny, and cute. Its been fun being able to joke around with you and for you not to take it seriously but even joke right back at me - "Your on the train alone? Dont get abducted!" I fricken HATE how you completely tricked me about you being honestly being mad when me and Jarst were talking about the awesomest tengaged girl GRRR :S If there was one thing I would change about our friendship it would be to talk more, so I hope we will be able to do that soon (h) Btw, Im still convinced you saw me in NYC but didnt say anything looool.

chelseaaaaa i love you sosososo much. honestly, when i first met you, i knew that you were someone i wanted to become friends with and thats exactly what happened :) we've become so close that you are honestly one of my favourite people to talk to on here without a doubt. i smile irl whenever you log on to skype and when i log on, you are one of the few people i look to talk to right away. i love when we go on calls and just laugh about the stupidest things when no one else is laughing and you are one of the only people i can say actual mean things too without you getting offended. i can talk to you about the randomest stuff for hours on end and i honestly never get bored of you < 3 ILYYYYYY :*

ok I promised you a good one. where do I begin? first of all, I'm soooo happy we made up after that fight we had cuz I really hated fighting with you tbh (as much as I tried to hide it, believe me Kaay knows). you are probably one of my favourite people to talk to on here and I hate when you leave for days at a time and don't talk to me =[ although I have your ping but my phone is fucked and messages never go through =[ anyways, talking to you always makes me smile and I'll never forget the first time we talked on the tengaged survey centre..I was like who df is this @_@ anyways don't stop talking to me ever ok =] ilyyy

Chelsea, I really love you..You're super nice and funny. You are really smart and I really love how you do all my chemistry homework.. We've known each other for like a year now and I'm so glad I met you because you're an amazing friend. I love texting you even though we don't do it often, But we did it ALL the time last year.. Yeah but it seems like you're never on anymore so we don't as much but I love you :*

Well I’ve known you for like 2 years almost, and I’ve loved every minute of it. You are so nice and sweet, but feisty at the same time, and I love it. You are so intelligent and amazing. You help me out so much with school work and are always there for me if I need to talk. Can’t wait to spend another year with you , Oh and be expecting my boring ass texts starting August 9th.

ahhhhhhhhhhhh ive loved you since you were on your old account and were like best friends with yoki and id always blog saying how you were that person i wished i was friends with LOL. Like i always say, youre sooooooooo sweet and so well liked, and i STILLLLLL wish we talked more than just thru blogs. But youre gunna own bsg, and i cant wait to be cheering you on from the sidelineeee haha. Ily (h)


Hi! I associate you with the oc/Aquamarine, but I feel like you've had to put up with a lot of sh*t that you didn't deserve. You're one of the few other actual girls on this site, and you're actually down-to-earth and pretty awesome... I remember you were in my BFF thing and we had a lot in common, but it makes it hard for us to actually talk since we're in different groups and stuff. I like you a lot, though. (:

Ilyyyyyy < 3 Patrick always says I used to hate on you, which wasn't at all true LMAO I might have made a comment jokingly, but seriously you've always been someone on this site who I respected and wanted to get to know better. You were a super loyal ally to me in the Hunger Games and even if you killed me (flashback to aww bye alexa =[.. YAY I GOT A KILL!), I feel like we got closer through that game, and it made me realize that I can trust you in the future. =] We're both gold now, so we should totally join stars together sometime, yah? (;

oh god you are prolly worse at telling jokes than realityfreek but that is okay I will forgive you this once :P I don't know you too well, we've only spoke thru t-mail once every so often when I'm bored and need a good laugh. The stuff you say is extremely funny even if you don't mean it to be. You sure do know how to make someone smile. 

My wife who I get the pleasure of meeting in one month ^_^ When I first like met you it was during corey's intervention and I gained so much respect for you with how well spoken you are. although we fail as a couple :)

i remember seeing you around a lot a while ago and recently. i remember your old account :P on both accounts you have been a really nice girl but i never got to know you :( you don't follow other people and i respect that.

