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If you don't remember todd stalking megan

Apr 20, 2014 by andychuck08
imageyou have no right to worship her.


Jenners, can you both stop it? After you guys backdoored my friend Taissa it hurt me. I now feel alone in the game with nobody to trust. I don't know why you guys broke the alliance that was going perfectly. I'm ashamed at both you of you. So, because you both are competition threats should I go after you? Tell Me, because you went after Taissa for the same BULLSHIT FUCKING REASON. Are you guys not manipulative like her? Last time I checked yes you were because you brough flopping wanna-be plastic Shailene towards you guys.

Shailene, you are a PATHETIC LOSER. I will not be voting for you if you make F2 this season, let our lord forbid that! Even though you were my starting duo, you have become one of the biggest annoying bitch in the house when we merged.

Selena and Lucy, can you both fucking get evicted already? You both act like you are a "bad bitch" and it's annoying the hell out of me. Just because you are a higher level than me on tengaged dont mean shit bitch you still basic as'f and nobody is going to have respect for you. Sorry Not Sorry, I hope that I can last longer than you or really not because I want to get the fuck away from you both.

The rest of you, I really can give TWO DAMN SHIT about you. This cast is honestly fucking disgusting. I came here to play BB Queens, not no damn Flavor of Love, so from here on out i'm ALONE in this fucking game even if im the next evicted, because I do not want to kiss anyones ass for my safety in this game. I trust no bitch in this house, you're all rats and sluts. I'll see you guys in the finale when i'll be giving my vote towards on of you.
Sent by JosephinaAlexis,Apr 20, 2014

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