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Read these or everyone you love will die :)

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Post ur name if ur reading this Apr 25, 2014
ur my true online friends
Points: 49 20 comments
fuck shit cunt ass bitch fuck lol sorry tourettes Apr 24, 2014
Points: 52 5 comments
Nobody will ever see this haha Apr 24, 2014
Points: 15 3 comments
If you don't remember todd stalking megan Apr 20, 2014
imageyou have no right to worship her.
Points: 26 1 comments
Jesus and Megan are important Easter figures Apr 20, 2014
Jesus died on da cross for your sins
Megan blogged on da blogs page for your bunny name
Points: 43 2 comments
mom: why are ur keys so sticky? Apr 20, 2014
me:  megan's easter blog
Points: 16 0 comments