Where do I fucking start? I've always thought you were awesome, and I'd like to think I was one of the people that knew you before the rest of the OC was exposed to your trashiness. I'd like to thank you for being there for me in my time of need, and I'm sorry if I haven't been there in your time of your need also :\ I've always loved talking to you because I find you more real than some of these other people on this site, and honestly talking to you brightens my day up at times. ^_^
Probably one of my favorite girls on this site, you have always gave me a sense of feeling important, and have always accepted me no matter what I've said or done. I'm sorry I didn't meet you when I was in NYC for one day but I was so busy :\ Hopefully if I go to NYU I could meet you some time! (Or we could both just go to USC if we got in since the film school there is excellent!) Anyways, it means a lot to me that you logged on just to vote me, and I hope someday, somehow, I can return the favor (probably not tengaged related though). :)

I FUCKING LOVE YOU SO MUCH, you are like the closest person to me on the site (and no, this isn't aquamarine). I love you, I can say/do anything on call with you and talk to you for hours without doing something embarrassing. You should feel happy that I am so comfortable around you. The way we met = amazing. The shows we've watched = amazingg. Even if you leave, or I leave, or whatever.. then I really hope you keep in contact with me. We WILL meet this summer, and it will be a blast. As long as we don't get killed.. yeah, we probably will get killed. :|

[8:25:52 PM] Shay. (:: can we go on call
[8:25:56 PM] Shay. (:: and make fools of ourselves
[8:26:15 PM] Chelsea.: LOL in a bit
[8:26:28 PM] Shay. (:: cause you're like the best friend i have on here, you're like one of my best girl friends irl so you're the one i'd wanna look like an idiot in front of and not get embarrassed

WHO RUN DA WORLD?! Prelss!! KTYYYYY (: I love you to fucking death Chelsea (: You are so pretty and I love playing games with you (: I miss being  in all the same alliances with you!! We used to actually be able to talk and now we just never do ): I ABSOLUTLY ADOREEEEEEEE playing skype games with you. I dont even care if we are never in alliances I just know you crack me up and I miss talking to you soooo much!! (:

Chelsea :))))))). I've talked to you a lot since I came back and I'm happy I've gotten to because we've gotten so close and I'm happy for that. We talk a lot and you're super nice to me which people are ded rude to me! Anyway, we're getting really close and we're gonna be like bffs forever =]]]. Ily Chelsea
Oh my god where do I start with you. First, we've been friends since the beginning from the Nickgick era, and we became closer and closer throughout my time on here. I love you loads and loads and I'll be there for you no matter what. I love our calls, our times together, and I'm so excited to meet you. I consider you a best friend. Love you < 33
Where do I start? We met on Nickgick99 when I was a fucking retard and you dealt with me and still do! We never got really close until this summer, and I'm so glad we got close. You've been such an amazing friend to me and I love you so much for it. You listen to me bitch about the same thing like everyday and I feel bad LOL. I know I can talk to you about anything, and I'm glad I can. I love when we randomly facetime/videocall/ whatever we do cuz its fun idk. ANYWAY, thank you for being such an amazing friend and I love you and care for you so much < 33.

I met you last summer in a call and you were so adorable on call that I just instantly fell in love with you. I think we've had so many great joke moments including the classic lead people on then kick them in the balls! Oh great times. Anyways... you are awesome. And I love you. You always brighten my day :D
OK first off, we REALLY NEED TO FIND THE CHAT LOG TO KICK PEOPLE IN THE BALLS! This way we can make a top blog out of doing it to everyone. Second of all, I miss hanging out with you and playing games with you. You are awesome and totally fun to hang out with! Tetris, T-mice, OMGpop, Mafia, kicking people in the balls, everything we do it fun! We seriously need to change it up quickly and bring back all these good times! You are awesome :)
I still remember when we met in summer of '10. When I would troll kick everyone in the balls and we would laugh about it on call. You know how to make everyone laugh, bring in some fun moments during games, and post some of the most awesome stuff on tumblr. I know we don't chat as much as we used to, but every time we have a call together it's kinda totally awesome. If anyone has a chance to be on call with you and is in need of a fun time and a good laugh, they def should get on that call!

