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Basic Blue (Debut Album)

14thJan 5, 2016 by carlyjordan14
imageI'm very excited to announce the release of my debut album, Basic Blue!
To purchase your copy, click the plus button and comment below which songs are your favorite!


1. The Beginning (Ft. Arcaninemaster)
2. Basic Blue
3. Steele My Brant
4. Karma Kameleon
5. Stardom! (Ft. imprincearthur & brandonh1)
6. Jorrly
7. Get On My (Color Level)
8. Dear Diary Room
9. All-Stars (Ft. NickUhasfan1996 & nikw98)
10. Hello...It's Queen

Target Exclusive Track:
1. Slayyy Ride (Ft. Jerard)

Charity Single:
1. Keep It Kinda Klassy (Ft. Jkjkjk15, PoisonIvy22, Carlisle, Likeaboss, turkeylover)
- Benefits the #BKTOA (Be Kind To One Another) campaign


OMGGGG Get on my (Color Level) YASSS
Sent by Jkjkjk15,Jan 5, 2016
Carlyjordan14 Stardom Is Gonna Win A few Grammies, AMA;s!!!
Sent by imprincearthur,Jan 5, 2016
Sent by Kaseyhope101,Jan 5, 2016
The Beginning is obviously my favorite :)
Sent by Arcaninemaster,Jan 5, 2016
So proud of you gorgeous!
Sent by nikw98,Jan 5, 2016
yasssss our charity single is going to top the billboard!!
Sent by Carlisle,Jan 5, 2016
The charity single!
Sent by PoisonIvy22,Jan 5, 2016
Sent by Likeaboss,Jan 5, 2016
Sent by Brandonh1,Jan 5, 2016
This album slays my life
Love you < 3
Sent by MJFJUNE,Jan 5, 2016
Stardom! Or the charity Single TBH :)
Sent by Shaunyboo2001,Jan 5, 2016
All-Stars, definitely!
Sent by NickUhasfan1996,Jan 6, 2016
Karma Kameleon
Sent by Gkinn1234,May 24, 2016

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