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  1. You would think you would mature
  2. You're such a fuckin hoe
  3. Jackson Krecioch and Dylan Geick
  4. Tomorrow I have a class until 9:30 pm
  5. I love her
  6. I'm glad we're all woke
  7. Imagine saying u never had a multi
  8. Don鈥檛 steal my man
  9. I always knew Stuey was gay
  10. Ban him
  11. Damn!
  12. Any publicity is good publicity.
  13. 馃挅Josh馃挅
  14. 馃挅Chase馃挅
  15. 馃挅Austin馃挅
  16. 馃挅Stuey馃挅
  17. 馃挅Ess馃挅
  18. 馃挅Stunz馃挅
  19. 馃挅Cam馃挅
  20. 馃挅Alex馃挅
  21. 馃挅Tony馃挅
  22. 馃挅Donny馃挅
  23. 馃挅Ray馃挅
  24. 馃挅Jake馃挅
  25. 馃挅Matt馃挅
  26. 馃挅Marcus馃挅
  27. 馃挅Sam馃挅
  28. 馃挅Dylan馃挅
  29. 馃挅Lance馃挅
  30. 馃挅Bryce馃挅
  32. Can people enlighten me
  33. My last 3 stars i've gone unnommed
  34. Lit y'all be obsessed
  36. Who do you want to win immunity?
  37. Once upon a time.
  38. My parents are so popular
  39. I DID IT!!!!!
  40. I love my Lab family!

I'm glad we're all woke

12thSep 9, 2018 by bamold1999
on mr top20fan33. I guess people really can change in the snap of a finger. Also, continue to talk shit about me in all dem group chats sis! Not once did I get personal but guess some like to stoop to lower levels :). Also, "All of your hg wins would be revoked" lets not forget how you beat Moneyneil in sum me. I played for u sis.

Admin ban us both! I'll take one for the team and i'll mail u screenshots proving I played for him


Go Tyler.
Sent by heatherlum,Sep 9, 2018

Sent by top20fan33,Sep 9, 2018

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