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Does anyone know

Nov 11, 2019 by candy_land
Who's won the most castings or most in a row


i think it was vitamin initially and then someone broke his record. i forgot hwo
Sent by Minie,Nov 11, 2019
I believe icarus_mark holds the record now
Sent by cswaggerr,Nov 11, 2019
codyy ofc
Sent by systrix,Nov 11, 2019
systrix - It's not him anymore. Pretty sure Babyshark surpassed him. But yeah Codyy has won a lot.
Sent by Malaya_,Nov 12, 2019
I counted, Codyy has won 20 castings while BabyShark has only won 12
Sent by NanoNerd,Nov 13, 2019

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