It's like Mr. & Mrs. Smith,we act like we hate each other for a moment than love each other the next,you are really funny,and have been my friend for the longest time,I also showed you some people in the OC and look what I did :[ LMAO but anyways I really can't think of things you haven't done for me
You're like my older sister, you can tutor me anytime :) I love you, and we can always discuss Regents drama =], I'm so glad you and Jeremy met, I thought it was so neat and cute. You have also showed me a lot about your culture, I used to be scared of religious type people, but you showed me you're really not as religious for being of Jewish faith, you have a great sense of humor, and you're fucking beautiful on the inside and out.
Well let's face it, you're very honest, and mature, and shouldn't be so insecure, considering you get compliments up the asshole, whenever you show your face, and the fact that you're very bright, funny, and nice, is also good qualities, I've been one your oldest friends you've talked to constantly on Tengaged, and just adore you like a sister!
remember how we've been friends for almost 2 years? ^_^ you're fucking worth it, and ever since our escapades in The Nasties we've just always had a thing, I know you don't consider me as close as some of the other Switchbullies, but that survivor we were in was great with all the drama with Vessa and where we met, I'm so glad I "Discovered" you, just kidding Keyston & tyleror did, but you're pretty great and in the end you know I'll always love you.

I AM NOT A MULTI OH MY GOODNESS!  LOL!  Fun times when I was a n00b.  Anyways, I think you are absolutely hysterical.  Everytime we make fun of each other on the blogs page it brings me alot of amusement.  You're a real funny and sincere chick.  Then again, most girls on Tengaged are. :P But yeah, you're just a riot!
You, by far, had the most memorable first impression EVER!  LOL!  I swear I'm not a multi. :P But ever since you switched accounts, you've been a lot nicer, and I respect you a lot.  I may need to ask you for more college help due to my late deadlines! ;) But you're cool! :D

But you went away... How dare you... I miss you... You never update your post your names, and i'm not constantly refreshing the blog page so i could be first, so i'll never get my honest opinion!!! :( We were sooooooooooo close at one point and I honestly miss that and will always consider you an amazing friend and a kick ass finance manager. :*
We met like 2 years on a call and our reign of terror hasn't stopped. Ahhh you've stuck by me throughout one of the hardest parts anyone have to experience on tengaged which was being a moderator, you were there before, during and after. I can't thank you enough. You're a true friend anyone is lucky to have.

Thanks Chels! I enjoy our random conversations here and there, you're an interesting lass, always friendly and I lark that you always have nice things to say abar me on your PYNs, even when it's 'what I hate about you'. I think you're a good lass and a good person =) #toprespect
Looks like our writing an opinion for eachother turned into abiv of a stalemate, but you know what? I'm willing to be the better person and make the first move. What do I think of you? What DON'T I think of you? Haha! You're a really sweet girl, always whipping out nice things to say abar everyone, good to your friends, nice to pretty much everyone. We don't talk tha often but when we do it's good fun. And fair play to ya lass, you have done about 50 PYNs with me in in the past like 3 months, and even if they're ones like 'what i hate about you' you only ever put nice things about me, awww. I liked your house tour vlog too, was a nice contrast to all the generic question and opinion vlogs, good on ya! *thumbs up* *shakes hand* *ruffles ur hair playfully* Top respect Chels!

Jewls !! I love you to bits and pieces, there is nobody else like you on tengaged who is just as weird as I am. I wish we had gotten to know each other sooner however because even though we don't talk much, I consider you one of my closest friends on tengaged. You are so giving that I feel like I will never be able to pay you back for all you have helped me through and I am so grateful you are in my life. I love you Chelsea! (Even when your phone *ignores* my texts) We need to talk more again once school is out (:

See, the double "S" is because she's like a snake. Majestic and nice to look at from a distance, but she will destroy you if you ever mess with her.
Chelsea, jew are awesome. Jew need a lot more self confidence, though. I'm tired of jew always putting yourself down. You need to come down and visit me so I can set jew straight. Love jew doh!!

mhm... well we always work so well together in skype games, we have actually never gone against each other. We go way back to your first account lol what are you on now your 4th I think? anyways your a really sweet girl who I have grown to love and care about. And even if we dont talk much you have to know il always feel this way about you!

