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new designs

Sep 6, 2021 by boyfriend

no gods, no masters: a collection of 3 new wigs and 1 new-ish wig, 2 new shades of the pout, 1 new heroin chic edit of the christy eyes, 3 new looks and a hat to boot

also working on a centralized blog or group where you can find all of my designs because a couple of you have been asking :)


the neg
Sent by Yaxha,Sep 6, 2021
death to only being allowed 3 gifs in a post
Sent by boyfriend,Sep 6, 2021
oh i love the bleached brows
Sent by Yaxha,Sep 6, 2021
YUPPPPPP. the moment.
Sent by jacksonjoseph99,Sep 6, 2021
those hairs look beautiful in red! I also really like the dress and the bralette, and the gloss cherry bomb lips. Nice work!
Sent by cheritaisdelicious,Sep 6, 2021
Im in love with sex pistols 馃グ

And the versacce dress. But sex pistols its too much good job boyfriend
Sent by Penelope_,Sep 6, 2021

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