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  1. I'm back bitches
  2. You would think you would mature
  3. You're such a fuckin hoe
  4. Tomorrow I have a class until 9:30 pm
  5. I'm glad we're all woke
  6. Imagine saying u never had a multi
  7. Damn!
  8. Any publicity is good publicity.
  9. 馃挅Josh馃挅
  10. 馃挅Chase馃挅
  11. 馃挅Austin馃挅
  12. 馃挅Stuey馃挅
  13. 馃挅Ess馃挅
  14. 馃挅Stunz馃挅
  15. 馃挅Cam馃挅
  16. 馃挅Alex馃挅
  17. 馃挅Tony馃挅
  18. 馃挅Donny馃挅
  19. 馃挅Ray馃挅
  20. 馃挅Jake馃挅
  21. 馃挅Matt馃挅
  22. 馃挅Marcus馃挅
  23. 馃挅Sam馃挅
  24. 馃挅Dylan馃挅
  25. 馃挅Lance馃挅
  26. 馃挅Bryce馃挅
  28. Can people enlighten me
  29. My last 3 stars i've gone unnommed
  30. Lit y'all be obsessed
  32. Who do you want to win immunity?
  33. Once upon a time.
  34. My parents are so popular
  35. I DID IT!!!!!
  36. I love my Lab family!
  37. Friend tag thing.
  38. PYN for an opinion
  39. PYN for a rating out of 10
  40. Which Lab member is the gayest?


20thJun 3, 2018 by bamold1999
Damo1990 is popular when he has the personality of a rock. Also since u have me filtered, may I ask what premade and ill show you my convo with them before the game since you like to assume. My bad that I can get people to vote with me unlike you. I guess thats the only way u can admit you suck at the game is if you say I joined with people, but you do you girl.


yet hes won more stars than you WITHOUT multis hun
Sent by EyooMarcus,Jun 3, 2018
You really do takes these games seriously
Sent by maturo,Jun 3, 2018
I literally told him i joined alone 2828 times and he still said i joimed with a premade Its not a premade, its an alliance!!!Secondly he expects me to make moves with him When he locked me in for 75% of the DC. I would've made moves with him if he didn't lock me in every DC for no reason
Sent by CrimsonEnnui,Jun 3, 2018
Gal what. I have more wns but thats okay EyooMarcus
Sent by bamold1999,Jun 3, 2018
He made a blog and I couldnt comment back on it? My b fam ill just let him attack me next time Maturo
Sent by bamold1999,Jun 3, 2018
Must suck to suck. Rem when i beat u in stars which is like everytime we play
Sent by semajdude,Jun 3, 2018

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