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  1. You like my hair?
  2. 7 Rings is a banger
  3. Do y'all think SJ
  4. We need more sane people
  5. I鈥檓 real Fuckkk drunk who鈥檚 awake
  6. I find it so funny
  7. Imagine being obsessed with me
  8. Any publicity is good publicity
  9. Sjsoccer88 0 min 18th
  10. "I didn't win with multis"
  11. Stars Finals
  12. Anyone wanna call?
  13. Mr. Premade snapped
  14. Hope you all had a great christmas
  15. Lets get saucy
  16. Kind of shook
  17. One of my friends
  18. I'm back bitches
  19. You would think you would mature
  20. You're such a fuckin hoe
  21. Tomorrow I have a class until 9:30 pm
  22. I'm glad we're all woke
  23. Imagine saying u never had a multi
  24. Damn!
  25. Any publicity is good publicity.
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I'm glad we're all woke

12thSep 9, 2018 by bamold1999
on mr top20fan33. I guess people really can change in the snap of a finger. Also, continue to talk shit about me in all dem group chats sis! Not once did I get personal but guess some like to stoop to lower levels :). Also, "All of your hg wins would be revoked" lets not forget how you beat Moneyneil in sum me. I played for u sis.

Admin ban us both! I'll take one for the team and i'll mail u screenshots proving I played for him


Go Tyler.
Sent by heatherlum,Sep 9, 2018

Sent by top20fan33,Sep 9, 2018

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