I love ya chelsea < 3 You're awesome to be on calls with and we like to poke fun at each other :) But in all seriousness I really like you a lot, and you're super smart and funny, and pretty, and all wrapped up in one little girl! P.S. You can totally have Aquamarine he's all yours!!!
CHELZ! girl, you're awesome. smart, beautiful, funny, YOU'VE GOT IT ALL! you're a pleasure to talk to and i love talking shit about people with you ahhaha i'm so happy for you with all  your college acceptances and you're definitely going places in life! i want you to join stars so you can get your win!! and i wish we talked more than we do! you seem to be jumping from group to group a lot :P

OMG, such a homophobic republican! Definitely one of my favourite girls on this website and you actually have some good brains cells in ya unlike a lot of people (y). I’m obviously going to choose Becca in a choice between you and her because basically I know you want block me :P

Ok, first off, you're drop dead gorgeous, and your smile is beautiful. You're super nice and super smart. I honestly wish we could be closer friends, because i feel like we could really get along. I remember play a casting or two with you, and I honestly love your personality. I don't know much about you tho, and I feel like we both should change that! :3

You are awesome! Though we don't talk a ton like personally or anything, which we have both wanted, I still think you are a great friend and your birthday video for me was so unexpected but I am glad you were in it. You are very sincere and funny as hell. Stab!
You are one of the sweetest people on this website. You gave me a huge surprise when you did that video thing for my birthday. I was so thankful for it and I truly appreciate it and you. We both always say that we need to talk more and get to know each other but this time I mean it. When I am done with finals, I will message you and try to talk to you a bit and catch up. Keep staying classy and oh... Stab!

You're beautiful and have an amazing personality. You can take a great joke and laugh at yourself. Not the brightest bitch in the bunch but that's alright my love < 3
Did I mention you're beautiful?

Chelsea, I think you're lovely. If you were a lollie you'd be candyfloss. The blue candyfloss. You always make fun of me and say the same thing to what I say. But I don't care because you have (fatrolls) . You're quite smart, and it's nice to talk to someone who's smart. And finally, you're a friend I am very glad I made because I know you always say what you think and won't be fake. We have quite good conversations, you know about my primeminister stealing money from children. I like those conversations. That's it ^.^
Chelsea, we have good conversations. You're quite interesting. You also make me laugh, so I tolerate your (fatrolls). I enjoy talking to you, because we hardly ever get to talk, because you sleep at a normal time unlike other people. Really it's quite rude of you not to adjust your schedule for me, but I'll excuse it. You always have good points, and are obviously very smart. I hope senior year is as good as you want it to be, I'm sure you'll do awesome.

I really wish that we were closer because you're one of the nicest, funniest people that I've talked to on here. Also you're really good at using powers in skype games. That bitch lemonface needed to gtfo!!!! And you even played it off like that wasn't your intention so good for you!
Kidding of course. But seriously I miss the times like a year or so ago when we were on call a lot. :[

You're really nice and pretty :) I haven't talked to you too much, except on a couple calls with James and a few others, but I know that you are really nice, and I find you are a person that I would get a long with really easily. < 3

Chelsea Bff, We used to talk a lot but then  we stopped talking for a little while when me and Mikeroro weren't friends and then when me and Mikeroro became friends again me and you started talking again. But we barely talk anymore. But that should change. You are really pretty and really nice. Love ya Bff.

I hear a lot about you and you genuinely seem like a really nice & bubbly person =] I AM SO JEALOUS OF YOU that you like get to see sooooo many people like from Tengaged irl! i think you're the youngest tengager who's met so many people! Umm you seem like really unique and you have an awesome personality =] i like reading your blogs time to time but you're not on as much =[

I've hardly spoken to you, but I remember when you were on your other account everyone loved you. I still think they do, but like I said idk you yet! We have each other added on skype and you're really nice to're also super pretty! I like pretty people :) And I've heard nothing but good things about you, so HMU! :)

One of the most underrated people on this site imo! You are always fun to talk to and you seem very driven judging by the college board u made present in your vlog :p

So, I didn't know much about you before I was added to the OC chat. You always seemed really quiet and didn't get into the drama much. However, after getting to know you for a while, you are one of my favorite girls. Tbh, I'm jealous that some others got to meet up with you cause I am sure that we would have a blast in real life together. Btw, you're hot, ok?

CHELSEAA.. i remember we went on a few OC calls together and u are rlly nice and i remember that u are smart lmaoo.. i also remember that we were trying to figure out the OC map like where everyone lived and that was fun.. we shud talk again some time :D

I fucking love you Chelsea, you are amazing but we haven't gotten to talk alot since I left the OC. We need to catch up some more, you were always the silent type and also so freaking nice to me < 3 Love you Chelss

ok so last night i was gonna try to get derrick and eddie to back stab you and nick sweetie but it just wasnt gonna work, thanks for quitting though =] anyway you are VERY pretty and you ave a cute voice and we should be bffs like yeah :D in all seriousness i find you to be an interesting person and id like to get to know you alot better :) hmu sometime ok? :D DONT SHOUT AT ME
JUDE. Hi Chelsea. O how I adore thee, let me count the ways. Yeah No I SUCK at math just as much as I suck at spelling. Yeah but Youre REALLY funny and you really are the HBIC of the ya. I think your vaginal energy drives us all to success! You've been around for the majority of the 4 to 5 months i've been there and youre just fucking adorable and i love you and I hope 2013 is a year for you and I to get closer. :)

Chelsea we hadn't really talked all TOO much before you were added to Xat, but we had interacted a few times in the switchbullies chat which was always a good time. You're a really sweet person and I enjoy talking to you on calls and I do consider you a good friend although we don't talk as much as other people do. I hope to get to know you even more soon, because I think you're one of the nicest people I've met on this shit-site.
Chelsea, despite the random hate you get from others, I adore you and you're probably among the most altruistic and congenial people on this website. You're a breath of fresh air in everything you do and David is a pretty lucky guy to have someone like you. You're a very intelligent person and I find talking with you to be quite delightful. I'm really glad you consider me a close friend of yours, and hopefully that holds true for a long time to come. Don't be afraid to talk to me about anything, and thanks for just being my friend.

ha i feel like if i tried I could write a lot about you. we met at the end of your old account when i was like WELL YOU POSTED PORN ANYWAY, MIGHT AS WELL JOIN THIS ROOKIES! and when you joined we had a semi heart to heart in pm's and it was cool.  We talk on skype when I message you and unlike some people you always reply which means a lot to me. I saw a blog of yours earlier where it seemed you were sad and if you are I can try and talk to you about it. One thing that's awesome about you is unlike some people, you can speak your mind even if it's against what your friends think < 3.
You're the best type of friend, one that you don't have to talk to all the time but when you do talk, it's good.  I like to send you random songs and talk about random drama with you. If I was to give you a nick name it would be summerlilly 2.0. Speaking of that, some of your friends are annoying. *cough* blakeisback Anywayyy I was sad to see you left recently but now you're back and for that i am glad. Don't ever post porn againnnnnn.

I love you and your judaism, You're super hot and I'd bang the shit out of you and You're also very intelligent which is very hard to find on here in a sea of QQQQQQs, Gemma Weaves and various BASIC BITCHES, it's fun to see someone who has the same high aspirations as me, and yet is fun and not boring and annoying, You're a thoroughly good person x
You're like so fuckin hot I would motorboat the fuck outta dem titties. I love them omg. But in reality you're a rare blend of intelligence and fun, because usually most fun people are retards #FLORINA and most intelligent people are boring. but you're like perfect mix of the two and I love talking to you ^_^ and calls are just fun, singing Hannah Montana and HSM 5eva

Beautiful, intriguing, adventurous - inside and out. These are the words that first come to mind when I hear your name. Your blog series of Tengaged meet-ups truly showed me that you know how to have fun and are an overall friendly individual. From what I hear of the close peers that share the great value of friendship with "Chelss", you are amazing - and should probably never change. Of course, I can't make that judgement for myself as we've never really spoken... but I'm always willing. I've seen ya around a lot, you're a fun gal. ;)

You're gorgeous and so nice < 3 You really are. You're one of the nicest people on this site despite all the hate you get (for no reason).

Ok hi I think that we're decent friends but after doing the whole tengaged meet we became even better friends. I feel like you're more of a person as you grow and it's nice to see how successful you are in life as opposed to some others we both know you're not just smart and not just cool, you're a perfect blend of both so I enjoy being your friend < 3 P.S Sorry for the Jew jokes past, present, and future xo

i truly adore you & wish we were best friends because you are amazing. It upsets me that you talk down about yourself tho necause you are soooo pretty & only a huge idiot doesn't see that. You are so glowing & caring & that is why all of tengaged loves you. You are beautiful inside & out just lnow that :* ily

You're actually one of my favorite people to talk to LOL. You are just really funny and it's refreshing to have somebody who is more bold and hardheaded on a call full of timid gay boys. Despite our disagreements I definitely consider us to be good friends and you're just cool I guess.

CHELSEA omg ily so much!!!! You are honestly so funny and i wanna talk more on skype< 3 Im still waiting for those pads from hurricane sandy though because i just want them and i know you still have them. Even tho i am usually very silly when i talk to you, i still really love you and wanna join games with u < 3

Chelsea < 3 You're one of my favorite people on Tengaged, you're really nice and cool and funny and idk you're like really down to Earth idk idk ily < 3

Aww you are such a sweetie < 3 I know we don't know each other well but you have always been one of the people I really like the personality of without knowing if you get what I mean, so maybe we should talk more if you want=D
I've heard soooo many nice things about you, but don't know you myself :( But yeah out of what I've seen you seem like an awesome girl with a lovely personality < 3 So I'd love to chat more, I think we have before

I don't usually like many people but you are one i genuinely do like. You have always been a lovely person. I will never forget a promise you once made me which you still havent completed!! You are very pretty by the way and so very funny!

I respect you as a person and you've told me you do as well, and our history stretches longer than any other Tengaged relationship I still somewhat keep in contact with besides milnj123. You are funny, pretty, and just an amazing person to talk to because I can relate to the real-life problems you encounter! I wish you would respond to me more often, but you rarely did so I just gave up. If you wanna talk again some time, go right ahead and contact me! Until then, have a wonderful day!

Chelsea has been there for me through a lot over the past couple of years that I've known her. We both get really busy in our real lives, and she is one of the only people on this site that doesn't just ditch me when I get busy irl. She makes me laugh and she's there for me when I'm upset. She lets me vent and always gives me the best advice when I need it. She was there when my friends in real life weren't even there for me. I would tell her anything without hesitation because I know she wouldn't judge me or leave me. She's the reason I stay on Tengaged at all because she's shown me that you can find beautiful and amazing people on the internet, and build a real relationship with them. I wouldn't give up all the experiences I've had with her for anything and I can truly say long after I'm done with Tengaged I will remember her and always try and keep in touch. She's made an impact on me and has been one of the most genuine people on this site I've ever had the pleasure of getting to know. I love her :)

In skype games we always target one another, but when I made my multi and we played those 2 games together it made me trust you in games way more. You're a really sweet and beautiful girl, and I only wish the best for you. You're also a super competitive fierce bitch lmao, so that's a plus. Stay golden Chelss :* < 3

We mailed a few times a while back but haven't talked in a while. But from what I've seen you are a lovely girl and you take some of the shit you get on this website really well which I admire because I'm like the opposite lol... you're really pretty and YOU NEED TO COME TO THE UK SO I CAN BE ONE OF YOUR MEETUPS....

we have had so many opportunities to get to know each other and it just hasn't happened and i'm sure if we were meant to be friends it would have happened by now! but i do like you and i think you are really funny.

I remember meeting you and becoming your friend, and then having some doubts because of things that #steel said. But you convinced me that you were legit my friend, and you're an awesome person :) You're really sweet to alot of people, and I'm glad to have had the chance to meet you :)

Chelsea, first and foremost, you're absolutely beautiful. I really like you, and I'm so glad we're starting to talk again because you're one of the most sincere, down to earth Tengagers on here. Don't ever hesitate to message me if you'd like to talk.

Although we don't talk a whole lot anymore, I do know you're a really nice person and you've always been nothing but kind to me. I'm glad that you share a love for Legally Blonde The Musical with me. I love having somebody to fan girl with. OMIGOD OMIGOD YOU GUYS LOOKS LIKE CHELSS IS GONNA WIN THIS STARS!

Finding an actual vagina on this site is like finding an iceberg in Africa, for starters, and I guess you're the iceberg!!!! No but I kind of look up to you almost the way I would an older sister, you're just really sweet and funny and your accent isn't as obnoxious as I expected. I tease you a lot but ilysm < 3

etaco75 8 hours 55 min ago
Okay I forgot to post this when I was nominated, but Chelsea still deserves to be here (Like I love you dools but I'm saying like neither of you should have been nominated). In case you guys, the public, didn't know, Chelsea was actually playing one of the best Stars games I've ever seen. She played this game so beautifully, and she really didnt deserve 14th.

From Yaxha
Fuck people.
Nov 28, 2012 22:38:01
to chelss
Be happy, you're pretty fucking amazing from what I've seen and you deserve it.  Keep your chin up ^_^

✩✩ WINNER OF STARS 246!!! ✩✩


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